Authorities Searching for Greenville Hit-and-Run Driver

Keep victim Daniel Tejeda in your prayers:

GREENVILLE, SC – The South Carolina Highway Patrol is trying to find a driver who they say left the scene after striking a pedestrian Thursday night in Greenville.

Troopers say Daniel Tejeda, 47, was hit on South Washington Avenue at 9:08pm. Tejeda – who is from Simpsonville – was transported to Greenville Hospital System.

His condition is not known.

Troopers say Tejeda was on the sidewalk when a northbound vehicle hit him, struck and a manhole cover and fence, then left the scene on U.S. Highway 123.

The vehicle was described as a white possibly older model car. It may be a 1980’s Lincoln Towncar or Continental. The SCHP says the car would have damage to the front.

There’s a video report at the link that has a surveillance photo of the car. If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 23-CRIME.

Terrence Dale Williams Jr. Kills Himself to Avoid Prison

Terrence Dale Williams was about to be picked up by police in connection with a string of armed robberies of pizza delivery workers. Like an old school gangster he was never taken alive:

GREER, S.C. — Police say a man accused of holding up three pizza delivery drivers in South Carolina shot and killed himself as sheriff’s deputies surrounded him.

Multiple media outlets reported that 27-year-old Terrence Dale Williams Jr. of Greer shot himself in the chest Thursday night as Greenville County sheriff’s deputies closed in on his car.

Deputy Matthew Armstrong says it appeared Williams was about to get out when he shot himself before officers could intervene.

Armstrong says deputies did not fire at Williams and he didn’t shoot at them.

Sheriff Steve Loftis has asked the State Law Enforcement Division to investigate.

Williams was named in warrants in armed robberies of three pizza deliverers since Jan. 18.

Deputies got a tip he was in Taylors and went to arrest him when the shooting occurred.

Seems extreme but the way I read South Carolina law he was going to get a minimum of 10 years per robbery which is a long time since he just pulled a “string” of robberies. Am I mistaken on this? Maybe one of those anonymous lawyer friends of Bobby Caples can take time out of threatening people with frivolous lawsuits to let me know.

WYFF has details:

“Greenville County deputies received information that Williams was at a family member’s house on Lauren Wood Circle in the Taylors area,” said Matt Armstrong, public information officer of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

He said deputies arrived at the scene at about 7:05 p.m. When they recognized the vehicle in the home’s driveway as the one for which they had been searching, they approached the car and ordered Williams to step out of the car.

“Investigators heard a fire arm discharged,” Armstrong said.

He said deputies did not fire any shots.

Armstrong said the sheriff has asked the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to run a parallel investigation to make sure that there are no doubts about what happened to the alleged robber.

All the robbery incidents occurred within the last week and a half.

Pizza delivery workers all over the state just breathed a sigh of relief. It’s just too bad Williams didn’t think about how bad he didn’t want to go to jail prior to robbing innocent people.

Greenville News Libels Congressional Candidate Ilario Pantano

The political slant of The Greenville News is obvious for all to see, but rarely gets so blatant as this attack on North Carolina congressional candidate Ilario Pantano:

Greenville Online Libels Marine

The headline for the piece is “Ex-Marine Accused of Murder Now Running for Congress.” Scintillating but false. It would be more accurate to say that Pantano was acquitted of murder … in 2005. But here’s how reports the story:

WILMINGTON, N.C. — A former Marine once charged with murder in the deaths of two Iraqis is running for Congress in North Carolina

Ilario Pantano announced his candidacy Thursday in Wilmington. He is seeking the Republican nomination. The 35-year-old Pantano will challenge Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre for North Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District.

Pantano shot two men in Mahmudiyah, Iraq, in 2004 and hung a warning sign on their corpses. A Marine general decided in 2005 not to bring Pantano to trial, following the advice of an officer who presided over the military equivalent of a grand jury hearing.

Now one could point out that this is an AP report, but look at the difference between GreenvilleOnline’s AP piece and the same piece from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

WILMINGTON, N.C. — A former Marine cleared of wrongdoing in the deaths of two Iraqis is running for Congress in North Carolina.

Ilario Pantano announced his candidacy Thursday in Wilmington. He is seeking the Republican nomination. The 35-year-old wants to challenge Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.

Pantano shot two men in Mahmudiyah, Iraq, in 2004 and hung a warning sign on their corpses. He claimed self defense and a Marine general decided not to bring him to trial.

The subtle difference in the text of the GreenvilleOnline piece works to paint Pantano as if he’s still thought to be guilty but got off on a technicality. That’s not the case, as forensic evidence proved that Pantano’s version of the incident was the correct account.

But the headline, which each paper running an AP piece chooses itself, is the real tell. In the AJC, the headline reads “NC ex-Marine Announces He’s Running for Congress.”

It’s a big difference.

I can’t think of any reason for The Greenville News to print such a misleading headline and make these minor alterations to the text except as a way to campaign against Ilario Pantano. Is that what a newspaper is supposed to do? Pantano was proven innocent, he was not just let off the hook. Why would The Greenville News want people to think differently?

YouthBASE Director Bobby Caples is a Filthy Pervert!

