Greenville Deputies Searching for Home Invasion Suspect

Be on the look out this weekend for Chad Andrew Robinson and an unknown female accomplice. They are armed and dangerous. From WSPA:

Greenville Deputies searched for a man suspected of invading a Greenville County home Friday, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies are looking for Chad Andrew Robinson, described as a white man, in his 30s, 5’9”, 150 lbs., with brown hair.

He fled the scene of a home invasion and robbery Friday, deputies said.

Robinson knocked on the door of a trailer at 102 Marion Street at about 4:15 p.m. He asked to use the restroom. The homeowner allowed him to enter, deputies said.

After five minutes in the bathroom, he came out with a gun and order the three people in the home to the floor and robbed them, deputies said.

The homeowner, who police didn’t identify, fired shots at the suspect as he left in one of the victim’s trucks.

He left in a 2001 Black Ford F-150 with an unknown white woman with him.

If you know of this person’s whereabouts contact Greenville County Sheriff at 271-5210 or Crimestoppers at 23-CRIME.

Easley Residents Shocked to Discover Gay Cruising in Public Restrooms

James Michael Stewart Bathroom Pervert

Which I assume means Easley residents rarely use public restrooms. To be fair though this story is more about the Internet making “cruising” easier for those who enjoy anonymous mutual masturbation sessions (at best) in public places. Now gay cruising is less of a, shall we say, slap dash affair.

Via Trench Reynolds’ CraigsCrimeList we find 46-year-old James Michael Stewart (pictured above) who used the Internet crime facilitation network Craigslist to advertise for anonymous people to meet him in the Easley public library branch (the Captain Kimberly Hampton Memorial Library) bathroom for an anonymous rendezvous .

A library patron, who happened to be perusing the section of Craigslist where men seek anonymous gay sex, alerted the library director to Stewart’s ad. The patron apparently had already made contact with Stewart and arranged for the restroom Romeo to show up before telling director Allison Anderson.

Sounds like Stewart has an angry ex.

Long story short, police send a detective for a sting and while shoring up the investigation find that Stewart was one of five people looking for a little bathroom bawdiness that day and using Craigslist to do it. Five. In one day.

If you’re from the big city like me that number seems low but the Easley police are shocked to discover that men’s room floors are sticky for a reason. Call me jaded but I’m really not shocked by this. I’d be more shocked if you could find a men’s room in a library where there weren’t guys rubbing one out.

WSPA says Stewart is being held on $1500 bond and police are being very careful to say no children were involved in this incident but parents should stay with their kids at all times. Because suddenly it’s not safe to let your kids wander around by themselves in libraries full of homeless people, people who don’t want to have their Internet activity traced back to their house and the other assorted dregs who have nothing better to do with their time but lurk in a public building.

Libraries aren’t safe places for children to be alone, and sex in the bathroom is just the tip of the iceberg as to why. The blog Safe Libraries should be required reading for every parent.

h/t Trench

Good News! 5,000-10,000 Bikers May Show Up to Simpsonville Bike Rally in June

Biker Rally

Organizer Beth Brown (also known as Throttle Fox) decided to hold the first annual Southern Throttle Motorcycle Rally in Heritage Park because of Myrtle Beach’s new ordinances targeting bikers. From the Tribune-Times:

When Beth Brown rides her Harley Davidson motorcycle through Simpsonville or Greenville or the nearby mountains, she envisions the Upstate as a destination for motorcycle riders from across the Southeast.

Now she wants to bring those riders here.

She expects more than 3,000 bikers to cruise into Simpsonville June 4-5 for a new two-day rally at Heritage Park. Others have told her to expect 5,000-10,000 bikers, she said.

The Southern Throttle Motorcycle Rally is being organized by Greenville event-management company Epic Events. Brown, the event’s organizer, hopes the rally will become an annual draw.

Which may be good news for the city of  Simpsonville and Greenville County, specially since the the Simpsonville City Council recently expanded the alcohol ordinance to allow sales at public events. Like biker rallies.

The bad news? Over the years several 1%er clubs have been active in South Carolina including The Hell’s Angels, The Pagans, and The Warlocks but as far as I know there is no one gang whose territory is Greenville. So out of the few thousand that show up to this rally we can expect some gangs who are rivals. Despite assurances to the contrary, the outlaw biker culture is still very active, very dangerous and very attracted to rallies like this.

Strippers and other “adult workers” should be especially careful during this rally as many gangs make money through the extortion and abuse of these women. The Breed were caught doing this in 2000 and that case is typical of how 1%er gangs operate.

Greenville Force Players Claim They Haven’t Been Paid in Several Weeks

The Greenville Force is an indoor football team that, like many involved in small scale entertainment industries, is suffering from the recession. Business revenue is down all over as Americans are embracing frugality and being more careful with their entertainment dollars. G-Force is not handling this new reality well.

From Fox Carolina:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Some players on the Greenville Force, an indoor football team, said Tuesday that they have not been paid in several weeks.

“Basically I’ve been up here for 12 weeks and all I can really say I can account for is $250,” said Isaac West, a player with the Force.

West said that he jumped at the opportunity to play football again in Greenville, but said things have not turned out the way he thought they would.

“There are times when I can’t even put gas in my car,” West said. “I can’t even go to the store and buy something to eat and get some food, but we’re supposed to be getting paid every week.”

West said that those who manage the team are not keeping up their end of the contract. He said that he is owed money for four games.

“The promises that were made to us haven’t come through,” said Willie Idlette, another Greenville Force player. “We signed a contract and everything is laid out — the pay, the compensation, the hours. Everything we thought would be needed to run a professional organization.”

The problem is that Tony Wells, the owner of the team, purchased them when they were already in deep financial trouble and he’s claiming an investor backed out of a deal recently so there is just no money to be had. But most businesses that run into that either file for bankruptcy or take drastic steps to improve cash flow.

But if you’re like me you’ve never even really heard of the Force. I’d put forward that that fact alone makes cutting the budget so that players can get paid easy since Wells has two community relations workers, a “Danzforce coach” and two sales reps. They also have a full coaching staff, including a special teams coach.

I’m thinking there’s some fat that can be trimmed until the team becomes profitable.

Businesses like this are going to need to follow the old business cliche of thinking outside the box. The Greenville Force are not just competing with other indoor football teams in games, but against high school football, college ball and the big leagues in the war for putting behinds in seats. You’re going to need to give people a reason to come see these games and the fact that you have some good players isn’t enough.

Renee Kevin Lounds Found Dead of Gunshot Wound

So far no one is sure exactly why 49-year-old Renee Kevin Lounds ended up being shot to death while sitting in his front room. What we do know is someone fired into Lounds’ house several times, one of those shots struck Lounds in the head and killed him.

From GreenvilleOnline:

Renee Kevin Lounds, 49, was the only one home when he was shot in the head at 208 Dunham Bridge Road, said Lt. Shea Smith of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

Neighbors reported hearing gunshots with the first call coming at 12:51 a.m. Sunday, Smith said. The first deputy arrived on the scene at 12:57 p.m., he said.

Deputies have marked at least six projectile holes in the front of the tan home. A wood cross stands by the road in front.

WSPA has more.

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