Registered Sex Offender Caught Red Handed in Greenville Kidnapping

Oh the plight of the sex offender. Poor misunderstood lambs that just need society to cut them a break or so we’re told by bleeding heart thug-huggers. Reality time. Perverts are perverts and cannot be trusted.

From The Republic:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Authorities say a 21-year-old convicted sex offender has been charged with kidnapping after a mother found her 7-year-old daughter in his Greenville apartment.

Investigators said the mother was frantically searching for her daughter Sunday when she couldn’t find her playing at their apartment complex.

Police say she knocked on Clayton Jones’ door, and he said the girl wasn’t there. But the mom then saw her daughter walking around the apartment wearing a blond wig and makeup.

The investigation is continuing. State records online do not indicate what crime Jones committed to end up on the sex offender registry, but is he listed in the most serious category of offenders.

And why exactly was he out? I’m having trouble with the SLED site but at 21 this dangerous offender must have done less than three years to be out now. How about we keep rapists and child molesters in the joint where they belong.

Media Covering Up Deadly Flash Mobs!

Over the Easter Weekend a flash mob of at least 20,000 people descended on Surfside Beach, Texas leading to mayhem and at least one death. Surely you’ve heard of this? No? Me neither. Here’s a watered down video report of the death:

Seems bad enough but the news downplayed the incident and more importantly how it started – with a series of tweets. I saw a letter sent in to Survival Blog from a Surfside resident that gives a much more chilling account of what happened:

Last Easter weekend, a twitter message went out and in a few hours 20,000 people descended on Surfside Beach, Texas, population about 600. My LEO contacts tell me there were only six officers available. The crowd turned sour towards the locals who did not want them parking or defecating in their yards.

Several residents had to stand on their front porches with weapons displayed to keep groups of hundreds from passing through their property. Several rental beach houses were broken into and one contact said the volume of human feces and trash was unbelievable. The roads were impassable for hours, trapping the residents who may have wanted to evacuate.

Caravans of cars, ten or twenty in number, traveled at very high speed from Houston down Highway 288, virtually daring anyone to deter them. A lone Texas DPS officer pulled one of the caravans over. He was quickly surrounded by a large group of those headed to the beach party. One LEO had made two arrest at the beach, but threatening crowds intimidated the officer, who un-cuffed the suspect and released them back to the throngs.

The road from Surfside beach to Angleton, Texas, came to a standstill, a distance of about 12 miles. There were three reported shootings and one death within the mob. A very large convenience store, Buccee’s, was flash mobbed, the clerks were able to lock the doors and vacate the building.

The Brazoria County Sheriffs Department and the Surfside Beach LEOs are not talking much about any of this. I think they got surprised and are embarrassed.

So it sounds like the town was besieged by aggressive, out of control youth. Yet here’s how ABC reports the incident:

It was supposed to be a fun day in the sun. Thousands turned out for the massive party on Saturday, which had been promoted through Facebook and Twitter. But the fun ended quickly after someone opened fire, leaving one person dead and two others injured.

The beaches of Surfside were quiet Monday, with no sign of the raucous party and shooting that overwhelmed this community on Saturday night. Aubrey Tucker watched it unfold in front of his home.

He said, “We knew there was going to be a gathering, but we didn’t realize it was going to be such a big crowd.”

Surfside police estimate at least 10,000 people crammed into the beaches, and three people were shot. Derrick Milam, 26, was shot on the beach and died in his best friend’s arms.

“There was nothing we could do for him, we felt helpless,” said Davion Marshall. “He just laid there and bled.”

He laid there and bled to death because the crowd wouldn’t let emergency services through. That seems like an important fact in this case that the media is quick to hush up.

Why? Well, the media is for the most part a left leaning, urban enterprise filled with people whose identity is based on groupthink – having the right opinions that conform to the opinion of everyone they deal with. Flash mobs like this, which are increasingly popular with criminal elements, attack “liberal” opinion on everything from drug use (it is reported things turned ugly because the crowd was drunk and high) to gun control. Flash mobs prove that the police can’t protect your home and that only access to arms can give you a fighting chance to not become a victim.

The media is already apoplectic over increasing gun sales and stories like the Easter flash mob only increase sales of weapons of all types. Aside from guns I personally recommend homeowners think outside the box and look to riot control measures that can be effective in a siege yet also keep you out of George Zimmerman territory with overzealous prosecutors. Police have long found pepper balls and rubber balls effective non-lethal means of scattering crowds – backed up of course with a partner with lethal means just in case. They are especially effective when launched from the full auto paint markers that are common and as importantly politically acceptable in urban and liberal environments. Obviously not as effective as a firearm but as flash mobs tend to be an urban phenomenon homeowners dealing with them will have more restrictions on weapon ownership and use than we bitter clingers in South Carolina.

