James Ruston Thinks We’re All Stupid

50-year-old James Byron Rushton had a bad reputation in the trailer park he lived in, so it surprised no one when he claimed 33-year-old April Smith died in his home of a drug overdoes. After all, it would be the second time a woman died of a “drug overdose” in Ruston’s trailer home. Of course, the drug these women overdosed on was Ruston himself – an autopsy proved that April Smith was raped to death.

Raped to death.

From The Republic:

Investigators arrested 50-year-old James Rushton on Monday and charged him with murder in the death of 33-year-old April Dawn Smith.

Deputies responding to a 911 from Rushton’s Greer home around 5 a.m. Sunday found him giving CPR to Smith.

Investigators say Rushton told them he picked up Smith on Saturday night after she argued with her boyfriend, and she must have suffered a drug overdose.

But authorities say an autopsy Monday found she had been killed during a violent sexual attack.

Thankfully this soulless monster was denied bond. It’s my understanding that the neighbors of Ruston were so scared of him that even though witnesses saw him man-handling Smith they did nothing.

That a man with this reputation who sexually assaults a woman so violently she dies could then think he could con the world into thinking she overdosed says something about what he thinks of the rest of us. That same disdain and arrogance was why he raped and murdered April Smith, and likely the first woman who died in his house.

Ruston thinks we’re stupid, and if he gets anything less than life in prison he’s right. But if we were really smart we’d execute him because he simply doesn’t deserve to live.

Thieves Working by Boat on Lake Hartwell

From WSPA:

Chaos in Charlotte Leaves One Dead, 70 Arrested

I was in Charlotte, NC the night before this incident happened. My wife and I were having a very pleasant dinner with Chris Barnhart in that city and even the night before this mayhem – which the Charlotte Observer is calling “unrest” – I admit to being concerned for my safety. I’m not sure what the reciprocity agreements are like but I will never travel to Charlotte again unless I’m armed.

Anyway, basically Charlotte was turned into a war zone by gangs who were basically able to overwhelm the heavy police presence there:

One person was fatally shot and another wounded early Sunday after several hours of trouble in uptown Charlotte that ended with police in riot gear trying to break up crowds and making 70 arrests.

The shootings took place shortly after 1 a.m. across 3rd Street from the Hilton hotel, two hours after Food Lion Speed Street had closed. Antwan Terrell Smith, 22, was shot in the head and died at the scene. Durante Kavon James, also 22, was shot in the leg and taken to Carolinas Medical Center, where he was in stable condition late Sunday.

The gunfire followed reports of unrest – which police say could be gang-related – centered largely around the Charlotte Transit Center between 4th and Trade streets. The charges were one of the city’s largest mass arrests in memory.


Early Sunday, groups of 50 or more people “began confronting each other” and refused to leave as police closed in around the transit center, Fey said.

Police arrested 70 people, including 15 juveniles, he said. Most arrests were for disorderly conduct, fighting, assault and impeding traffic.

The melee was one of the worst in Charlotte’s uptown since violence broke out among large crowds after a Fourth of July fireworks show in 2006. In the years that followed, police cracked down heavily on uptown revelers during major events, arresting 169 people during July 4 celebrations in 2007.

At the time of the incidents, officers said the troublemakers were flashing gang signs, challenging officers and other people and attempting to block sidewalks and streets, Fey said.

Police said large crowds – as many as 30,000 people – gathered in and around the transit center after Speed Street ended at 11 p.m.

On-duty officers from CMPD’s Central Division worked the Speed Street event, along with off-duty CMPD officers working for the Speed Street producer, Fey said. After disruptions broke out, members of CMPD’s Civil Emergency Unit, dressed in riot gear, were called in to help manage crowds. The unit is trained to respond to large public disturbances and catastrophic events.

Police tried to separate the trouble from Speed Street, the NASCAR-related event that draws thousands to the center city to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend races at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Gods help us if we get a hurricane Katrina style storm in Charlotte because there is an army of lawless thugs less than two hours drive away from us. Stay out of Charlotte if you can – the place is a ghetto and it’s getting worse every day.

h/t Crime in Charlotte

Randell Matheny and Stephanie Blake Like to Rape and Torture Toddlers

Usually I’d put both perps pictures up top but I wanted to showcase the scrawny body of baby raping degenerate Randell Matheny because the friends of Stephanie Blake – who is the mother of the 19-month-old twins Randall tortured – are roaming the web claiming Stephanie was too scared of this man to do anything but watch her children get beaten and raped.

