Cass Smith Confesses to Cherokee Co. Killings, Faces Death Penalty

Good riddance to bad rubbish if you ask me. A fitting end to a case where there was in essence no doubt who was guilty and I hope Smith dies slowly after a botched execution.

From Fox we see how this pathetic worm is still trying to lie about the incident:

Smith talked to FOX Carolina as he was being walked by deputies to a waiting car on Monday night. He said that he was sorry and that he did not know that the teenager was at the home when the shooting happened. He said that he had been depressed and had felt betrayed over the breakup with his girlfriend.

Cherokee County Sheriff Bill Blanton said during a news conference on Tuesday that Smith shot the three victims through a window with a .38-caliber revolver. He said that Smith had been planning the killings for several weeks because he was upset over the breakup.

If he was planning the crime for several weeks, how exactly did he not plan for the teen? Surely he could have waited until she was in school or whereever it is teens go. He meant to kill her and should die for it.

WSPA has video and the announcement that every South Carolinian was ecstatic to hear:

Cass Smith is charged with three counts of murder in a weekend killing in the Cowpens area.

41-year old Suzanne Bridges, her boyfriend, 45-year old Harold Lick, and her 15-year old daughter, Maggie Wenner, were shot to death in Bridges’ mobile home on Emily Lane near Cowpens, the Cherokee County Coroner said.

Solicitor Trey Gowdy said he will seek the death penalty against Cass Smith.

Gowdy just might have my vote if he pulls this off.


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