Word on the Street: “Tantric Goddesses” are Probably “Sex Workers”

Kind of a rain is wet, sky is blue revelation but apparently we have enough naive hippies running around that there are some women who are upset because they just found out their husband/boyfriend/booty call is getting more than a massage and some new age hooey when they pay up to $950 for nine hours worth of “sessions” at Tantric Treat. How are those sessions described?

Essence Tabtra sessions are for those who desire to be immersed in yummy, bliss-filled energy while developing a person/partner practice through integration of a variety of spiritual/sexual practices.

Do you need to be a detective to figure out they’re talking about handjobs? Apparently some people do.

Now I’ve never been to Tantric Treats of Asheville, NC and I’m sure it’s run by a nice lady who’s not a Madam:

I’m sure the stable of ladies working there are true believers in healing sexual energy and I’m not criticizing their beliefs or even their business. But ladies if your man is looking into Tantric sessions he’s putting the word in quotes and looking for a handjob. That’s just the truth.

And if that were not a good part of their clientele they wouldn’t have an advertisement in the Adult Services section of Backpage.

Now I’m going to surprise some of you by pointing out that at least this place isn’t one of the brothels where illegal immigrants and runaways are held against their will and raped by dozens of clients a day. The crime blogger in me doesn’t think this is a big deal and even were I to get on my moral high horse (which I do quite frequently) I happen to think that consenting adults rubbing each other while burning incense and misunderstanding the original concept of the Left Hand Path is hardly anything to get upset over. However my male readers should take note that I’m probably more tolerant than your wives or girlfriends.

Maybe you should clear your browser history if you partake in the “sacred sexuality” of North Carolina Tantrics if you have a disapproving other half, lest I continue to be inundated with email tips by wrathful, scorned women.

Anyway, these people seem like harmless enough new agers trying to make a buck so I am loathe to really put the bad mouth on them, especially since they take clients away from the human trafficking organizations that are infesting Greenville, Asheville and every big city in America. But if woman advertises in the Adult Services section with pictures of her in lingerie or less, she is at best a “sex worker” but more often than not a hooker. While Tantric Treats makes clear that they are not an escort service and that they don’t have sex with clients in their FAQ, they do mention that their may be genital touching during your session. This sounds like a handjob to me.

Also, they advertise in the Adult Services section on Backpage.

Anyway – stay out of there married/committed guys.

UPDATE: The first photo was removed because the person depicted thought objected to her image being used in a story about her. Assuredly she also objects to “people” using it in the adult services section of Backpage. All you people pretending to be her should be ashamed!

New Commenting Policy

I just deleted a comment that, aside from being banal trolling, ended with a long paragraph claiming banging teenagers was OK because a 14-year-old is a biological adult. This is bull and it won’t be tolerated here.

No comments that promote criminality, degeneracy or immorality will be published at Greenville Dragnet.

Glenn David Elwood is a Pervert (and Goodwill has Great Security)

This is Glenn David Elwood of the Batesville Drive Elwoods. While most red blooded 27-year-olds are out picking up chicks or hitting the strip club Glenn – who i assume is a very busy man – has streamlined the process of satisfying his libido by taking care of his business while out shopping. At Goodwill.

Apparently Elwood was at the Goodwill on Haywood Rd when the mood struck him. And by mood I mean he spotted a woman in a skirt. Rather than wasting time striking out with said woman or wasting money tipping dancers Elwood ducked under a conveniently located table and used his cell phone to snap what he thought was surreptitious pics of the undercarriage of this Helen of Haywood, whose very beauty drives men mad. Pressed for time he began pleasuring himself to the pictures there rather than go all the way home to enjoy his ill-gotten visual booty. Perhaps he had other appointments.

Goodwill is, as you may know, not that sort of establishment. Workers saw the pervert and detained him for police. There’s no word on how much guff he’s taking in jail for being pinched by the staff of Goodwill.

Another odd note on this story – Greenville News hack Paul Alongi wrote up a report that was mostly in English. Maybe he does better work when he’s interested in the subject.

