Word on the Street: Escort Gets Robbed, Refuses to Call Cops

Which is odd since there have been several cases recently when escorts did go to cops after being robbed, but maybe those girls got charged quietly after the publicity died down. Anyway there’s a rumor that one of the online working girls showed up at an appointment where the john was waiting at a motel with a gun and surrounded by drugs. He drew down on her and demanded her money and she fled, thankfully without getting shot. I’m told she took to the Backpage and other “adult” sites to expose the number he used – but since he probably stole that phone I’m not sure how that helped.

I won’t publish the supposed phone number, but it’s a guy calling himself Deshaun and he’s a Black guy with a thug complex. This is the reason so many hookers in the area won’t service Black guys.

The cops weren’t contacted. This is asinine because the hooker could just call in an anonymous tip and cops would find a gun toting drug user sitting around in a hotel so he’d be in jail regardless. Ladies – the anonymous tip is your friend. Not going to the cops is ensuring this will happen again and next time he’ll be bolder.

Rotten Reporting: WYFF and the “Un-Armed Robber”

So WYFF is reporting on a masked bandit that hit the Kangaroo gas station on Haywood Road and they point out that the mysteriously raceless criminal (though we assume he’s White since he has blue eyes) didn’t brandish a gun. Thus they conclude he was un-armed.

Really? I assume the journalist who wrote this piece knows the criminal involved and can tell us for sure he wasn’t carrying a gun in his pocket, or a knife or some pepper spray, or hiding a steel pipe up his sleeve, etc. I know that they don’t require you to take logic courses in journalism programs but it seems to me that the idea that if you didn’t see something it isn’t there would raise eyebrows even at WYFF. You don’t see the air for example. Do we live on an airless planet?

This is important because this person is potentially armed and dangerous but the reporters are turning him into a joke. The next clerk may recognize him and decide he’d rather rough up this kid – then get shot in the face.

There’s one thing and one thing only blogs and news sites have in common. we both exist to get the word out to people. For years “journalists” have abandoned that mission in favor of political agendas. Or in this case out of sheer ineptitude.

New Piece on Red State about Ron Paul

I wrote a quick piece on why Ron Paul is the real “warmonger” in the campaign, so all you people who claim I’m a warmonger “neo-con” can have something else to cry over. Enjoy.

Victimless Crime File: Woman Pimps Out 8-Year-Old

Sue Ellen Mims, pictured above, is only 33. Since she looks to be about 60 we feel it’s safe to assume she is in fact a drug addict.

Like all addicts Mims will do anything to get her next fix, and since drugs ate her up already and she can no longer make money the way she used to (on her back or her knees) she did what any addict would do … found a younger girl to pimp out. A much younger girl:

The Panama City Police Department announces the arrest of Sue Ellen Mims, 33 years of age. Mims is being charged with one count of Selling A Minor For Prostitution.

The arrest comes after Mims reportedly offered her eight-year-old daughter to a male she did not know. Mims was in the 2000 block of Harrison Avenue and reportedly offered her daughter to the male for one hundred dollars. Mims also reportedly said her daughter would do anything the male wanted and would not tell anyone about it.

The male reported the incident and stated he does not know the woman or her daughter. The Department of Children and Families was notified and are involved with this case. Mims was arrested on December 21, 2011 at approximately 10:10 A. M.

Right now the 8-year old girl is with family members. It’s in accordance to how the Department of Children and Families handle cases like these. DCF officials say this is an allegation that could possibly terminate all parental rights for the mother.

Panama City Police Sergeant Jeff Becker says he has never seen anything like this in the 12 years he’s worked in Panama City.

Here’s a little rotten reporting thrown in for you from the same article:

After looking into Mim’s past criminal record, we found she does not have any similar charges on file in Bay County.

OK. So that means she has similar charges in other counties? Or she has other charges in Bay County? Who knows? Hey, it’s not like reporters need to make stories clear.

But hey, if drugs were legal she’d just be able to collect welfare so she might not pimp out her daughter – as much.

h/t Bad Breeder

Here’s the Audio of my Appearance on FTR Radio’s That’s What She Said

I do a lot of bad mouthing. We talk about GOProud outing people, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and how liberal hug-a-thug political correctness encourages crime. Check it out here.

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