Bobby Caples of Greenville YouthBASE
image of Bobby Caples via Greenville HD

I worked in after school programs for a while before becoming a full time Web content developer and there was nothing that we watched for more than perverts. I worked in YMCAs and we had strict rules in place to prevent even the hint of impropriety, including not letting adults be alone with children or groups of children, not allowing children to be alone with even multiple adults etc. We did this because it was well known that perverts showed up to get access children. I once had to hire a summer camp staff and there were several people who showed up that I wouldn’t hire because they set off alarm bells. They were too interested in kids (when I started working with children I just wanted a job that left me time to do my graduate course work and told the person interviewing me just that – I was hired on the spot) or had reservations about being fingerprinted. When you’re entrusted with other people’s children you cannot be too careful.

So reports that YouthBASE director Bobby Caples was just pinched molesting two children he was asked to care for (hopefully by family members and not by YouthBASE clients) makes me think either Caples is the most patient pervert ever or the YouthBASE staff is not as aware of who they work with as they should be:

GREENVILLE, SC- Greenville Police investigators have arrested the director of a youth program and charged him with committing lewd acts on minors.

Police arrested Robert Francis Caples, 29, of 14 Atwood St., Apt. 1, in Greenville, and charged him with two counts of committing a lewd act upon children under the age of 16, criminal sexual misconduct of a minor under age 11 and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. According to a prepared statement from the Police Department, Caples may have sexually assaulted two children from June 2009-September 2009 while they traveled and resided with him.

The report states that at some point, the children went on a trip with Caples to Texas and when they returned, they told their grandmother that while they stayed with Caples at his home and on the trip, they slept in the same bed and bathed with Caples and did not want to do so. In a warrant obtained by the Greenville Police Department, Caples is also accused of inappropriately touching the children in private places.

The report says that Caples was asked to care for them by their mother.

The article goes on to point out that YouthBASE was a program for troubled children, who are a particularly vulnerable population. Many “troubled” youth have already experienced sexual abuse or exploitation and without proper support and therapy begin to internalize a sexualized identity and victim mentality that leads them into other abusive relationships. They come to expect and accept abuse and thus sexual predators seek out children like this.

So who was providing the therapy and guidance for the program? YouthBASE only lists one shrink on its website. Here’s Bobby Caples’ bio from the YouthBASE web page:

Bobby Caples, Ed.S., NCSP
Executive & Program Director

Bobby has 10 years of experience in after-school and community-based education programs. He has worked with several Boys & Girls Club organizations, the YMCA, The United Way of Greenville County, several Parks and Recreation Departments, faith-based organizations, schools, and other community-based organizations as a volunteer, employee, researcher, founder, director, and consultant. He has conducted research into the implementation of evidence-based behavioral strategies in community-based after-school programs. He holds a B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in African-American studies from the University of Virginia, as well as an M.A. and Ed.S. (Educational Specialist Degree) in School Psychology from the University of South Florida with interests in community-based education, reading intervention, and behavioral intervention. He is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and is currently working on his dissertation for his Ph.D. in School Psychology. Bobby serves as the Executive & Program Director of YouthBASE, providing organizational leadership as well as program management, training, and consultation.

I’ll reiterate that YouthBASE lists no other therapists on their staff, thus kids needing counseling would be going to a man who is charged with molesting two children. As an aside, sociology degrees are like basket weaving degrees, throw in a “concentration” in African-American studies and what you have is someone who took the easy way through college. Not saying that is a sign of being a pervert, but it should make you question his ability to “implement evidence based behavioral strategies” whatever that means. What you have is a person who is not really interested in psychology finding an easy way to get a psychology credential. That’s a warning bell to me.

When you put your children into youth programs you must look at safety first. It is in vogue to look for places that are “creative” and “compassionate,” but the reality is you’re giving adults you don’t know access to children. Don’t be afraid to ask to observe the program before enrolling. Look to see if they have procedures in place to ensure children are not left alone with any one adult. You don’t know who you can trust, so you must be able to trust the program.

YouthBase hasn’t released a statement yet, and as of now Caples is being held on $40,000 bond.

The People You Meet at Coffee Underground

David Brozowski is a Murderer and a Thief

I went to Coffee Underground once. The coffee was awful, the bathroom looked like a crack house whose floor was made of solidified urine and the customers were a combination of coke sniffing hipster douchebags and the immature baby boomers who hang around them talking about how fascist everyone is who doesn’t smoke pot and rub one out to Howard Zinn. It’s more of a pretension than a coffee shop, a place people who can’t be trusted to not get themselves beat up in a bar can hang out and pretend they’re better than the rest of the people wandering around downtown Greenville.

Thus this story doesn’t surprise me at all:

Besides their popular brew, it’s been the conversation at Coffee Underground in Greenville for days:  how to help victims in Haiti.  “Customers are very generous,“ says owner Dana Lowie.  “They want to help however they can.“  Lowie put out a jar collecting cash for the relief effort, but never expected what came next.  “This guy came in, came up to the register, and started chit chatting with my employee,“ she says.  The shop security camera then catches the man stuff the donation jar in his jacket and taking off.

Police have reviewed the video tape an have identified the suspect as David Brozowski. Police have issued a warrant for Brozowski, but he has not yet been arrested.

Greenville Police say Brozowski was out on bond on a murder charge from a 2009 incident in which they say Brozowski hit a man at a bar. They say that man later died from his injuries.

Stealing $20 while out on bond for murder? Hmmm. Could he be a drug addict? As an aside, why is a man who just recently killed a guy out on bond anyway? He is clearly a danger to the community.

I bet he fit right in at Coffee Underground though, until he disabused them of their Utopian hippydom.

Exit question: Why don’t you ever hear about murderers and drug addicts frequenting Starbucks?

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