Good Samaritan Saves Marine and Wife from Vicious Gang Beating

By going to his car and grabbing his gun. That’s a little tidbit that WFTS in Florida buries in the tail end of this disgusting story of a Marine officer on leave from Afghanistan going to a movie with his wife only to be jumped by a mob of teens who severely injure both. But the couple would have probably died had it not been for the intervention of this brave bystander. Keep your guns handy, civilization seems to be collapsing:

Police Need Help Finding Black Friday Credit Card Bandit

From Fox Carolina:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Greenville police said they are on the lookout for a man who went into the employees-only area of a store and stole a woman’s wallet on Black Friday.

The theft happened at the Pier One Imports store on Haywood Road. Sarah French reported her wallet full of credit cards and Social Security information was stolen, police said.

Police said the thief went on a $2,200 shopping spree throughout several stores on Haywood Road, including Toys ‘R’ Us, Sears and Radio Shack inside the Haywood Mall.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call Greenville County Crime Stoppers at 23-CRIME

Video at the link has several images of this thief. Check it out and see if you know the guy.

Greenville Nigerian Scammer Gets Two Years

Remember Kennth Ojua? He was the world’s unluckiest Nigerian scammer, the one who set up shop in Greenville and ended up getting busted by Chris Hanson. Of course after getting the To Catch a Predator treatment he was arrested and plead guilty.

Now he’s been sentenced – to a measly two years?

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A Greenville man has been sentenced to more than two years in federal prison in an e-mail scam.

U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles says 39-year-old Kenneth Ojua also was ordered to pay nearly $150,000 in restitution.

Beginning in 2006, Nettles says someone identifying himself as a barrister in a series of e-mails convinced a woman to pay to help transfer unclaimed assets the man said belonged to an American family killed in a car accident in Africa.

For three years, the woman wired thousands of dollars under the promise she would get $15 million.

Ojua was arrested when he and the victim got into a confrontation after he told her she needed to pay one more storage fee to get the money.

The sentence seems low to me given that in when he was originally arrested it was reported that he was already on probation for forgery, but as you can see the victim here was a borderline criminal (trying t steal a fictional inheritance she had no claim to) who dropped dime on Ojua when she realized she was being played so maybe the court took that into account.

Keith Adger Smyth – The Face of Teen Sex Offenders

Charged as an adult

Because of my very pubic online support for tough sex offender registry laws perverts and their groupies spend their time claiming that I’m some unholy combination of the Taliban and the Inquisition. Often their arguments revolve around the mythical star crossed teen lovers who run afoul of the “draconian” sex offender laws during some sort of Romeo and Juliet style romance. There is no evidence that this has ever happened and most teen sex offenders are more like Keith Adger Smyth.

The 16-year-old Smyth is accused of molesting and raping four boys from ages 7-14. It is reported that he performed oral sex on them, raped them anally and used force to receive oral sex from them. By any account this is rape and molestation, not youthful indescretion. Adger is a violent sex offender by any standard, and was found to be threatening the victims to attempt to get them not to testify.

From WSPA:

Investigators with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office arrested 16-year-old Keith Adger Smyth and charged him with one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor — victim 11 to 14 yrs of age inclusive and three counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor –- victim under 11 yrs of age.

According to officials Smyth will be charged as an adult and has been transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Columbia, SC.

Investigators believe there may be more victims that have not been indentified or have not come forward. If anyone has been a victim of Mr. Smyth or if you have any information about this case or other victims you are asked to call Investigator Nicki Cantrell of the Special Victims Unit at (864) 503-4604.

I guarantee you that within a few years you will see people arguing that Smyth shouldn’t be on a registry, but is that true? Smyth violated, raped and threatened several boys, some as young as 7-years-old. That he’s clearly been damaged in some way is obvious, but so should be the danger this teen poses to society.

The next time some tool tells you it’s not fair that teens can get put on registries remember Keith Adger Smyth. More importantly remember Keith Adger Smyth’s terrified and brutalized victims. Remember that they are the only victims in this who deserve our sympathy.

Pagans Beware: Jeremy Candle and the Blackwolfmoon Coven

Pagan Parents Beware

Jeremy Candle is a pedophile and registered sex offender who was operating in the Myrtle Beach area. He has a long online history of pro-pedophile activism which is detailed at Evil Unveiled. Candle was also portraying himself as a “Wiccan Lord” (whatever that means) named “Lord Michael Corvinous” and actively recruiting people into his “Alexandrian” coven where he offered to train them.

Since he’s 25-years-old or so it is extremely unlikely he is a legitimate head of a coven from a traditionalist sect like the Alexandrians. Most of his known web pages have been removed after his exposure, although he still sells Blackwolfmoon Coven t-shirts on Zazzle. However word on the street on Candle is mixed, some local pagans never heard of him, a couple have but said he was a poseur but I’ve also been told his coven had several members. My feeling is that he’s representing himself as a Alexandrian for two reasons.

The first is that the Alexandrian tradition is secretive, meaning that people entering his coven wouldn’t know if some perversions he worked into a ritual was legitimate or not. They also may (or may not) practice “The Great Rite” literally, involving actual sex between members. While inlegitimate covens this is between adults, since he was recruiting young people we assume he was running a sex rite con.

The second reason is that Alexandrian Wicca is more gay friendly than other traditions and Candle is claiming to be gay although he is not interested in men, only boys. Other closed traditions, like Gardnerian, have in the past promoted heterosexual only Great Rites so if Candle is running a scam to get boys to have sex with him the Alexandrian tradition is the only non-public sect that is known to accept gay only covens to my knowledge.

Like I said he was operating in Myrtle Beach but now it’s believed that he’s in Portland, Oregon or near the Vancouver/Washington border.

Here’s a list of his known email addresses and online handles:

Known Screen Names

* Wolfpup
* BLWolfpup
* Twitchy
* Sith Apprentice
* DJ Nikkie
* DJ Sith
* Blackmoonwolfpup
* Lord Corvinous
* Shadowhunter12
* Jbcandal

Known E-mail Accounts

He is also an avid airsoft player and online gamer, which like Wicca puts him in contact with young boys on a regular basis.

I have no evidence that there was even a real Blackwolfmoon Coven aside from his online imaginings, but if there was it would be surprising if the members didn’t know of his predilections because he’s an open pro-child rape activist. If this coven is still recruiting keep your kids away from them.

h/t Absolute Zero United

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