Carjacking Suspects Nabbed in Manhunt

An all day search for a pair of carjackers led to the arrest of a man and woman this evening.  The suspects were involved in two armed carjackings this weekend, authorities say.

One victim was a 17-year-old boy at Jones Gap State Park.  The other was a man carjacked at gunpoint at 9:30 a.m. Sunday at Aunt Sue’s Restaurant on Highway 11 in Pickens County.

According to a report obtained from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, the man approached a employee of the restaurant and pointed a gun at his head and demanded the man’s car. Authorities say a short time later, the man was spotted by a Greenville County Sheriff’s deputy on Pumpkintown Road and the man led police on a chase that ended on Cherokee Lane and the man fled on foot.

Greenville County Sheriff’s deputies and the Sheriff’s helicopter have been searching the area throughout Sunday. Late Sunday afternoon, the man was spotted off of Pumpkintown Road with what authorities say is a female accomplice and another all out search ensued.

The carjacking duo were apprehended by the Greenville County K-9 unit.

Carjackings are statistically rare, but it is not unusual for serious injury or death to occur during the commission of this crime.  Since it is a crime of opportunity, you can reduce your risk by always being acutely aware of your surroundings.  Golden opportunities for a carjacker include:

Intersections controlled by stop lights or signs.
Garages and parking lots for mass transit, shopping malls, and grocery stores.
Self-serve gas stations and car washes.
ATMs (automated teller machines).
Residential driveways and streets as people get into and out of cars.
Highway exit and entry ramps, or anyplace else that drivers slow down or stop.


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