Alleged Drug Trafficker is Definitely an Idiot

Baron, a K-9 dog with the Travelers Rest Police Department

Don’t you love when criminals are so dumb they practically arrest themselves?

Tristan Spain McDaniel of Conyers, GeorgiaTake Tristan Spain McDaniel, for instance.¬† Travelers Rest Police say the 25-year-old Georgia man was caught trafficking more than three pounds of cocaine across state lines Friday and didn’t bother to make sure his tag lights were in working order.

When an officer pulled McDaniel over on Highway 25 to issue a citation, the car reeked of cologne and air freshener.¬† McDaniel¬† claimed he was on his way to his mother’s house in North Carolina, but didn’t know the address.

Fortunately, the Travelers Rest Police weren’t born yesterday:

Backup arrived and the new officer at the scene wrote McDaniel a warning for the equipment violation.

Meanwhile, the original officer had his K-9 do an exterior search of McDaniel’s car. The officer said in the report his dog, Baron, gave him several alerts.

The officer said McDaniel tried to run away when he said he was going to search his car. After a very brief scuffle, McDaniel was put in the back of a patrol car.

The officer went back to the places in the car where Baron alerted him to the presence of drugs. The officer said he found two cookies underneath the front driver’s seat.

The officer stated in the police report that through his training, he knew of cocaine cookies.

“Cocaine cookies” are solid crack cocaine pressed into cookie-like discs. Police also found three and a half pounds of powdered cocaine, which McDaniel promptly claimed he knew nothing about.

Sure thing, buddy. The innocent always flee from the cops.

McDaniel remains at the Greenville County Detention Center on a $140,000 surety bond. He is charged with possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine within a half mile of a school, trafficking cocaine, and trafficking crack.


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