2 Men Arrested for Relax Inn Motel Rape

Relax Inn Rapists

The Relax Inn is what people in NYC would call a “hot sheet” motel. It’s cheap, off the beaten path, and amenable to seedier elements using their services. Such places become havens for drug users and prostitutes as well as the unfortunate people who, through a variety of circumstances, end up in need of a motel room but without the funds go stay at a nicer place. They are dangerous places to be as this story proves:

Greenville police were called to the Relax Inn motel on Duvall Drive on Wednesday morning. Officers were flagged down by a woman who was wearing no clothes. The woman told police she was tied up by two men and forced to perform sexual acts at knifepoint. Lawrence Gause and Charles Guillebeaux were both arrested and charged with kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

The 38-year-old victim told police she was raped and beaten by the pair in what I deduce was either a drug or booze fueled attack by two degenerates. Guillibaux is 50 and his accomplice is 40 which indicates to me that they are likely longtime criminals and the savagery of the attack (and later ease with which the victim escaped the men) leads me to conclude they were drunk or high.

Ironically, I have found documents onlineĀ  from 2001 where Greenville officials express glee at being able to knock down some other Relax Inn motel which was known for attracting a criminal element. I guess this is some sort of seedy motel chain?

Shell out the extra money and stay at the Drury if you need a motel. They’ve got rooms starting at $60.00 while reviews I have seen put The Relax Inn at around $45 a night. Saving $20 or $30 is not worth the risk.


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  1. anonymous on March 30th, 2011 6:50 pm

    My fiance was molested by this man (Lawrence Gause)when she was 8-10 years old. He was a police officer when he did it to her in Charleston Sc (Monks corner). Why is he still walking around on the street? What a great justice system we have WOW…

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