About All Those New York Yankee Fans in Greenville County…

New York Yankee Sign

A good question came in via email about gangs using the New York Yankee symbol as an identifier. The answer is yes, I know of several gangs that use New York Yankees symbols and it is indeed unlikely that there has been an explosion of young Yankees fans cruising the area who just so happen to deal a little on the side.

Both the Latin Kings (East Coast) and MS-13 (specifically the Maryland based sets) are known to use Yankee memorabilia, as well as several Crip and Blood sets. The Gangsta Disciples are also known to use Yankees symbols, and Gangsta Disciples sets are active in and around Greenville County. Some may remember the suspected killer of Al-Waajid Samad Haneef, Chavis Cox, had an online presence that indicated he was a Gangsta Disciple.

Illegal immigrants are a favorite target of MS-13 so some of Greenville’s new found diversity may have attracted the group, and the east coast Latin Kings have been slowly spreading from New York for years and may have finally made it to Greenville. Last summer Latin Kings were spotted in several places in Greenville County, identified most easily by their five pointed crown tattoos. I myself saw a King in the Wal-Mart on Woodruff road.

The real issue here is drugs. Greenville’s booming population of urban transplants and their children have brought with them a culture of recreational drug use that is too lucrative for larger gangs to ignore. Also not helping is our liberal baby boomer population, railing at “the man” on their laptops from Coffee Underground while reliving their youth by toking up. They are basically walking ATMs for gangs who can deal to them, mug them and once they’re more established hit boomers homes with a good old fashioned home invasion. The changing demographics in Greenville mean we have more people who are used to living in places like NYC with large almost paramilitary police forces relying on understaffed semi-rural police departments to keep them safe.

In other words, Greenville County and the surrounding area is ripe for the picking. This gang incident map for North Carolina is sobering, showing many gang strongholds are literally less than an hour away by car.

The best thing for citizens to do is simply avoid people who seem to be sporting some symbol in a way that makes you leery. Even MS-13 and Latin Kings members need to buy groceries so unless your neighborhood is being overrun just stay away from them, don’t hang around places you see suspected gangbangers alone or at night and support your local police department. You pacifists may want to look into a buying guns.


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  1. CHRISTOPHER on April 2nd, 2017 11:33 am

    Im a Yankee fan but not in any gang. Are you suggesting I not eear yankee gear in public to avoid scrutiny?

  2. Rob Taylor on April 3rd, 2017 10:39 am

    Too be 100% with you it depends on who you are and how you present yourself. If you’re Puerto Rican and kind of “urban” the gang units might make some assumptions and pull you over. If you’re a middle age snowbird making a Walmart run you’re probably fine.

    Even gang members know “civilians” might have similar gear on – you’d have to be in a pretty rough area for them to hassle you about it.

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