Bus Driver Who Saved Lost Toddler Being Charged with Murder Over Fatal Accident?

This doesn’t pass the smell test to me. Unless they can show she was intoxicated I don’t see how a tragic accident can be a crime:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — From hero, to homicide charges, Carolyn Downs, was applauded for saving a wandering two year old on White Horse Road in Greenville back in August.

Less than a week later, while driving a bus, she hit a man who was crossing the street.

Lt. JB Browning with the Greenville Police says, “We issued a warrant for wreckless homicide involving a traffic collision that occurred on the 25th of august.”

The victim, 79 year old William Porter, was pronounced dead September 5th.

Lt. Browning says, the initial investigation led them to believe charges would not be filed, originally calling it an accident.

But after further investigation, and reconstruction of the accident scene, they concluded Downs was at fault.

O.K. But plenty of people are “at fault’ for accidents that hurt and kill others, tragic but not a crime. Unless you can prove their was drinking, drugging or something else going on.

But police don’t bother to claim that, they just announce charges. Am I missing something? Usually in a DUI case police make a point of that, but here they’re not saying it wasn’t an accident. Maybe she was texting?


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