Sable Alexis Shelton Missing – Thought To Be With Mother and Sex Offender Boyfriend

Sable Shelton

In 2010 15-year-old Sable Alexis Shelton went missing and is believed to be with her mother 33-year-old Melissa Ann Butler and her boyfriend:

DARLINGTON — Darlington police are asked for the public’s help to find a woman who has been missing for more than a year.

Melissa A. Butler, 33, was last seen in Darlington on July 17, 2009, with a Hispanic man who goes by the name Angel, according to a Darlington Police Department press release. They may have been headed to Mexico, and she was just recently reported missing after she failed to pick up her last paycheck.

Butler is described as a white woman 5 feet 8 inches tall weighing about 175 pounds with brown eyes and reddish brown hair.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call the police department at (843) 398-4026 or the state Crime Stoppers hotline at (888) CRIME SC (274-6372).

Here’s a picture of the mother:

Melissa Ann Butler

The boyfriend is wanted for sex crimes:

US Marshals are involved in the search for Sable who is believed to be with her mother, Melissa Butler, and Juan “Angel” Calderone.  Butler is wanted for unlawful neglect of a child and Calderone is wanted on a bench warrant for sex crimes.  It is believed they may have taken Sable to Mexico.

I was sent this case and as far as I know no one has found this child yet. Pray for her safety and keep your eyes open. Any information on this case is welcome and appreciated.

Victimless Crime File: Morons Find Dangerous New Way to Get High

It never fails to amaze me what morons will snort, smoke or eat to get high. One would think we lived in some hell hole like the Soviet Union where self-medication was the only way to deal with the futility of living in crushing totalitarianism. But we live in the greatest time of plenty in American history. Our poor have obesity problems, sex is so easy to get we have spikes in unwanted pregnancy even though contraception is cheap and available. We’re in the middle of a hyper-inflationary depression in a broke country and our wealth generated before that was so vast that we can not only live off it but most people in this country are unaware of how high food inflation is.

Maybe we’re too successful, because we have produced generation after generation of people so overcome with ennui that they spend their meager and pointless lives getting high. And it seems every few years users find some dangerous new substance to put in their bodies.

Now it’s something called “bath salts” which is a synthetic substance that has been compared to cocaine, meth and PCP. It is s stimulant that also causes hallucinations, a full ounce of it can be had for about $20 and it’s perfectly legal. But maybe someone should slap a warning label on it: Read more

Woman Sought in Local Serial Forgery Case

From Jailbirds Online:

An unknown white female cashed two stolen checks at the Greer branch of the Palmetto Bank. The two checks were cashed on January 8, 2011. The white female is driving a black in color Chevrolet SUV with a paper tag. The two stolen checks were from two auto breakings. One of the auto breakings occurred at a  private residence in Anderson, SC and the second auto breaking was at the Eastside YMCA in Greenville SC. The unknown female has cashed other stolen checks in Simpsonville, Mauldin, Spartanburg City, Greenville City, and Greenville County. Anyone with any information as to the identity of the female should contact Sgt. Patrick Fortenberry at (864) 848-5353.

Jailbirds has a photo of the woman so you can check it out.

Wesley James Williams is a Filthy Degenerate!

Filthy Pervert!

Allegedly I’ll say so I don’t have to spend three or four hours explaining to morons that you can’t sue me for defamationecause I called your scumbag son/husband/boyfriend (who has been arrested publicly) a hurtful name. But I personally think he did it, look at that pervert look on his face.

According to Fox Carolina Wesley Williams is accused of forcing a six-year-old girl to perform a sex act on him when the two were alone at a Traveler’s Rest home on January 16th. A judge denied him bond and he’s currently cooling his heels in the Greenville County Detention Center.

WSPA is reporting that Williams is a firefighter. He looks kind of doughy to me so I assume most fires in Greenville County are on the first floor and can be fought while sitting in a lawn chair.

Germany Halts H&K Exports to Mexico

Originally posted at Red Alerts.

Canadian Business reported that the German government is stopping gun makers Heckler and Koch from exporting arms to Mexico:

BERLIN (AP) – Germany’s government has banned weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH from any new arms deliveries to Mexico amid concerns they are ending in parts of the country where Berlin has forbidden weapons exports over human rights issues, according to a letter obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

The letter from the Economy Ministry to the arms manufacturer, dated Jan. 4, says the company’s applications for exports of “weapons and other defense goods” to Mexico are suspended pending the outcome of judicial investigations in Germany.

Heckler & Koch is under investigation by prosecutors for allegedly providing its G36 assault rifle to Mexican police in the states of Chiapas, Chihuahua, Guerrero and Jalisco, where Germany prohibits such exports over alleged human rights violations.

The company, whose headquarters near Stuttgart were searched by prosecutors late last month, denies any wrongdoing.

Rights groups like Amnesty International have accused Mexican government troops and police of abuses in the ongoing fight against drug traffickers. Germany’s tight weapons export regulations allows arms deliveries to Mexico, outside of the four states where the human rights situation is in question.

H&K however says that Germany is mistaken:

Heckler & Koch maintains it did not deliver weapons to those four states, but only to the country’s Mexico City-based central weapons purchasing authority, which is overseen by the Defense Ministry.

“Heckler & Koch has at no point in time delivered to any Mexican states,” the company said in a statement late December.

The Firearms Blog explains this difference of opinion this way:

It sounds to me that the German government suspects that H&K knew where their weapons were headed and were knowingly selling them to a straw buyer. I believe it is the Mexican Army who runs the Mexico City gun distribution center. It seems crazy that they are allowed to export to Mexico, to a central distributor, but that only certain state police can receive them, and others cannot.

I’d add that it sounds to me like the Left party, who initiated the investigation, wants to keep Mexican forces outgunned by the FARC aligned cartels. FARC is a Chevez vassal and the Left party, who just called for the introduction of Soviet style communism in Germany, is supportive of the Chavez goal of toppling pro-Western Latin American government and spreading his communist movement northward. So extreme is the Left Party that the Christian Social Democrats have called for them to be outlawed.

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