$20,000 Pilfered From Jeff Lynch Appliance Store

$20,000 was stolen from a file cabinet at Jeff Lynch Appliance and TV Center on Sat., Dec. 26., and Greenville Police suggest it may have been an inside job.

Officers found an unlocked door but no sign of a suspect inside.

Police also discovered a filing cabinet in the store office had been tipped over and forced open. Investigators say an envelope full of money had been removed from the cabinet. It was estimated that it contained about $20,000.

“First appearances say that someone had knowledge that there was cash on hand,” Sgt. Jason Rampey told WYFF. “For someone to enter an appliance store – knowing where the office is, knowing where there is a lockbox kept and that there’s soemthing inside of that that’s pretty brazen to take all that time to do that.”

It was a tripped alarm at the Roper Mountain Rd. store that prompted officers to respond to the scene on Saturday night at about 9 p.m.  Surveillance video is being reviewed as part of the investigation.

There’s something about this story that doesn’t pass the smell test.  Twenty grand is an absurdly large amount of cash to leave sitting around in an envelope, locked cabinet or not.

If nothing else, this is a good reminder to all of us to keep our valuables in a safe place.  File cabinets don’t qualify.


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