Bloggers Rejoice as Christina Aguilera Arrested!

A Smoth Criminal?

Crime blogs everywhere now have an excuse to run scantily clad pictures! From WSPA:

West Hollywood, C.A. — Christina Aguilera has been released from jail after being arrested for being drunk in public, and authorities don’t plan to seek criminal charges.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Bill McSweeney says the 30-year-old singer was in a car driven by her boyfriend that was stopped on a West Hollywood street at about 2:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Twenty-five-year-old Matthew Rutler was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. He remains jailed on $30,000 bail.

McSweeney says Aguilera appeared extremely intoxicated and incapable of driving home, so she was taken to the West Hollywood sheriff’s station and held until she sobered up.

So she was in the drunk tank? Usually sad but in this case – sort of sexy? Not really, drunks are pretty disgusting since most drool and eventually vomit all over themselves.

She got in the car while her drunk boyfriend was driving, which is not too smart. At least she didn’t go swimming while drunk:

In all seriousness though, Christina is a mother so she needs to be more careful. We don’t want anything to happen to this mother. This hot, sexy mother…

Oh mama!

But seriously everyone should calm down. Aguilera wasn’t really arrested. It’s pretty common for a drunk who gets caught with a DUI suspect to go sober up in jail since police can’t release an intoxicated person (especially an intoxicated celebrity) into the wild without taking the chance that they’ll get sued when someone rapes, mugs or murders them while they hoof it home. This is a non-story being used to tweak traffic.


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