Candy Marie King is a Moron

Candy Marie King is a Moron

After being on the run for a few days the world’s dumbest check forger has been caught. Don’t be too impressed with the detective work though, Candy Marie King forged checks to herself using her real name:

Greenville sheriff’s deputies have arrested a 40-year-old Greenville woman who they say forged child support checks and took other checks that she wrote to herself.

Investigators said between Feb. 22 and March 5, King acquired the routing and account number of the Greenville County Family Court Child Support account, and manufactured illegal documents resembling Family Court checks.

Employees from Family Court found the discrepancies during a daily internal audit and notified the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said King made the checks payable to herself, added Clerk of Court Paul Wickensimer’s name, and cashed them at area businesses.

King faces three forgery charges related to falsified documents from to the Greenville County Family Court account.

King faces an additional eight forgery charges in connection to other incidents dating back to Sept. 24, 2009.

I’m surprised this took so long to come to light. But using her real identity to run a check scam wasn’t the only dumb thing she did:

Investigators said King obtained other checks belonging to two separate victims, one of whom she knew, and made the checks payable to herself, cashing them at area businesses.

They should give her extra time for stupidity. This scam was like robbing a bank by demanding the teller put all her money in your account.


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