The Israeli military has had good success holding mobs at bay with the inexpensive and ubiquitous .22 lr by wounding mob “leaders” whose distress panics the herd. Killing members of the mob can drive them into more of a frenzy than wounding members apparently.

The reason this is important to this area is that our very on Greenville News and our local cops are also covering up how bad the downtown is getting, including what seem to be smaller flash mobs. I saw an article lauding how safe the downtown is now because there are a whole 23 cops patrolling, but that show of force means less cops elsewhere and the word on the street is that the crowds downtown are getting more violent and dangerous. People in the surrounding areas need to keep an ear to social media and their eyes open. I get the feeling it’ll be a long, hot summer this year.

Victimless Crime File: Pot Makes You Look Horrible

Above is Brittany Ware who was picked up with two of her friends and an ungodly amount of marijuana. She is 23.

Yes, the woman above is only 23-years-old. Her two friends don’t look any better and they are around the same age.

From Dacula Patch:

Illegal window tint, following too closely and an inoperable brake light resulted in a South Carolina woman being pulled over on I-85 near Hamilton Mill Road on April 24, but it was marijuana that landed the woman and two of her passengers in jail.

Shunterika Hawkins, 25, of Greenville, S.C., was driving a gold Mitsubishi Mirage northbound on I-85 when a Gwinnett County Police officer observed several traffic violations. After pulling Hawkins over, the officer noticed an odor of fresh marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Hawkins and her passengers — Jasmine Hawkins, 24, and Brittany Ware, 23 — gave the officer conflicting stories regarding where they had been. After issuing Hawkins a warning for the window tint violation, the officer asked for and received consent to search the vehicle.

During the search, the officer found a marijuana blunt in a pack of cigarettes inside the car. The officer also found a purse that held a Ziploc bag containing green, leafy material believed to be marijuana. In the trunk, another officer located a bag containing more suspected marijuana and bags commonly used to repackage and distribute marijuana for individual use. In total, officers found just over four ounces of marijuana in the vehicle.

They got out on bond. Hopefully they headed right to a spa and got some rejuvenation treatments. It’s funny most people start smoking weed or cigarettes to look older. I didn’t realize how well it worked. Stop getting high, it makes you look awful.

From The Internet is Making You Stupid Files: I’m Not “Rob Alloy”

The Internet is making people stupid and if you don’t believe me Google “fire doesn’t melt steel” and you’ll still see 9/11 “truthers” claiming that steel girders can’t be melted by fire – even though fire is used to melt the steel to form it into girders in the first place.But as long as some idiot on the web posts it there are hundreds of people who will believe anything.

The web also makes people intellectually lazy. Here’s an example. I’ve been a guest on my wife’s FTR radio show That’s What She Said three times, usually to fill in when a guest bails at the last minute. The show is pre-recorded. When it’s playing people chat with each other on the FTR site. One fan is some guy who goes by the name Rob Alloy or something who is apparently considered a creepy douche. My wife was just asked if Rob Alloy was her husband.

Because everyone named Rob is the same person.

I have blogged and freelanced for six or seven years now and have always used my real name, always. In fact in one of the interviews I actually mention that.

But there was a Rob in the chatroom so it must be me. I guess if Latino named Jesus showed up in the chat there’d be people mightily impressed that the son of God was a fan.

Small deal I know, but it’s just irksome to see how many people are having their brains sucked out by the web. Here’s my three appearances if you want to bask in real genius.

Priorities! McDonald’s Worker Makes National Crime News – Methhead Child Abusers Don’t

All last week the national news carried a story about a fast food worker spitting in someone’s food. As disgusting as this is it overshadowed more important stories.

For example while everyone was enthralled with this spitting incident 27-year-old Joseph Pfieffer Jr. and his drug whore Ann Barry (who is just 18) where found cooking meth with two three-year-olds in the house. This story has not made the national news.

Why? Have society become so numb to drug crime that we care more about someone getting their food spit in than two toddlers having to be decontaminated after a drug addict in his late 20s, who is “dating” a girl barely out of high school, exposes them to potentially fatal fumes?

Liberals and Libertarians tend to ignore such stories because it flies in the face of their belief that legalizing drugs makes drug users harmless. So I get why horrible stories like the Pfieffer and Barry meth house are buried. But to pass that up for a spitting in the food story is just an outrageous display of how childish our priorities as a nation have become. We are so self-absorbed and egocentric that we worry more about whether or not someone might spit in out food in restaurants we can avoid (I don’t eat at McDonald’s myself) than we are by children being abused by their strung out parents.

Of course, stories about fast food joints just make us feel superior to fast food workers and people who eat fast food. Stories about addicts make us look at our own habits or political views and what we as a nation make our priorities, so it’s easier to ignore them.

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