Alan Peter D’Arcy Runs the World’s Worst Scam

I almost feel sorry for this old codger. If I’m understanding this correctly this guy was running a scam where he told people they could make a $35,000,000 to $50,000, 000monthly income by donating money to his fake charity which was working with the U.N. and all you need to do was give him … $100,000,000?

How do you get to 73 and not know that no one is going to believe that?

According to the affidavit by (FBI special agent Paul) Jacobs, the sting is part of an investigation that has been going nine years.

From December 2009 through February, according to Jacobs, the task force received unsolicited e-mails allegedly from a representative of World Trade Investments outlining “questionable investments.”

On Feb. 10, an FBI informant was told to contact D’Arcy about pursuing the investments and given a phone number that is the number of the IMA office in Murphy.

When the informant contacted D’Arcy, according to Jacobs, D’Arcy said that he was associated with the United Nations and could obtain “self-liquidating grants” through a variety of methods. The next day, the informant was sent a packet of information on the investments on the letterhead of Grand Strategy, Ltd., which listed D’Arcy as the company’s director.

A part of the information offered an investment through the United Nations by which investors could place $50 million in the Haitian earthquake relief program and earn 50 percent per month for 10 months.

Among the claims made by D’Arcy in conversations and e-mails over the next few weeks, according to Jacobs, was that he preferred investments of $100 million, that he had completed transactions worth as much as $200 million and that there was a new grant program available to investors that would return a $200 million grant in 15 days on an investment of $100 million.

Jacobs said D’Arcy claimed the program was available only through connections with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations.

Anyone who did fall for that should be committed. Here’s a video report from WSPA:


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