Blogging Will be Light for the Greenville Snowpocalypse

WYFF has some great coverage on all day as does the The Weather Channel. Right next door in Pickens and Oconee counties they’re expecting nine to twelve inches of accumulation. Many parts of Greenville County have already surpassed the five inches that were predicted. Groceries were basically emptied out of bread, milk and canned goods.

Because i’m not just a crime blogger but a crazed survivalist I’m fully stocked and have been expecting severe winters for some time, because we’re entering a min-ice age, man. I have a couple of sterno stoves that can be safely used indoors for warming water and food if the ice that is coming knocks out power but I know some of you may not have been as prepared so here are a couple of links to DIY emergency heat and light sources that you can cobble together with stuff you already have in your house:

An Instructable on how to make a sterno can stove our of a coffee can.

Here’s an article on using hand sanitizer as a replacement for sterno for fuel.

Decent information on making emergency vegetable oil lamps. Here’s a simpler design.

Do not go out if you don’t have to. If  you have a power outage here are the numbers to call:

Blue Ridge Electric Coop: I-888- BLUE-RIDGE

Broad River Electric in Cherokee County: 864-489-5738

Broad River Electric outside Cherokee County: 866-COOP OUT

Duke: 1-800-POWER-ON, Spanish: 1-866-4-APAGON

Easley Combined Utilities 864-859-2238

Greer CPW: 864-848-5500

Laurens Electric: 1-866-9-RESTORE

Little River Electric Cooperative: (Abbeville, Anderson, Greenwood, McCormick) 864-366-2141 or 1-800-459-2141

Progress Energy (Western N.C.): 1-800-419-6356

I’m working on some articles today for my freelance gigs but mostly I’ll be watching the news and telling my wife how smart I am for being prepared for any disaster.


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