Beheading in Downtown Greenville [Update: Suspects Caught]

sculpture vandalized in downtown Greenville

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A beheading that took place in downtown Greenville wasn’t an honor killing, it was an act of vandalism.  Police say a pair of vandals removed the head of a brick sculpture across from the Peace Center on Main Street.

Greenville Police caught the two on camera scoping out the statue, taking off the head, and then taking off with it.  “It’s fairly difficult to damage, but they seemed to do so,“ says Sgt. Jason Rampey with Greenville Police.

After going on a joy ride, investigators say the culprits came back, head in hand.  “Maybe they thought if they returned it, it was like no harm no foul, but they’ve caused damage to the statue.“

The city of Greenville is looking into repairing the art, but there is no cost estimate at this time.  Greenville Police hope the vandals will have a tough time keeping mum about their mischief, and that their loose lips will lead to an arrest.

Update, Feb. 10, 2010:

[Two 16-year-olds have been charged with malicious damage to the sculpture, a misdemeanor.  The case will be dealt with in the juvenile court system, and both teens have been released into their parents' custody.


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