The Shafia Family Massacre

Someone wrote in to ask my opinion and I haven’t really written about this. It’s an important case as it’s exposing the extent of radical Islamization in Canadian society. Here’s Ezra Levant discussing the killings and he pretty much takes the words out of my mouth. Canada is to blame for this and if the Shafia girls were White they’d still be alive.

Teen Brothers Arrested After Violent Crime Spree – Freinds Say They’re “Good Hearted”

I followed the story of the Mayberry brothers closely and was planning on writing about it but they already got caught. Here’s the basics of the story:

The brothers were arrested in Easley and were apparently sleeping in a Wal-Mart (?) there. So we’re not talking about a brain trust. Both are facing attempted murder charges among other things. Here’s where the story takes a predictable turn. These two scumbags have friends who think that trying to blow some innocnet guy’s head off was a “mistake” and people should be too hard on them.

One Jenna Williams has taken to defending these two degenerates in the comments of news sites with pearls of wisdom like this:

carjack-take hostage of a car and the victims inside. they let the family go, that shows they DO care about people because they probably saw those kids and immediately pictured their baby sisters. no it wasn’t right. i said that before. but if it were your brothers you would stick up for them too. people make mistakes, some bigger than others and these 2 just got mixed up in some very bad things. and yeah, maybe they dont care anymore because i’ve seen the way these two got treated and they got treated like crap. bottom line, you dont know them. YOU. DONT. KNOW. THEM. but I do and they have such big hearts they’ve just become stupid and made even more stupid mistakes. so shutup because i dont care how sick you are of listening to people take up for “people like these 2 men” cause i truly know them and i know that theres something wrong with them and they werent always like this. and you wanna judge people when you’re one of those girls that takes a picture of her stomache? wow.

She was responding to a woman who had a facebook picture of a flat and toned stomach. Showing off this flat and toned stomach is, according to Jenna, similar to trying to murder innocent people.

But wait, there’s more wisdom from Jenna Willaims:

and do you know what kind of impact it can have for my friend to get on the internet and see her brother’s pictures and to see everyone bashing them? and jonathan, shut up and grow up. hahaha, you’re trying to look tough and it’s pathetic. what? were you gonna shoot em? and thats any better? no. killing is killing. attempted murder is attempted murder. you’re no better than them and i wish you would just shutup before i handle you myself. :)

I personally would be more worried about the impact of these criminals actions on their victims. Sorry their family doesn’t like to hear people “bashing” the two brothers who attempted to murder and innocent man for his car but they should have taken the potential shame and heartbreak into account before turning these monsters lose on the rest of us.

And of course like some sheltered liberal basting in moral relativism she claims that shooting someone who is trying to murder you is the same as trying to murder someone. Imagine how ignorant and self-loathing you have to be to think that doing whatever it takes to protect your own life or the lives of others is the same as deciding to murder someone because you want their stuff. I take it if someone attacks her she doesn’t defend herself – oh wait, she did threaten someone. So really she’s saying that she and other criminals should not have to be afraid of getting killed or maimed when attacking others. I guess she moved here from NYC.

I’ll leave you with one more pinched off nugget of Jenna’s wisdom. Remember, he’s talking about two guys who tried to murder a random person Zodiac killer style:

I find it very pathetic that the news channel takes a family’s grief and uses it for their occupation. you guys have no respect at all for the families. you need to mind your own business. the stories you post are pointless, other people don’t need to know any of this so why exploit something and blow it way out of proportion. I hope that one day you get real jobs and grow up instead of acting like gossiping teenagers. you took a story that happened to my brother and made him look like a bad person and now you’re doing the same to my bestfriend and her family. you are sick people and I hope you get what’s coming to you.

That was posted on Saturday when the pair was still on the loose. Damn those news channels trying to make attempted murderers look bad by alerting the public to their ongoing crime sprees!

I fear for this nation.

Victimless Crime File: Florida “Mother” Pimps Out Child for Pills

Child services got a call reporting Debra Annmarie Blackmon for neglect and abuse. An investigation revealed that the prescription drug addict was letting her “main drug supplier” rape a child she was the legal guardian of in exchange for pills. From KIAH:

Police in Titusville arrested two local residents on Wednesday — one accused of trading sex with a child to the other in order to sate an addiction to prescription pills.

According to an arrest report, Debra Annmarie Blackmon, 25, allowed Tony Marcel Hammond, 23, to have sex with the girl in her home in exchange for pills.

The report states the child agreed to the arrangement sometime in December, because Blackmon was addicted to pills and suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Police say Hammond provided the girl marijuana to “help [the victim] complete the sex act.” After the sex, police say, Hammond provided Oxycodone and Percocet.

The report says Blackmon denied trading sex with the girl. However, she said she was aware of Hammond, “her main drug supplier,” having sex with the child.

Hammond, police say, initially denied having sex with the girl, but later admitted he’d done so “one time.” He said that he never gave the girl any drugs, reports state.

Identifying information about the victim, including her name, age and details of her relationship with the suspects in the case, was redacted from police reports.

Blackmon faces a sex-trafficking charge, as well as child neglect with great harm. Hammond faces charges of sex trafficking and procuring a child for prostitution.

If only Oxycodone and Percocet was legal and regulated this sort of crime wouldn’t happen. Oh, wait a minute. They are legal. Seems as if the addiction to the drug itself and not the legal status of the drug is the problem. Mind blowing, I know.

Weed smoking douches will howl about how the rapist using marijuana to drug the child is a one off but let’s be honest here. People give pot to teen and younger girls so they can have sex with them, not to “expand their minds” or whatever garbage they claim. I’d say a good 25% of “adults” who buy weed do so with the intention of getting a child they want to molest stoned.

Victimless Crime File – $6 Whore Found in North Carolina

And believe me she did not look like the cheap whore above. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in every American’s God given right to be as cheap, skanky and promiscuous as they want and any scumbag finger-waver who doesn’t like it is a goddamn communist, but let’s not sugar coat it. Cheap whores aren’t born, they’re made in one of two ways. Serious abuse or drug addiction.

The ones created by abuse don’t charge money, the ones with addictions end up in the news:

A Shelby woman faces a prostitution charge after police say she performed a sex act on a city street Tuesday.

Misty Marie Kullman, 25, of the 200 block of Best Street, performed the sex act on a man outside a vehicle on Claxton Drive in exchange for $6, according to a magistrate’s order. Shelby police arrested her on a charge of misdemeanor prostitution.

Police received a suspicious vehicle call on Claxton Drive and spoke to Kullman, who was a passenger in the man’s car.  Kullman told the officers  that the man had picked her up from her apartment and they were riding around and talking, according to a police report.

The man admitted to police that he paid Kullman for a sex act, Officer D.K. Gemes wrote in the report. The man said he gave Kullman a $2 bill, three $1 bills and an assortment of change, which officers found on Kullman.

Gee, you think drugs were involved? With prices that low it’s no wonder we don’t close the border to North Carolina despite my constant lobbying of state and local authorities.

Now I know, you’re thinking I’m being unfair to Daisy de la Hoya (who I am admittedly a fan of) by using her “modeling” pictures in this article because she’s actually a classy girl:

And it’s true – Daisy is probably a nice woman and is far, far, far easier on the eyes than the human/muppet hybrid this story is about so I shouldn’t be hard on her. So to speak.  But really, can you do a story about cheap whores without using one of the girls from the old Rock of Love TV show?

My New Red State Piece on Supporting Newt Gingrich

I wrote a piece on the “Gingrich supporters are Rubes” meme Romeny folks love so much. Read it here.

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