15-Year-Old Learns Not to Commit Robbery the Hard Way

And I mean the real hard way. According to reports this kid went and got a gun from an 18-year-old friend named Jamique Mills then took two 12-year-olds with him on some sort of late night home invasion. He picked the home of one Erik Moreno-Carillo who returned from some errands (drinking) to find the two 12-year-olds standing in his yard. After chasing the two younger kids off Moreno-Carillo was confronted by the 15-year-old thug in training who pointed his purloined gun at him.

Those of us who have lived in areas with dense immigrant populations will have already guessed how this would end.

The muy macho Erik Moreno-Carillo wrestled the gun away from the punk and, armed with a knife that just happened to be nearby, proceeded to stab the living shit out of him. The kid ran off but the kind hearted bladesman called police and an ambulance to pick the kid up. He was found in what I assume was his home and ended up in Greenville memorial hospital. I’m told this happened in Piedmont.

The kids involved are going to family court, but I think one teen may have learned his lesson. Jamique got the brunt of the charges including three counts contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Erik Moreno-Carillo’s home is now considered the safest on the block.


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  1. erith moreno on June 27th, 2012 12:19 am

    You got all the information wrong I don’t drink I was working and the ages and jamuique was there but somewhat got away

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