So … has Elwood not heard of the Internet?

Did You Know All Nazis are Christians and All Pagans are Good People? Why Wiccans Hate You

This post was originally published in 2009 on my old blog Red Alerts. As part of closing down that site I am republishing many of the crime related stories here. Those that are still of interest to readers will be published on the front page for new readers to enjoy:

At least that’s what emailer “Marlene,” who took umbrage to a post I wrote about the pedophile enabling hippy sex cultists on PaganSpace (three or four months ago), claims in a missive as childish as it is inaccurate:

in reverence to your red alert on paganspace.net concerning the accusations on
that site, i just wanted to say that there are bad people everywhere and from
every religion, if you choose to make a website about terrible people that prey
on children then you really should do your homework since most child abusers are
christian . as well as the nazi shit heads , yeah they are christian too.
wiccans and witches believe harming none and protecting everything under mother
nature’s sky and above it. Pagans are good people!!!!!

If you find her writing hard to follow blame the teachers’ union. But I thought it was important for readers, many of whom are not familiar with the inner workings of the “New Age” and neo-Paganism, to see exactly what the average Wiccan thinks of them and mainstream American society. So let me apologize in advance for boring some of you with this short essay describing why your children will hate you when they convert to Wicca.

After this piece I would recommend that you read a book called America: Religions and Religion by Catherine Albanese which is the bible of comparative religion. It is a bit pricey and hard to find but you may have some luck at a college bookstore or used book shop. Chapter eight of this dense but readable tome is entitled “Homesteads of the Mind: Occult and Metaphysical Movements” and reveals to readers something that most Americans (and all modern Wiccans) seem to very much be unaware of: America had a thriving occult movement prior to the 1960s “New Age” movement. And it wasn’t full of hippies.

Understanding why modern Wicca and most of the New Age in general are oddly secular exercises in doctrinaire leftism disguised as spirituality is impossible without understanding that the current “occult underground” is the product of the 60s counterculture infiltrating, dismembering and transforming the American metaphysical movement which came before it. The prior movement had a centuries long lineage and encompassed dozens of traditions ranging from Marie Laveau’s exotic blend of Voodoo and European occultism to the Pennsylvania Dutch “Pow-Wow doctor” who cured illnesses on the farmsteads with remedies and prayers found in his coveted copy of Joseph Hoffman’s Long Lost Friend. The modern movement is full of Atheists who think the Gods and Goddesses (and Witchcraft) are metaphors for “reclaiming their power” which itself is a metaphor for living in a state of perpetual adolescent rebellion against non-existent oppressive forces.

Prior to the 1960s, occultism was a diverse spectrum of fairly conservative traditions and movements which were populated by men and women who dedicated significant time to the study and practice of a variety of arts mainstream society would have found unseemly if not unlawful. Those people have been replaced with what Israel Regardie referred to as “Tent Women” – under educated, sanctimonious loud-mouths who are so consumed by misandry they seek out “goddess religion” lest they be forced to lower themselves to worshiping a man.

I paint a romantic picture of pre-New Age metaphysics and I understand many readers will see occultism in a very different light, but I want those same readers to understand the vast difference between the “witch” of the early 20th century who cobbled together a grimoire in secret using books like Aradia: Gospel of the Witches written by credulous but thorough folklorist C.G. Leland and the spiteful, obnoxious perpetual teens of today who wave their copies of Fiona Horne’s latest literary skidmark around while screaming out moral platitudes so simple you’re not sure an elementary school teacher would waste time writing them on a chalk board. The former could be (and mostly was) a good neighbor who left you to your pursuits and simply asked for the same courtesy. The latter are pentagram festooned propagandists for the left who demand you change your views and habits to suit their childish view of reality.

