Armed Robbery Suspects May Be in Greenville County

Terrence Fuller and Takiea Whitmire, suspected armed robbers

A man and woman allegedly behind a string of armed robberies in Richland County may be on the loose in Greenville County.  19-year-old Terrence Fuller and 28-year-old Takiea Whitmire are “wanted on several counts of armed robbery and kidnapping.”

Authorities believe the pair may be hiding out in Greenville County or possibly in the Midlands area.  Please call 911 if you have information about these fugitives.

Three Charged in Greenville Armed Robbery Spree

Tyson Simpson, Julius Harris, and Latrell Dean

Three men were arrested Tuesday night in connection with a recent string of armed robberies in the Greenville area.  Greenville residents Julius Rashun Harris, 20, Latrell Floyd Dean, 22, and Tyson Marquis Simpson, 19, were taken into custody by Greenville County Sheriff’s deputies. And yes, these crimes were violent armed robberies, not “burglaries” as News Channel 7 is reporting.

According to Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Melissia McKinney, the three men were responsible for burglaries at the Corner Mart, located at 8698 White Horse Road on December 6, on December 8 at Smokin Joe’s, located at 2700 Poinsett Highway, the Corner Mart,located at 6217 White Horse Road, on December 10, the Mini Mart, located at 2805 White Horse Road, on December 12, on December 13 at the Li’l Cricket, located at 400 Sulphur Springs Road, the Kangaroo, located at 1501 Rutherford Road, on December 14 and on December 18 at W.E. Willis, located at 2301 E. Lee Road.

McKinney says that investigators identified the three men through witness accounts and forensic evidence and they were taken into custody Tuesday night.

The staff writers at News Channel 7 might want to brush up on the difference between “burglary” and “robbery.”

According to judicial records, Julius Harris faces six counts of armed robbery, six counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime, 2 counts of conspiracy, and one count of  discharging a firearm into a dwelling/vehicle.  Latrell Dean is charged with three counts of armed robbery, three counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime, two counts of conspiracy, and one count of attempted armed robbery.  Tyson Simpson faces two counts of armed robbery, one count of attempted armed robbery, three counts of conspiracy, and two drug-related offenses.

All three men remain in the Greenville County Detention Center this evening and have not yet satisfied their bond requirements.  They may face additional charges following investigation into their involvement in other armed robberies.

Thieves Empty Greenville Radio Station Trailer

The White Horse Road trailer that houses WCSZ 1070 AM was targeted by thieves twice this month.  A wide range of expensive equipment was stolen, including microphones and computers, leaving the radio station unable to broadcast.  A $150,000 transmitter will also need to be replaced.

The station’s former general manger, Jerry Young, told News 4 someone broke into the radio station on Dec. 16, and then again this week.

Young showed Muserallo the broadcast booth where the station used to broadcast its sports show, then golden oldies format before it went off air in 2007.

“It’s destroyed. It’s gone,” Young said. “I want people to know that this happened and perhaps somebody will see something and hear something that will lead to an arrest.”

Young thinks someone broke into the building looking for copper, but then saw a golden opportunity.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this crime as a case of grand larceny.

Police Investigating Copper Thefts from Greenville School Construction Site

Copper theft has always been a good fall back for erstwhile thieves with a little contracting knowledge and connections to offload obviously hot material. Mostly it’s from sites that aren’t particularly secure (abandoned houses for example) but in this instance the thieves hit an active site which is riskier. Of course the $5000 haul may have made it seem like the risk was worth it:

Greenville Police are investigating the theft of tools and copper pipes from a construction site at A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School on Antioch Church Rd.

They say the thieves broke into several rooms.

The foreman for the construction company says the copper plumbing was either cut or broken from the interior walls in almost every room that had the plumbing.

They estimate the value of the plumbing to be $5000.

Copper is in high demand not just here but on the international market. About 80% of recycled copper goes to China or India where their booming economies have created a demand for new construction for the growing middle class. Here’s a good article on copper scrapping from a year ago or so that explains why this is going to continue to be a big business.

$20,000 Pilfered From Jeff Lynch Appliance Store

$20,000 was stolen from a file cabinet at Jeff Lynch Appliance and TV Center on Sat., Dec. 26., and Greenville Police suggest it may have been an inside job.

Officers found an unlocked door but no sign of a suspect inside.

Police also discovered a filing cabinet in the store office had been tipped over and forced open. Investigators say an envelope full of money had been removed from the cabinet. It was estimated that it contained about $20,000.

“First appearances say that someone had knowledge that there was cash on hand,” Sgt. Jason Rampey told WYFF. “For someone to enter an appliance store – knowing where the office is, knowing where there is a lockbox kept and that there’s soemthing inside of that that’s pretty brazen to take all that time to do that.”

It was a tripped alarm at the Roper Mountain Rd. store that prompted officers to respond to the scene on Saturday night at about 9 p.m.  Surveillance video is being reviewed as part of the investigation.

There’s something about this story that doesn’t pass the smell test.  Twenty grand is an absurdly large amount of cash to leave sitting around in an envelope, locked cabinet or not.

If nothing else, this is a good reminder to all of us to keep our valuables in a safe place.  File cabinets don’t qualify.

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