Amazon Chased Out of South Carolina by Unholy Alliance of Corporations, Leftists and “Tea Party” Activists

And with them goes more than 1,200 full time jobs paying in excess of $30,000, plus hundreds of part time jobs. That’s at least $36,000,000 in economic activity we just waved goodbye to because Wal-Mart teamed up with leftists who want to institute an Internet sales tax to fund a bloated federal government. To do that, they created a group that attracted small businesses like Fiction Addiction which think nothing of demanding consumers be forced to pay more money for goods during a recession.

Remember, the charges that Amazon is “unfair” competition to places like Fiction Addiction, which is the supposed ax these commies are grinding, is based solely on the fact that Fiction Addiction has a non-competitive business model. The Amazon booksellers the Fiction Addiction owner thinks have an unfair advantage are, often enough, other bookstores or individuals who were smart enough to open a virtual storefront through Amazon rather than a brick and mortar shop on a busy road with no pedestrian traffic across the street from a Costco and near a motel that caters to hookers.

But I digress.

The South Carolina Alliance for Main Street Fairness is even now bragging about costing the state hundreds of jobs and at least $36,000,000 in economic activity. We have one of the worst unemployment rates in America and are in desperate need of jobs and they’re bragging about chasing away more than 1,200 full time jobs and an unknown number of part time jobs. And they did this because, supposedly in support of small business, they are seeking to collect taxes on online sales for each state involved in a transaction. Let’s think about that for a second.

I run a home business, and selling things on Amazon through my websites plays a role in that. Come tax time, I pay taxes on my income – so the state isn’t shorted any money. Because I’m an affiliate of Amazon I don’t ever actually stock any book or item I’ve sold, I just take a small commission from each sale. I imagine it would be even smaller once the buyer’s were being charged a tax from the state I’m in even if  both the buyer and seller aren’t in South Carolina. The person who purchased the item – even if they’re in Florida – has to pay tax to South Carolina for the purchase. These taxes will add up to one amount – $0.

Because once all those taxes make buying things online more expensive I’d be out of business. The thousands of dollars of economic activity I generate would be replaced with the welfare checks I apply for when my small business goes bust. This entire movement is a scheme by Wal-Mart and Barnes an Noble to force you to shop there rather than having the opportunity to find better deals online, and more importantly it’s an attempt by these corporations and their supporters, along with small brick and mortar shops, to run their competition out of business through legislation rather than competition. That the people put out of business are stay at home moms, people who were laid off, and all the various people who turn to the Internet to supplement their incomes out of necessity doesn’t matter to them.

But I guess that’s “fair” according to places like Fiction Addiction and morons like Brad Warthen.

I was at the first Greenville Tea Party and I don’t remember the part of the platform where we were deciding that the government should tax Internet entrepreneurs out of business at the behest of special interests. My assumption here is that the term Tea Party is being used very loosely. But I do know that the leftist wet dream of making the Internet into an ATM for their bankrupt welfare state won’t work. It will impoverish thousands of Americans who make a living online and make consumers less able to afford the kinds of things Amazon sells. Ultimately it won’t save small businesses like Fiction Addiction, it’ll just give the owners the satisfaction of running some of their competition into the poorhouse before they end up there.

Sound fair? Maybe to some of you, but none could claim the loss of all those jobs is a good thing. More than 1,200 of you are not going to be working at decent paying jobs next year and there’s a number of people celebrating that fact. I for one will never shop at any of those businesses supporting this group again – including Fiction Addiction where I did in fact buy the occasional novel because I like supporting local businesses.

I didn’t know they were trying to ruin mine.


5 Responses to “Amazon Chased Out of South Carolina by Unholy Alliance of Corporations, Leftists and “Tea Party” Activists”

  1. Concerned resident on April 29th, 2011 12:33 pm

    Thank you for posting this Rob!

    WalMart just want low income people so they can continue to sell their crap CHEAP, that’s why they don’t want the jobs coming in.

    It’s funny how WalMart was the main business behind this, when in fact they are the ones who ruin small business by strong arm tactics. To all the lefties out there that don’t believe me, try getting your product into their stores… The crap they WANT you to sign and agree too is ridiculous and simply pushes you OUT OF BUSINESS.

    Fuck WalMart and the people that support that thrift store… Target and KMart will always get my money.

  2. Kelly K on April 30th, 2011 1:24 am

    You sell things at Amazon? What about the Amazon boycott for selling pro-pedophile books? I thought them going out of business was what you wanted

  3. Rob Taylor on April 30th, 2011 1:35 am

    I have friends that boycott Amazon still – but frankly it’s over the fact that one particular officer there is a known pervert. I have to make a living, and Amazon is the largest marketplace. The pedophile books that began the boycott were removed, why should I keep boycotting?

  4. loup garou on May 2nd, 2011 9:23 am

    But it’s sooo convenient.. they just built a new Wal-mart in Easley…. I know their stuff is crap…. and I hate supporting China, but c’mon…. LOL. I could do with out, but my wife would get the DTs if she had to stop shopping at Wally world.

  5. OUT4BLOOD on May 6th, 2011 3:35 pm

    OK everybody, in the short of all of this drama, lets not forget to thank who we have to thank for this mess. Our Governor and state legislators. I hatre to leave political comments, but that is where all of this started, with Ms. Haley and most of our state elected officials.Personally I think that our Governor is getting huge kickbacks from Walmart(like most elected officials do. That way it makes it easier for them to do business and elinated bigger competitors like Amazon). I worked for Walmart for 5 years and they are a sorry place to shop and even a sorrier place to work for.

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