Blood Fetishists Attack Juggalo in Chandler, Arizona

Blood fetishism is an extension of what people call the “vampire underground” in America and Europe. With roots in both the Gothic Punk movement and the BDSM community, vampire “cults” (sometimes referred to as “covens” in a nod to vampire fiction) tend to be small, idiosyncratic groups of young people who seek out an identity that appeals to the sexual sadism they have developed. This sadism is expressed in the power dynamic the vampire fantasy entails and the desire for complete domination of the blood “donor,” usually through manipulation but on occasion through violence, drives the “vampire” to escalating levels of abuse.

Whole books can and have been written concerning blood fetishism and the vampire sub-culture. Olga Hoyt’s Lust for Blood and Jeff Guinn’s Something in the Blood are both recommended reading for those wanting a fuller understanding of blood fetishists and how they interact with the wider communities they are involved in.

One of the common elements in crimes involving blood fetishism is that the “vampires” tend to prey on people who are weak or vulnerable. This was the case in the Travis White murder where the crime was committed by a 14-year-old girl and her two lovers who were both in their 20s. Travis White was lured to an apartment where he was tortured to death while the trio engaged in “blood play” and according to police “acted as vampires” which I take to mean drank the victim’s blood. Once active online pedophile Alia Loren Jacobson left a long trail of disturbing essays, art and poetry on the Web regarding her admitted desire to rape and torture little girls. These bloodletting fantasies were sent to forums where pedophiles gathered by Jacobson herself because she enjoyed the support she got from people who had literally done what she fantasized about.

And there is a similar dynamic in the case of an attack on 25-year-old Robert Maley by his two roommates, Aaron Homer, 24 and Amanda Williamson, 21. Maley, a Juggalo who had a MySpace page that listed his interests as “knives, guns and weed” was clearly immature and no doubt often not in his right mind. He in fact had allowed Homer and Williamson to both drink his blood on previous occasions. Perhaps in a fit of sobriety Maley had refused the couple the last time they asked, at which point Aaron Homer stabbed Maley with a knife.

When Maley wisely fled the apartment, Williamson and Homer tried to frame Maley for rape. The police found the two were terrible liars, however, and quickly got to the truth.

Robert Maley, a 25-year-old man who posted pictures of himself in clown make-up on the Internet, liked to get high and was willing to let two people drink his blood, was clearly a vulnerable, weak person. Williamson and Homer wanted to dominate someone and they assumed it’d be easy to dominate: Maley. After all, if this was actually about blood they could drink each other’s, but what they really wanted was someone else to submit to their will.

When Aaron Homer finally came clean to the cops, he claimed that one of the reasons he stabbed Maley was because the Juggalo made fun of his religion, which Maley described to cops as being a some kind of Paganism. As you can imagine, Pagans are, perhaps rightfully, scandalized by the reporting, but I would remind my fellow Pagans that “Dark Paganism” (best explored by reading the very interesting book Out of the Shadows: An Exploration of Dark Paganism and Magick or the oddly watered down Goth Craft) has often been associated with the modern Goth movement which itself has been influenced (or infiltrated really) by the BDSM community. Logically many “Dark Pagans” may indeed be exposed to blood fetishism and since Paganism is really a meaningless catchall for any person who claims the title, it is not far-fetched to believe that the assailants described themselves in those terms.


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