Most mothers would have no problem fighting off this skinny cretin if they really wanted to defend their children.

But let’s start at the beginning. Stephanie Blake, who is either 19 or 20 depending on which report you read, is shacked up with the 25-year-old Randell Matheny. Matheny, as you might expect, is not the father of Blake’s 19-month-old twins. Some reports claim the couple shared a house with a woman named Ashely Directo which I suppose is another person who witnessed these children being brutalized and didn’t lift a finger.

According to GoUpstate the drama began unfolding early Friday morning:

According to an incident report, a deputy responded to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center early Friday morning and learned that a 19-month-old boy admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit had bleeding in his brain. A doctor told the deputy he believed the child, who weighs 19 pounds, had been abused. The boy also had large bruises on both sides of his forehead, a rash in his pelvic area and a cut on his buttocks that appeared infected, the report said.

The deputy spoke to Blake, who said the boy had not felt well all day on Thursday. He threw up twice during Thursday afternoon and he gagged on his dinner about 6 p.m., the mother said, according to the report.

The mother told the deputy that Matheny grabbed the boy and brought him to the living room, where the boy began having a seizure. The mother called 911, and said Matheny gave the boy CPR while she was on the phone with dispatchers, the report said.

When asked by the deputy, the mother said the boy received his injuries from playing with his twin sister and another 2-year-old at the home, and did not elaborate, the report said.

All you “poor Stephanie” folks out there re-read that passage. Blake was looking at her child almost dying and she still lied to protect her boyfriend. If she was scared of Matheny she could asked the cop she was talking to for help. But she didn’t, she tried to get her boyfriend off the hook. But it gets worse:

Sgt. Kevin Bobo, who leads the sheriff’s office’s Special Victims Unit, and deputies went to the home to check on the girl. A woman with the girl said she had seen Matheny hit the children numerous times, and she believed it was excessive, the report said.

That I assume is Derecto. What kind of person witnesses abuse “numerous times” and does nothing? But it gets worse, because Ashley is not a great babysitter. This was fortunate because it meant authorities needed to change the little girls diapers, and that’s where we get the sex abuse charges:

The twins were placed into emergency protective custody, and the girl was taken to SRMC to be examined. Bobo said EMS workers changed the girl’s diaper on the way to the hospital. It was evident that the diaper had not been changed for some time, and EMS workers found that the girl had an injury consistent with having been sexually assaulted, Bobo said. She also has bruises all over her body, the report said.

Randell Matheny was held on probation violations as well, meaning that Blake had picked a real winner. Matheny confessed to beating the children but he says it was Stephanie who raped the little girl:

When asked if he had sexually assaulted the girl, he replied, “No, ma’am,” and told reporters that Blake was responsible for the children’s injuries.

What a prince.

Not that I would be surprised if Blake did assault the girl, I’ve seen enough crime stories to know such things happen on an alarmingly regular basis, but I’m betting this was a “mother” who wanted a man more than she wanted to be a parent. No matter how you cut it Stephanie Blake stood by silent as her children were tortured, and tried to cover it up. Did she help abuse them? Her silence alone would be complicity, but I would not be surprised if she was abusive herself.

And her reward for loving an evil sexual predator more than her children is to have him jam her up and send her to prison. Good riddance. Now maybe those kids will have a chance to live a normal life. Here’s a picture of that disgusting gutterslut if you’re interested. Something tells me she could have taken Matheny if she really wanted to:

Religion of Rape?

Via Gates of Vienna this video details the report issued by police in Oslo, Norway that shows that every single rape in that city during a five year period was committed by Muslim immigrants. It goes on to report that almost every victim is a native Norwegian.

Why? The video touches on the reason – Islamism. Europe imported millions of Muslims from radicalized, Wahhabi-dominated countries for cheap labor but now must deal with ghettoized and violent populations that seek to spread Islam through Jihad in Europe. This is what is known as a “rape Jihad” where non-Muslim women are targeted in an effort to push non-Muslims out of areas and force women to convert if only to be safe from rape. This story has been building for several years, and Norway is not the only country experiencing this. I believe you will see similar reports from European countries, and certain states here in America, in the next two or three years.

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