Deadly Brooklyn Blaze Started in Voodoo Sex Ritual Scam

Hey, we all like a good Voodoo orgy but if you’re hiring a “practitioner” to protect you because the old lady down the street is killing chickens on your doorstep you should be aware that having sex isn’t part of the ritual – and as one woman found out it’s a pretty bad idea:

A windswept, five-alarm fire that killed an elderly Brooklyn woman was started by candles placed on the floor near a bed while a man and woman were having sex after a voodoo ritual, sources said today.

Fire marshals determined that the Feb. 20 blaze at 346 East 29th St. in Flatbush escalated to a fifth alarm because of an open door and delays, but that it was all started by black magic.

“Time and time again we respond to tragedies that could have been so easily prevented,” said FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano. “This fire had so many of those elements — candles left on the floor near combustible material, one of the occupants trying to douse the flames before calling 911 and an open door, which allowed fire to spread into the hallway. Hopefully others will learn from this tragedy.”


Fire Marshals said the blaze began around at 6:40 p.m., when a Brooklyn woman visited a fourth-floor apartment in the building, where she paid one of the male occupants $300 to perform a voodoo ceremony aimed at bringing her good luck.

After the ceremony, sources told The Post that the couple decided to have sex.

The fire was sparked after the couple knocked over the candles that were arranged on the floor around the bed, igniting the bed linens and clothes on the floor.

The Post is saying that the sex came after the ritual but since the candles were all still burning I guarantee you that the guy was using the old “sex is part of the ritual” scam.

A retiree died in the fire and at least 20 fire fighters were injured because these morons didn’t call 911 as soon as the fire broke out. I guess the protection ritual worked because the fire setters and their friends got out unscathed, but since they’re now on the hook for negligent homicide and their house burned to the ground I’m going to assume the Loa were angry by this Voodoo practitioner using them to get laid.

Pricilla Ristick Update: Girl Found in Las Vegas

This case has had some strange twists and turns but my humble opinion is that Pricilla was “groomed” by some pervert and ran off with the person. Ristick and her mother were originally from Las Vegas and had only been in Georgia two weeks before the abduction. As you may have heard, she was abducted while selling flowers by a mall with her uncle, Joey Thompson. When Thompson stepped away for a minute Pricilla was seen on tape running toward a white van and getting in.

She called to tell her family she was with a woman named “Nancy” who the family knew of but never met. It is reported “Nancy” had been giving the 12-year-old gifts, which is typical grooming behavior for pedophiles.

The the story got stranger:

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A 12-year-old girl who disappeared while visiting relatives was found in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The girl, Pricella Ristick, was in Gwinnett County visiting relatives with her mother for a month. Ristick was at a Li’l Caesar’s pizza shop in Lilburn with her uncle when she disappeared outside the shopping center Sunday.

Ristick’s mother, Julia, told Channel 2’s Manuel Bojorquez she received a phone call from the girl a few hours after her disappearance. She said her daughter indicated that she was trapped.

“She told me, ‘Mom, I can’t get away,’” she recalled, as her eyes watered.

Ristick told her uncle, Joey Thompson, the same thing in a phone call from a blocked number on Wednesday, Gwinnett police Cpl. Edwin Ritter said in a news release. Ristick said she was in a building with many people, and they wouldn’t let her leave, Ritter said.

When Ristick called her uncle again, investigators took the phone, and she had a different story.

“She never indicated that she was in any sort of fear or danger and claimed she was fine,” Ritter said.

Ristick claimed she was at a Kroger in Atlanta, but investigators traced her phone to an intersection in Las Vegas, Ritter said. Las Vegas police then picked her up, and she was taken to Child Services. She said she caught a bus and had been there for one or two days.

Ristick’s family said there are still questions to be answered. They don’t understand how the girl reached Las Vegas because she left with $20 in her pocket.

“She’s not that smart, intelligent. Don’t have that kind of money to get all the way to Vegas,” uncle Leo Ristick said.

