Alex Knepper of NewsReal Blog: Rape Fetishist And A Degenerate’s Best Friend

Rape Loving Degenerate Alex Knepper

Alex Knepper has inexplicably become something of a cause célèbre on the right. He’s widely considered to be some sort of provocateur, targeting the excess of feminism, and was widely defended by the right when he wrote a misogynistic screed about date rape in a college newspaper. This was largely a knee-jerk reaction to Knepper claiming to be a righty being “attacked” by out of control college feminists.

Which was untrue. Knepper, in essence, claimed date rape was lie, that if a woman was raped by someone she was drinking with she was not only to blame but she wasn’t even a victim.

But rehashing that nonsense isn’t necessary. NewsReal Blog and the Frum Forum both employ Knepper as a content producer, and his association with the latter should have been enough to cause the right to scrutinize Knepper more closely. While I don’t read the Frum Forum myself (he’s a cut rate Kathleen Parker at best), I do follow Newsreal Blog because my wife is NewsReal’s own Jenn Q. Public. She had a powerful piece up on Newsreal not long after that controversy which was a response to yet another “provocation” by Knepper where he lambasted rape survivors for “debasing” the term survivor.

Knepper’s reaction was this piece of pro-rape agi-prop that should have ended the debate as to whether Knepper hated women once and for all. Read this and weep at what cretins like David Frum and whoever handles Knepper at NewsReal thinks is intellectual debate. Here’s Knepper’s response to arguments that women die at the hands of rapists all the time making the term survivor is legitimate:

Characteristic to plane crashes, car crashes, house fires, cancer, and other things that people die from: people die from them. David’s example, Ted Bundy, illustrates my point: he was not only a rapist, but a murderer. We would say that someone survived Bundy’s brand of aggression because he was a killer. But it is impossible not  to survive a non-lethal act. Women die at the hands of rapists, but the rape is coincidental to the fact that they could have died. Women die at the hands of vegetarians, zookeepers, and Deadheads, too — but when evaluating whether one “survived” an act, we have to look at whether they may not have come out alive. All else being held equal, rape is not that kind of experience: it is simply not looking at death in the eye. It is undoubtedly a horrific experience, of course — but it is a particular kind of horror: one of violation, of total loss of physical and sexual control. It is manifestly different than, say, a house fire, or suffering in a concentration camp.

If it sounds a little to you like there’s a disturbing pattern developing you’re correct. Knepper, who is openly gay, tends to write pieces about women’s sexual victimization which fetishize male dominance over a submissive partner while painting women as hysterical, malicious partners in their own abuse, all too eager to be raped so that they can lord their victimization over others. Rape isn’t a “loss of physical and sexual control,” it is a brutal assault by a sadist whose sexual gratification is achieved through pain, degradation and humiliation. Knepper’s definition of rape is more like a visit to a bondage club in the meat packing district than a crime.

Knepper suffers from what I like to call the Tennessee Williams Syndrome. That’s where an author’s own antipathy toward women in general (and in his case feminists in particular) causes him to characterize women as two dimensional objects that simply cause problems, and fetishize their abuse by men. Knepper and I got into it on that piece in the comments and David Swindle, who runs the site, threatened to ban me for hurting poor Alex’s feelings.

The feelings of people who have been raped were never considered.

I don’t blog politics anymore unless it relates in some way to crime, so I have been ignoring Knepper’s rantings. However someone sent me his most recent piece where he responds to the recent Supreme Court ruling on civil commitments of sex offenders. Unsurprisingly, Knepper is against it. Also unsurprisingly, he’s completely sympathetic to rapists and child molesters:

Our post-Cold War bogeyman is the child molester. He manifests himself in the daily scare segment on the Today Show; in macabre, hyperbolic convolutions by Oprah, and in NBC’s (in)famous To Catch a Predator. He is a sociopath, he is mentally disturbed, and he is about to break into your house, rape your child, and bury her alive in a shallow grave. And worst of all: he is the mass-man — he lives among us.

Recent scholarship — mostly by women, men are petrified by the stigma surrounding sexual controversies — has started shooting holes into this TV-ready outrage, perpetuated by demagogues like Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace. Women like Vanessa Place and Susan Clancy have bravely stood up against the mob to demand that common sense be restored to its rightful place. More recently, one of the lynch mob’s leaders, Martha Coakley — who, in an attempt to look “tough on crime,” kept a man falsely accused of “Satanic child rape” in prison — was denied access to the halls of the Senate. But these are drops in an ocean of manufactured outrage. On the whole, the mob has seized control of our discourse.

The result of this moral panic is that sex offenders of any kind — whether a stranger-rapist, child molester, someone who was peeking at kiddie porn, or even someone who had sex with a fourteen-year-old at the age of nineteen — are being denied their basic civil rights and liberties. Laws restricting the right of sex offenders to buy homes — since some neighboring homes will have children, after all! — have become so draconian in the city of Miami that they are forced to live under bridges after being released from prison. But which politician will speak up for sex offenders? Except to say that our laws aren’t “tough enough,” of course.

