Andrew Torres’ Family Unfairly Blames Police for Death

And they’re wrong. Andrew Torres had a history of violence toward the police, and when police entered the residence (after Torres’ family called them) Andrew ran into his bedroom. The police pursued and tased him from behind the door.

Why? Because the police didn’t know what he had in the bedroom. Had Andrew Torres been allowed to run in there, grab a knife and kill one of the cops the Torres family would have simply smirked and told everyone how nice a guy Torres was. Had he killed one of the family members they would have said police didn’t take the threat he posed seriously.

But make no mistake, the Torres family knew he was dangerous, feared him themselves and needed the police to take him into custody because they couldn’t safely interact with him. Now they’re saying that the police need “special training” to deal with people like him. That training would have been … to allow a dangerous suspect to run into a bedroom unobserved and come out shooting?

No decent police officer would allow a suspect to not be controlled, especially when civilians were around. If you were at a house where someone was out of control and his family was afraid he would hurt someone, would you allow him to run into another room where you couldn’t see what he was doing?

The Torres family needs to blame someone, but maybe they should blame the group they’re shilling for who provided “services” to Andrew Torres for years. If that group was so expert they would have seen Torres getting worse. His death is a tragedy, but the idea that violent people who are mentally ill should be allowed to endanger others is asinine.

This anti-cop rhetoric in the greater Greenville area is out of control. I have received comments and emails supporting the man who stabbed the cop in Cleveland Park. That man was making a living breaking into houses at the time. This case is more of the same. Here’s a comment from the WSPA story:

Posted by kayaker41 on Aug. 11, 2010 – 7:19 p.m.

This happens when you send half wit trigger happy hillbilly’s to handle a delicate situation. if they had just left the guy alone they could have talked him out instead they tried to force their way in and caused a man who wasn’t in his right mind to feel threatened. Of course he was going to fight back. This level if ignorance really boosts my confidence in law enforcement. (NOT!)

This is, of course, moronic, and unfortunately the majority opinion of the sheltered and effete Greenville County residents who have never experienced violence. Again, Torres had a history of violence, what if he came out the bedroom with a weapon? If he killed a cop “kayaker41″ would cheer him on, if he killed someone else he’d shrug and go back to smoking weed in front of Coffee Underground.

With the economy collapsing all these cop haters will get their wish fairly soon as towns begin laying off police. The Greenville area is not as solvent as people like to think. Maybe when the Greenvile PD is cut “kayaker41″ and Andrew Torres’ family will volunteer themselves to “talk down” every person who seems mentally ill and is a threat to others.


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