Arson Charges Against Genesis Press Owners Dismissed

But Lawrence Kudeviz and Christopher Petrone aren’t out of the woods yet. The judge is dismissing charges now so that the testimony of the insurance investigators can be put on record during the civil proceedings initiated by the suspected arsonists. If that evidence is compelling enough the duo may be back in court.

From Fox Carolina:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The charges against the co-owners of Genesis Press in connection with a fire at the plant last year were dismissed with leave to restore, Solicitor Bob Ariail said on Monday.

Christopher Petrone and Lawrence Kudeviz were each charged with second-degree arson and making a false insurance claim to obtain benefits in September in connection with the March 29, 2008 fire.


Ariail said in a statement Monday that the charges against Petrone and Kudeviz were dismissed so that the civil litigation could move forward and allow all parties to testify under oath. He said that the testimony from the civil hearings will be reviewed and the charges could be pursued again based on that information.

And of course charges against James Guzzy, Kudeviz’s brother-in-law, are still pending. He’s facing 2nd degree arson and 2nd degree burglary for the same fire.


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