Dearl James Douglas Likes Burglary and Raping Children

Dearl James Douglas Child Rapist

Hopefully he also likes spending time in the joint and registering as a sex offender. This one’s a little outside Greenville County but it’s illustrative of the times and what kind of animals we’re dealing with these days.

This, my friends, is why you need to keep your windows and doors locked and should be prepared to take advantage of South Carolina’s Castle Doctrine.

HARTSVILLE—A man crept through a window in a Hartsville family ‘s home as they slept Friday, carried a 9-year-old girl from her bed and sexually assaulted her before trying to kidnap her from the house, Hartsville Police Chief Tim Kemp said.
Shortly after the crime was reported, police arrested Dearl James Douglas, 20, of 759 Azalea Circle in Hartsville and charged him with first-degree burglary, criminal sexual conduct with a minor and attempted kidnapping, Darlington County Detention Center bookings reports show.

It happened at 12:40 a.m. at a home on Swift Creek Road in Hartsville, when the suspect removed a screen from a back bedroom window and entered the home where a family was sleeping.

Police said the suspect walked into a 9-year-old’s bedroom and carried the sleeping girl to the room where he entered the home.

Witnesses said the girl was drifting in and out of sleep and thought it was a family member carrying her.

The suspect started to undressed the girl and that’s when she awoke, realized who it was and screamed, Kemp said.

The girl’s grandmother heard her cries and ran to investigate, he said.

The suspect escaped out the window while the grandmother called E-911.

The suspect was captured just a short distance from the family’s home.

Douglas was denied bond by a judge with some decency and common sense. Douglas’ relationship to the victim is unknown, but since he was quickly found it seems likely that he was positively identified early on. That tells me that someone knew him.

This story could have ended much worse. Had he simply taken her we would still be looking for her. Home security is your responsibility, the police are only there to mop up after a crime. Be prepared.

h/t Jaded at Dreamin’ Demon

Long Time Greenville Establishment Crony John Castile Named City Manager

Not a surprise since John Castile was the deputy city manager. Castile has worked in the local government since the mid 90s except for a brief stint in a non-profit that was started with a cash grant to city to fight drugs. From the WORD website:

Castile first came to work for the City of Greenville in June 1995 and worked in the Recreation Division  until May 1999 when he left the City to serve as Executive Director of Within Reach, a non-profit  organization originally developed to implement a $5 million drug-elimination program grant secured by the City to address drugs in its at-risk communities. In September 1999, he was recruited back to the City of Greenville by then City Manager, Steve Thompson, who had identified the City’s need to create a  high-level position that could provide problem-solving across the entire organization and could manage city-wide projects versus individual department-driven projects.

Hmmmm. If I’m reading this right Castile “left” the city government to run a non-profit that was being funded by a grant to the city, and stayed at that non-profit for five months. That non-profit, Within Reach, has no website and the last number I could find for it ((864) 467-4305) has been disconnected. The reports are that it was a anti-drug program but in its last filing (2005) it was listed as running a daycare center and youth services. It also listed their income at $50,099. Within Reach may be defunct but the organization is still used in sales pitches for membership to groups like Greenville’s Interfaith Forum. Sounds like he did a bang up job.

Of covering his tracks.

The 467 prefix this “non-profit” used is coincidentally the same one dedicated to Greenville county government. Lucky for Castile that he was able to get a number that was easy to remember number when he “left” public service.

The story has a stink to it, but the local hacks are too busy lauding Greenville’s first African American city manager to care about whether John Castile’s previous dealings with your tax money were on the up and up.

Hogs, Coyotes Now Legal to Hunt at Night

Hippies are heartbroken and loudly protesting recent changes to the hunting regulations in South Carolina that allows night hunting of feral hogs and coyotes. The new regulations are partly an attempt by lawmakers to get more hunters interested in culling the the burgeoning, and increasingly dangerous, populations of both animals.

Less than a year ago Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell was killed by coyotes while hiking Cape Briton Island. A few months ago a series of coyote attacks in a residential Greenville neighborhood put locals on edge. On Butler Road there’s an unfinished office park (where the abandoned Pawleys is located) that is a popular spot for people to pick blackberries, and I have observed coyote tracks there and over the winter while out for an early morning walk saw a coyote running through that area.

Hogs are a growing problem for all of the south, partially because sport hunters were transplanting the fecund creatures to areas to create hunting opportunities. But the feral hog is a destructive, invasive species that breeds several times a year and can easily reach the 500lb range. They can be aggressive, so much so that even mainstream researchers have floated conspiracy theories about “super pigs” with Russian boar genes being bred in the wild.

Feral hogs have historically been vicious animals. Too many in an area will not only destroy the native ecosystem, but will lead to attacks on people. Observe:

The above clip is from the Discover Channel’s excellent (if a bit too credulous) documentary Pig Bomb. Most of it is available on YouTube if you haven’t seen it so check it out.

My only confusion on this is that my understanding of DNR regulations was that night hunting could only been done with .22s and birdshot #4 or smaller. I assume the legislature amended the rules in terms of firearms since neither a coyote nor a boar could be taken humanely with a .22 or some birdshot. Although I’m told coyotes aren’t particularly hard to kill, you should probably use something a little stiffer than a .22 lr to ensure a quick, clean kill.

Of course this is all too little, too late. The problem coyotes are already in the urban areas, and the hogs aren’t far behind. Once they are established within the urban sprawl hunting can’t manage the animals because you simply cannot shoot at them safely.

Armadillos were also put on the list of animals legal to night hunt. I didn’t know we had them.

Rotten Reporting: Associated Press Thinks Supreme Court Ruling “Casts Doubt” on Chicago Gun Ban

Or more specifically the Supreme Court ruled today that the Second Amendment right of all Americans to keep and bear arms invalidates state and local laws that ban gun ownership for law abiding citizens. They ruled that the earlier Heller decision upheld the individual right of Americans to own guns in all localities. Even to a journalist this seems pretty clear cut.

But not to AP writer Mark Sherman, who demonstrates hard left living in denial syndrome with his coverage:

WASHINGTON  (AP) – The Supreme Court says the Constitution’s “right to keep and bear arms” applies nationwide as a restraint on the ability of government to limit its application.

The justices on Monday cast doubt on a Chicago area handgun ban, but also signaled in their 5-4 decision that less severe restrictions could survive legal challenges.

Notice the quotes. But the crux of the matter is that this ruling doesn’t “cast doubt” on Chicago’s handgun ban, it straight out declares that it’s unconstitutional and thus, illegal. Mark Sherman couldn’t bring himself to report the facts, so he downplays it. Why?

Because we no longer produce reporters who understand or care about objective facts. Until we fix our higher education system, this is the best we can expect from the mainstream media.

h/t Newsbusters

Three Thugs Arrested in Joshua Bryant Murder

Three Thugs Arrested in Joshua Bryant Murder

Fox Carolina is reporting that there have been three more arrests in the brutal and senseless Joshua Bryant murder. Bryant was gunned down at a Dollar General when he saw armed men enter the store while waiting for his mother, who happened to be shopping there. When he went to protect his mother, he was murdered.

Now Dewayne Gregory Jr., Derek Duncan, and Avery Thomas, were arrested and charged with murder and armed robbery. The trigger man, Tremaine Davis, was already arrested but these three were involved in the planning of the robbery. Duncan and Thomas were on scene as the getaway driver and lookout respectively. Gregory may or may not have been there but police are saying he provided Davis with the gun used to murder Bryant. Hopefully justice will be done in this case.

There’s a Joshua Bryant memorial page up for you to visit. You can pay your respects and donate to help the family with the funeral costs.

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