The rise of Wicca (which as a matter of historical fact was invented by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s) coincides with the rise of Radical Feminism, Radical Environmentalism and the neo-marxist academic Utopianism that defines the left in this country and just as those deconstructive forces transformed the Democratic party from hawkishly anti-Communist to a party that is the American version of the Fabians, Wicca changed the occult underground into the watered down yet highly political “New Age” movement it is today. It was primarily radical feminism, as embodied by degenerate Jew haters like Starhawk, which de-emphasized the private, personal pursuit of esoteric knowledge and practice of traditional metaphysics and re-imagined Wicca as a vehicle for the neo-Marxist armchair class war the baby boomers still play at to this day.

Wicca is the bludgeon with which the emotionally crippled lash out at society, the mask behind which the untalented and unimportant hide when confronting their superiors. It is a religion only in the most academic sense. The truth is that Wicca is simply a collection of petulant narcissists who make childishly grand gestures designed to insult or provoke others as both a way to share the psychic pain their emotional retardation causes and give the Wiccan (statistically speaking, most likely to be a downwardly mobile White American from the middle class) fuel for their fantasy of being a victimized minority.

Modern Wicca (unlike it’s Gardnerian and Alexandrian forerunners) is not an organized religion but a sub-cultural identity with definitions so loose that there are even “Christian” Wiccans nowadays. Unlike the occultist of old, the only knowledge the modern Wiccan actively pursues is the knowledge of consensus, and the Wiccan is keenly interested in what general dogma this amorphous mass of people with no set ideology accepts as true so they can better parrot popular pagan opinion. This is the result of the influx of free-wheeling, “anything goes” types in the 60s who would unctuously lecture anyone who claimed that the occult isn’t about pedophiliac orgies and playing dress-up pushing out anyone serious about exploring the boundaries of reality.

In this vacuum of spirituality the erstwhile Wiccan need only recycle a few leftist talking points and she or he can be considered as authoritative and knowledgeable as anyone else. Therein lies the allure of Wicca for many of the wrong people, and the reason most Wiccans you meet will hate you if you aren’t willing to march in lockstep to their inanity. All pagans are good, all Christians are bad and America is full of fascists and/or Nazis. I defy any reader to go to any Wiccan forum and show me that 80% of the entire site isn’t some permutation of those three post-modern cliches. Wiccan identity is completely tied into a particular set of anti-American,”radical” political views that have replaced spells and rituals as the required knowledge to be considered well versed.

Which brings me to Marlene, who has a dreadful website full of cut and paste material she barely understands (no Marlene the Havamal isn’t just the “story of Odin receiving the runes,” it is the “High One’s” instructions to mortals covering every facet of life) and will never even try to because it is more important to her and her standing in the Wiccan community to “fight the real enemy.” That fight of course only entails emailing me a criticism she couldn’t be bothered to spell check then patting herself on the back for her bravery. It should be instructive to the reader that Marlene didn’t comment on the post publicly where she might have to defend this pinched off dispatch, but shot off an email that she only shared with her fellow “witches” at their weekly book club meeting.

Also instructive is that Marlene didn’t bother to read the post at all, but was told what I said and shot off an email to me to score points with her fellow Wiccans without investigating their claims at all.

That is a perfect metaphor for Wicca.

Marlene probably hates me not because my response to her was intemperate (to say the least) but because at this point their are a great deal of Wiccans who, for many reasons, dislike me, my blog and the group I’m affiliated with, Pagans Against Child Abuse. That I’m a “Christian” out harassing Wiccans is the new canon in some parts, and like lemmings the majority of Wiccans will simply accept that as truth. So I must resign myself to the near constant stream of emails by the lowest common denominator that all basically say what Marlene said above. Christians are Nazis, all pagans are by definition good and for not regurgitating such, if I may steal a phrase, sinister piffle, I’m some sort of ignorant fascist.

And when your 15-year-old reads in some hack’s mass marketed “Book of Shadows” that Christians/Conservatives/Small Business Owners/Guys named Ted are “the enemy” of Wiccans, you’re going to be treated just the same.


