Cartels Going “Old School” on Rivals

A body was found skinned alive and posed in what authorities are saying is a cartel killing. Borderland Beat has photos which are very graphic and not safe for work so be warned. This is the second incident in less than a month, and in the previous incident two victims also had their hearts removed.

Though the official story is that these gruesome scenes are staged to scare rivals, it should be noted that Narco-cults dedicated to Sante Muerte have been suspected of human sacrifice for years. Skinning sacrificial victims was a common practice in some pre-Colombian Meso-American areas and since the popular mythology surrounding Sante Muerte includes the theory that she is the Aztec death goddess Mictlantechatli it’s not out of bounds to think worshipers are going “old school” so to speak.

Ready for that fence yet? Or better yet maybe it’s time we stop supporting Al-Qaeda in Libya and start supporting our neighbors to the south who are losing control of their country?

Originally published at the Freedom Center’s Global Freedom Blog


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