Wisconsin Union Thugs Attack Catholic School

Watch closely and at around 1:10 you’ll see that one even “bumps” a clergyman the way you try to punk out hoodrats on the street. Disgusting. Aren’t you glad we are a right to work state?

Via Wisconsin Reporter:

Two Murderers Still Sought in Spartanburg College Student Killing

Surprise! Simpsonville Murderer Michael Crane Had History of Thuggery

Last week I got a tip from someone who knew murder victim Allison Cross personally and had dealings with her boyfriend/murderer Michael Crane. Here’s the story in his own words:

…Iknew Allison Cross and Ms Lancer who were killed in the double homicide in simpsonville at the beginning of the month. Me and my ex wife were friends of allison and after my ex wife left me I was involved a year later in a short term relationship with allison and we decided to just be friends. Long story short, last summer when she got involved with the man who killed her and her mom he found out that me and allison were friends and she told him about us being intimate. In turn he spent off and on threatening to kill me and my family down here in florida. Wasn’t a constant daily thing but would get harassing calls which I never took serious until I seen what happened today. Have quite a few witnesses to his actions, had to even change my cell number. Not sure if this is important to the case but I don’t mind even testifying to this come court day cause I feel this man is a very sick person who is bound to hurt more people if he isn’t stopped.

Apparently Crane went as far as to harass the old lady of the tipster … because he was mad his girlfriend had an ex? Unsurprisingly this strained the friendship between the tipster and Cross and she chose to side with Crane! Crane killed her months later.

The lesson here is this. Ladies, scumbags are scumbags. If a person threatened to kill the family of your ex just because he was your ex you can be damn sure he’ll think about killing you at some point. Cross and her mother paid the ultimate price for trusting this degenerate, don’t make the same mistake they did.

The tipster is willing to testify at Crane’s trail if needed.

I’m Writing at Pajamas Media Now

My first piece for Pajamas Media went up recently. I’ll be freelancing with them for the near future. This post was an investigation into the players behind the pro-pedophile B4U-ACT conference which I couldn’t have done without the assistance of fellow online “vigilante” Stitches from Absolute Zero United.

For the next piece I’m working on the spread of the Sante Muerte cult an what that means to national security. Stop by and let them know how great my writing is.

Greenville County Sheriff Creates Crimes Against Children Unit

Seems odd that any government agency is expanding in this economy but this sounds like a good enough cause. I’d m afraid the focus of the unit will be too scattered but maybe they have a plan to keep that from happening:

From WSPA:

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is creating a “Crimes Against Children” Unit.

The unit will combine cases involving children into one group.

The Sheriff’s Office says skills and training required to work these cases are similar and it will allow investigators to be more effective and efficient.

The types of crimes that will be investigated include sexual assaults, child abuse and child neglect.

The idea for the unit came from a Sheriff’s Office investigator.

The unit will be made of four full-time investigators, and it will be housed at Greenville County Square.

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