Possible Human Sacrifice by Narco-Cultists in Mexico

This post was originally published in 2008 on my old blog Red Alerts. As part of closing down that site I am republishing many of the crime related stories here. Those that are still of interest to readers will be published on the front page for new readers to enjoy:

Zionist Anti-Communist pointed out this story the media has quietly slipped into their smear campaign against Governor Palin, hoping that no one would notice and demand the journalists do what we pay them to do which is investigate important stories:

MEXICO CITY – The heads of 11 decapitated bodies discovered in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula last week may have been burned in a ritual, investigators said.

Police said they found an altar to the skeletal figure of the “Santa Muerte,” an unofficial patron saint of death, in the home of two men arrested in connection with the slayings, while several scorched spots were discovered in a nearby clearing.

Police suspect the heads were burned in the clearing, according to a statement from the Public Safety Department. The department did not say what evidence it had to support that theory. Public Safety officials declined to give further details Monday, citing an ongoing investigation.

Decapitations have become more frequent in battles between Mexico’s powerful drug cartels. The 11 corpses appeared to be the largest group of beheadings since gunmen tossed five human heads into a bar two years ago.


But Santa Muerte rituals normally do not include blood sacrifice.

If police suspicions about the ritual burning prove true, it would recall the 1989 killing of a Texas college student and 12 other people by a drug trafficking cult.

Student Mark Kilroy’s mutilated body was unearthed a month after the 21-year-old vanished while on spring break in Matamoros, a border town across from Brownsville, Texas. The cult believed human sacrifice would protect it from police and rivals. Its high priestess and four of her followers were sentenced to more than 60 years in prison in 1994.

The “drug trafficking cult” Associated Press reporter Alexandra Olson drops in so causally was the coven of Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo who was an initiate in Palo Mayombe. Though most scholars accept Palo as a religious tradition in its own right, many Santeria or Voudon practitioners consider it to be a form of witchcraft. It is not unusual for practitioners of other religions to seek initiation into Palo Mayombe, in fact.

Key to Palo magical practices is the dreaded Nganga, a cauldron containing certain remains of a dead person which houses a powerful spirit that is “fed” offerings. Castanzo’s Ngnaga was found to contain the brains of Mark Kilroy whose dismembered and burned body was found on Castanzo’s ranch. Crime scene photos of the various occult instruments also found in Castanzo’s ranch include a small Santa Muerte figurine. One such photo, as well as a detailed account of Castanzo’s crimes, can be found here.

This detailed report on the cult of Santa Muerte or “Holy death” reveals that one of the honorifics of the figure is La Madrina which means The Godmother. Castanzo’s female acolyte Sara Maria Aldrete Villareal was named La Madrina by him and given the equivalent of the role of high preistess in the group. Castanzo himself was called La Padrina, or The Godfather. After being sentenced for her roles in a massive number of human sacrifices, Villareal said the following:

“I don’t think the religion will end with us, because it has a lot of people in it. They have found a temple in Monterrey that isn’t even related to us. It will continue.”

At the time of the Kilroy murder Mexico City had a suspected 74 ritual murders, and only 16 of them could be pinned on Castanzo. 14 of the victims were infants.

Many in the Reconquista movement have been taken to calling for Latinos to adopt the Aztec religion, one that we know historically involved bloody human sacrifice. This dangerous nostalgia may not be confined to the professional protester but may have bled into the more fringe radical movements. One online grimoire claims Santa Muerte is actually an Aztec goddess of death Mictlantecuhtli. Mictlantecuhtli was offered the skin of sacrificial victims and was said to devour the dead.

It is known that MS-13 has huge numbers of Santa Muerte cultists in their ranks, but despite the media portrayals, the cult of Santa Muerte is not a religion, but can more rightly be described as a magical tradition, a kind of witchcraft which anyone can practice. Therein lies its danger because it has no theology of its own and places no demands on adherents. Instead cultists are presented with an amoral entity that will grant favors in return for offerings and which many of her followers believe is an incarnation of a bloodthirsty demon-god that demanded human sacrifice.

Is it any wonder ritual killings would happen in her name?

The question is, is this a new phenomenon or has this been happening all along, hidden in the incomplete files of unsolved murders in Mexico? And is it going on in our own country even now?


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