Robert Leroy Cray III is a Filthy Pervert

Robert Leroy Cray III - Pervert

When will these damn yankees stop bringing their filth and depravity into are beautiful state? I moved down here to get away from these perverts:

PALMYRA, Maine – A 27-year-old Palmyra man was arrested earlier this month in South Carolina after he was found staying in an apartment with a 14-year-old girl from Hartland, police said.

Since his July 16 arrest on a charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, Robert Leroy Cray III has remained at the Greenville County Detention Center in South Carolina. He is being held on bail set at $30,000 cash, or $30,000 surety, according to the detention center’s website.

Lt. Shea Smith of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday that his department issued a warrant for Cray’s arrest “after developing information that he was in the area with the girl,” who had been reported as a runaway in early July.

Smith also said that county deputies had pulled Cray over in a traffic stop and that the girl reportedly was in the vehicle with him.

The arrest warrant was issued on July 15, according to court documents filed by Greenville County authorities. Cray was arrested on July 16 — the day before his 27th birthday — in a Greenville, S.C., apartment he allegedly was sharing with the juvenile.

A South Carolina court affidavit alleges that Cray “did engage in sexual battery by having sexual intercourse with the victim, a 14-year-old girl.”

After Cray’s arrest, the girl was taken into emergency protective custody by South Carolina social services. Smith said it was his understanding that the girl since has been returned to Maine.

Disgusting. And now he’s being fed on our dime? We should hang these damn perverts and be done with it.

Y’all don’t come back here neither. Keep your degenerate lust for children in the Northeast where it belongs.

Drexel Family Reacts to Arrest of Career Criminal Shaun Taylor

Britanee Drexel

This might be the break police needed in the horrible Brittanee Drexel abduction case.

From Carolina Now:

The family of missing spring breaker Brittanee Drexel is hoping that the arrest of a 37-year-old McClellanville man is the major break their daughter’s case has needed.

Shaun Taylor of McClellanville turned himself in to Myrtle Beach police Wednesday in connection with an attempted abduction incident earlier this month. He is charged with attempted kidnapping and first degree assault and battery.

While it’s still early and authorities haven’t made any official links between the attempted abductions and the Brittanee Drexel disappearance, the Drexel family remains hopeful due to the glaring similarities.

The Drexel’s haven’t seen or heard from their daughter in more than one year.

“We’re tired, you know, we’re very tired. Me and (Brittanee’s father) want some answers that will hopefully lead us to finding Brittanee. Its been a rough year and three months and this may be a big break in Brittanee’s case,” said Dawn Drexel, Brittanee’s mother.

Since Brittanee was last seen leaving the Blue Water Resort on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach in April of 2009, Dawn has made the more than 800 mile trip countless times between the Grand Strand and her home in Rochester, New York, looking for answers.

Now the family hopes that Wednesday arrest of Shaun Taylor may provide those answers.

“I have heard his name before and his brother’s and his circle of his friends,” said Chad Drexel, Brittanee’s father. “So, this is a positive thing for this family… the family and law enforcement feel that it’s no coincidence that it’s within the same proximity (of Brittanee’s disappearance).”

Shaun Taylor was identified in a line up as one of three men who attacked a 20-year-old girl on the street, trying to drag her into a van. Obviously they were at the very least attempting to rape the woman. When police executed a search warrant on his house they found a stolen truck linked to a Charleston County homicide. Though Taylor was never officially named a person of interest in the case, police dragged him in for questioning early on due to his history. Taylor is a dead beat father with a history of drug offenses and domestic violence, and what’s more disturbing is that his brother Randall Keith Taylor was one of four men who beat a rap for murder in a case 1998 due to lack of evidence.

That case involved a missing teen girl.

Taylor was given an outrageously low bond given the serious of the new charges and his history of criminality. Keep Britanee and her family in your prayers.

Fountain Inn Sets Up Civilian Review Board to Handle Non-Existent Police Abuse Problem

More taxpayer money well spent:

Residents with police complaints in Fountain Inn now have a place to air their side of the story.

Fountain Inn has set up a Police Review Committee made up of seven city residents who will review formal complaints against officers as well as cases where police officers use force.

Fountain Inn Police Chief Keith Morton welcomed the new committee saying it would help the Police Department be transparent.

“We’ve never had anything to hide at the Fountain Inn Police Department,” Morton said. “This is just an opportunity to let citizens from our community see what we do.”

Fountain Inn agreed to start a review panel after mediation between the city and members of its black community following the July 2007 hanging death of a black man in the city jail. Greenville County Solicitor Bob Ariail ruled the death of Richard “Jabo” Johnson, 25, Fountain Inn, a suicide, but citizen outcry led to involvement by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The new committee has great responsibilities, Mayor Gary Long said.

“We hope we don’t have to use it very often but when we do, at least we have one now that we have an appeal to go to,” Long said.

It took three years to establish the committee, partly because it took time for the two sides to agree on a list of criteria to be involved on the committee. Members must be a city resident, registered voter with a driver’s license, and must either have completed the Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy or pledge to complete it within one year, Morton said.

So…Fountain Inn was bullied into creating a bureaucracy hostile to law enforcement after a guy hung himself and the people who wanted the board actually fought the city on requirements that make sense, like understanding the law and police procedures. As of now the people who will handle civilian complaints against police have merely “pledged” they will take a course at the academy, but will begin their duties before doing so.

What could go wrong?

Here’s a question people should be asking. How much does this cost? Do these board members get paid? How will they conduct investigations? What’s their budget?

Cost should be first and foremost in residents minds. While the 2009 financial report Fountain Inn has available on their official site paints a rosy picture of economic stability (using some creative accounting) table A-2 (pg 7) shows that there is a declining trend in wealth generating private business activity and an increase in governmental expenditures.  Specifically, you’ll see that while governmental charges for services, government grants and property taxes have all increased by at least $500,000, private business activity (the fees the city collects from businesses) has decreased by more than $2,000,000. This would indicate to me that the city is raising taxes on businesses which are being forced to pick up the slack for businesses that have been hurt by the recession or have closed down completely. If that’s the case the loss in revenue will be worse for this year’s financial report.

Table A-2 also shows a decrease in government expenditure on city services with a simultaneous increase in charges on those services for private business. This doesn’t seem like a sustainable economic policy.

Table A-4 (pg 9) is more startling, showing that the city has racked up a little under $10,000,000 in long term debt which is a little more than 32% higher than the year before. At that rate, this year the outstanding debt will be over $13,000,000 but the city revenues may still be decreasing by almost 10%.

So again, does Fountain Inn have the resources to throw at what is at best a vanity project for political activists and at worse a money grab by opportunists which addresses a problem that may not even exist? I don’t think so, do you?

Cheerleader Kelly Oliver is a Hero

After laying down the law on some thieving scumbag in a mall, while wearing a strapless dress, this kid says she’s no hero. Bull, this kid deserves a parade for being one of the few young people out there that took a stand for law and order. As a crime blogger I see a lot of stories where people watched something horrible happen (here’s the worst if you’re curious) so when I see someone doing something about crime I appreciate it, and so should you.

Simpsonville City Council Considers $300 Fine for Texting While Driving

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