Leo Ristick also said he thinks someone else was with the girl when she called from Las Vegas. When she disappeared, some family members said she may have been with a woman she recently met, known only as Nancy. Leo Ristick said he asked to speak to Nancy.

“She says, ‘My uncle wants to talk to you.’ I could hear her whisper ‘No,’ and stuff like that,” Leo Ristick said.

Police said they are still sorting out the facts.

Judging by the fact that the uncle that had her selling flowers by a strip mall instead of studying and going to school told reporters he thought she was dumb the facts are probably that this girl has a douchebag family and was thus easy pickings for some pervert who took her on a getaway to a town where people mind their business. I am betting “Nancy” has convinced the girl they are in a relationship, which was why Pricilla ran off with her in the first place.

She’s safe now, and hopefully an investigation will lead to some arrests. I think an investigation of her family is probably also in order.

Pricella Ristick – Endangered Missing from Norcross, Georgia

Have you seen her?

Authorities have no idea where this little girl is so I’m posting the photo in case her abductor ends up in the Carolinas.

On February 20th Pricella was selling flowers by the side of the road with her uncle. The uncle went into a business for a short time and when he came out the girl was gone. Witnesses say they saw her getting into a white which may have been driven by a woman named “Nancy” that Pricella met the week before. This was on the 800 block of Indian Trail Road.

Here’s her description:

AGE: 12
SEX: Female
RACE: White
HAIR: Dark brown (last seen dyed red)
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5’0”
WEIGHT: 95 lbs
WEARING: Gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, black shoes

Please be on the look out for this child. If you have any information contact the Gwinnett County Police Department, Special Victims Unit 770-513-5300.

h/t the Please Help Missing Children webring

Rotten Reporting: Burying the Lead in a “Illegal Tattooing” Story

Duckface + Sleeve Tat = Molested

When Fox Carolina noted the arrest of 28-year-old degenerate Eric Brown on a variety of charges they ran the headline Fountain Inn Man Charged with Illegal Tattooing. Underneath the headline they note that he was “also” charged with criminal sexual conduct as if the illegal tattooing was the bigger crime. Reading the article I suspect I see why the reporter lead with the relatively minor crime of illegal tattooing:

Laurens County investigators said they have issued warrants against Brown for 10 counts of illegal tattooing, six counts of tattooing under 21, three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor second degree and two counts of lewd acts on a minor.

The reporter simply took the crime that happened the most to be the most serious, and thus the lead. But if a man was arrested for two murders and five assaults would the story be about the assaults? The tattooing in this story seems to be incidental to Brown preying on children. I would bet that Brown used tattooing as an “in” with children he wanted to have sex with.

Thus the real story here is that Brown is a filthy pervert, not a renegade tattooist.

Then at the end we see another fact about this case that would make a better lead:

During their search, investigators said they discovered a meth lab and arrested three people on drug charges: James Peter Richey, Furman William Vaughn and Shanon Gail Thompson.

A child molester was part of a meth ring and the lead is that he gave illegal tattoos? Journalism is well and truly dead.

Freddie James Clark is a Troublemaker

A 24-year-old New Yorker who has been a long time transient in Greenville was arrested for making a series of false reports to 911. The calls seemed to target the Wade Hampton Fire Department and there were at least eight prank calls made until Clark was caught on February 6th  reporting a non-existent fire the Ruby Tuesday on Wade Hampton Blvd.

A commenter on that report pointed out that this was not his first rodeo. In 2009 Clark was featured in a WYFF story about an “obese” man posing as a cop in a Greenville bar. Apparently Clark was wondering around Sharkey’s Bar with an airsoft gun tucked in his pants and tried to impress a local cougar by claiming to be an undercover cop. Typical of many of my fellow northeastern transplants Clark has limited experience with both firearms and southerners, and especially how familiar southerners tend to be with firearms. Said cougar was not fooled by a toy gun and alerted police who arrested Clark for impersonating a police officer.

I don’t know what other kinds of things he’s been up to but I bet they were no good. Go back to New York!

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