Oh, the poor rapist/child molester. Why can’t we look past his brutal sodomy of a 9-year-old and give him a break? As an aside, I will point out that given that Knepper is in college, his 19- and 14-year-old thing at the end there raises my eyebrow. I’ll point out as well that some douche in college looking to nail a high school freshman deserves to be on the registry.

But beyond that, we see yet again Knepper fetishizing rapists. Now they’re oppressed and misunderstood. Next I suppose they’ll be a sexual minority and Knepper will insist we call rapists “rough-sex-o-sexuals” and claim child rape is part of “youth liberation” the way NAMBLA did all those years ago.

If this all sounds familiar it’s because literally everything Alex Knepper has written comes directly from the online pro-sex offender movement. What’s that? Never heard of them? You have actually. Whenever you see some weirdo in the comments of a news story about a rape or child molestation claiming that women lie all the time or sex offenders have low recidivism rates (both lies by the way), you’ve run across the “pedo militia” run by groups like SOSEN and ROAR for Freedom.

Both of these groups are “activist” groups formed online for the sole purpose of promoting the view that sex offenders are being unfairly persecuted. Both are also groups comprised almost entirely of registered sex offenders. The few people who aren’t RSOs are the wives and girlfriends of RSOs, some of whom allowed their husbands and boyfriends to molest their own children and many, like Knepper, fetishize abusers and attack victims. Here’s a quote from the former CEO of SOSEN Shirly Lowrey about Jessica Lundsford’s rape and murder:

Jessica was not tortured and her death comes across more as an assisted suicide than a murder. There were no drugs or alcohol in her system and only her wrists were bound. She had not strained to try and free her arms. She could have easily kicked through the plastic bags but she did not. There were no tears, rips or even stretch marks. It looks as if she stepped into the bags of her own accord, squatted down and waited for death. There was no hand stretching upward as if asking foe [sic] help.

Depraved? Certainly. More depraved than Knepper’s assertions that drunk women can’t be raped or that rape victims are “debasing” the term survivor? I don’t think so. In fact, the sentiments sound quite similar to me.

Everything Knepper just vomited out in his lament about the plight of the child rapists in this country has been written before. You can find it on pro-child rape forums like Boychat and Girlchat. On pro-child rape propaganda sites like Newgon. And from the writings of sex offenders and their advocates themselves. How is it that Knepper’s words and theories on sexual abuse so closely mirror that of the most depraved amongst us?

But more to the point, how is it that NewsReal blog continues to accept this madness? Alex Knepper, perhaps unwittingly, is propagandizing for the most evil movement in our country today. The “sex offender law reform” groups have been proven time and again to be nothing but pro-child rape, pro-sex-crime cults where individuals are enabled and encouraged to re-offend. Blogs like Absolute Zero United cover this extensively and anyone wanting to see how widespread and active this movement is should go there and prepare to be shocked.

There’s a phrase that (rightfully perhaps) has fallen out of favor but I always liked the sound of it when I read it in some dusty tome. Synagogue of Satan. The pro-sex offender movement is most aptly described that way: a synagogue of Satan spreading their filth and perfidy in an attempt to corrupt the very moral fabric of society. NewsReal Blog, with its focus on Islamism, radical leftism, and all the other “isms” that are seen by we on the right as tearing away at the fabric of society is the last place one would expect to find a safe harbor for the basest immorality, the idea that rape is essentially harmless and our concern should be for rapists rather than rape victims. Why would any decent person publish this?

Why would they allow, and indeed in some cases demand, that these horrible ideas (which if adopted by people will lead to even more horrible acts) to be sheltered from the scorn and derision they deserve?

It’s easy to get lost in Knepper’s rape fetishism and forget that the real problem with his writings is that he’s acting on behalf of degenerates as a preemptive apologist for their criminality. Knepper’s works are designed to minimize rape and molestation and create support for rapists and molesters. He is indeed, outside of groups like SOSEN, a degenerate’s best friend. Don’t think they don’t recognize this, and they are some of his most ardent supporters.

Which just shows that you can judge people by the company they keep. So why are we keeping company with Alex Knepper?

Update: Victory! Newsreal seems has taken Knepper’s new piece down. Now let’s hope they stop letting him post this drivel.


6 Responses to “Alex Knepper of NewsReal Blog: Rape Fetishist And A Degenerate’s Best Friend”

  1. Stitches77 on May 18th, 2010 10:15 am

    “All else being held equal, rape is not that kind of experience: it is simply not looking at death in the eye.”

    Alex should try looking a survivor in the eye and telling them that. Tell the survivor that they didn’t really believe the rapist was going to kill them, tell the survivor the rapist didn’t really tell them they were going to kill them, tell the survivor they hadn’t really survived anything.

    Then tell them they aren’t really a victim either.

  2. DodiaFae on May 18th, 2010 6:05 pm

    Alex should try the experience for himself, then he can tell the world how he feels about it.

    The only two kinds of people that I can think of that would make the sort of statements that he has made are ignorant little snots and dangerous criminals.

  3. Trish Deneen on May 18th, 2010 10:26 pm

    He truly seems to think he’s some kind of edgy intellectual revolutionary. I don’t know what makes my skin crawl more, his obvious narcissism or his perverted opinions.

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