A “Brutal Race Killing” Between Friends?

A number of news sites and blogs have been reporting that the depraved murder of 30-year-old Anthony Hill by 19-year-old Gregory Collins is a hate crime driven by Collins’ hatred of Black people. The problem with this theory? The victim’s family says that they know Collins, he was friends with the victim and definitely not a racist:

Of course that little factoid just gets in the way of a good old fashioned “smear the South with charges of redneck racism” story. Even now sites like Hip Hop Wire are running photos of Klan lynchings even though they are aware that Collins was friends with the victim. Global Grind is claiming that this is a racist killing and they too are aware that that is not the case.

Police are looking at an argument over a girl as a possible motive. For my money, and I don’t mean to offend anyone, but when a 30-year-old man is “friends” with a 19-year-old who kills him in a love triangle, I tend to doubt a woman was involved at all. But none of that matters. The dragging of Hill may have been an ill-conceived notion to get rid of evidence or a psycho’s attempt to desecrate a corpse. Either way it’s horrendous enough without injecting the class/race warfare narrative into the discussion that tends to be the fall back position of the lazy and those with an agenda.

People want this to be a hate crime because, secretly, they want the South to be full of people they hate so that their elitist bigotry is justified. South Carolina deserves better, and so does Anthony Hill. He deserves better than to be used to promote a hateful agenda. He deserves justice so let’s concentrate on that.


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