Just Raping the Kids Americans Won’t – Juan Henoch Mejia

As Dr. Deborah Shurman-Kauflin, author of the excellent book Vulture: Profiling Sadistic Serial Killers, points out in her essay Importing Violence: The Danger of Immigration from Violent Cultures it behooves Americans to demand that immigrants from cultures where women are viewed as sexual object assimilate into our cultural norms. The “machismo” culture of Central and South America is one that specifically concerns her:

Over the past several years, the U.S. has seen a large influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, from countries whose values are opposed to the rights guaranteed by the U.S. constitution. Specifically, there are large numbers of immigrants coming from countries that are misogynistic. These societies accord women little to no rights, and the idea of violence committed by men against women and children is not unusual.

First, take the concept of ‘rapto.’ This comes from Mexico where in some areas, it is socially acceptable for a man of any age to abduct a female of any age as long as long as he intends to marry her. That is right. Men can kidnap and rape females. This is acceptable in Oaxaca where the government continues to view rapto as a minor crime. One legislator even referred to this horrid violation as “romantic.” Lest anyone believe such garbage, note that 24 year old Mexican immigrant Eliseo Nunez snatched a 12 year old girl and took her to Mexico to fulfill his erotic desires. Isn’t that romantic?

The fact is that South American male attitudes toward females are often archaic and misogynistic. Thus it is not surprising that the U.S. is seeing more attacks against women and little girls committed by these immigrants. In August 2005, illegal immigrant Jose Ramirez from El Salvador was charged with the violent attack of a 15 year old girl who refused to respond when he whistled at her (Roh, 2005). Perhaps such primitive behavior stems from the homeland culture. El Salvador and Guatemala have had a string of unsolved brutal murders where young females have been abducted and cut apart. Authorities have found body parts, including heads scattered around. In one instance, two female heads were deposited right in front of a local police station, blood still oozing from the severed heads (Miles, 2003). Gangs are suspected in these crimes as it is often part of their initiation to kill.

One of the things she doesn’t touch on in her essay though is how children are sexualized in these cultures. In Mexico there are states where the statutory age is 12 for girls and in practice girls that are much younger are “married’ to adult men. Child molestation is not viewed the same way we view it in many parts of the world which is why we too often see stories like this:

Police in the Rio Grande Valley town of Rio Hondo arrested Juan Henoch Mejia on Wednesday and he has been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Police there say he not only molested two preschool-age girls — one three and the other four years old — but also allegedly forced them to drink his semen.

Cameron County court records state that the four-year-old complained to her mother of pain on Tuesday.

After a trip to the doctor, it was discovered that the girl had been molested. A doctor called the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office, and they soon identified Mejia as the suspect.

In his subsequent confession, Mejia allegedly said that the girls walked in on him while he was masturbating in his room, and that he decided to molest them at that point. He also allegedly confessed to forcing the girls to drink his ejaculate from a cup.

Mejia also has an immigration hold and reports are that he;s here illegally. However since the Obama administration is badly mismanaging their probably illegal “dreamer” program I’ll bet you Mejia quietly jumps bail and disappears once ICE is involved.

Twice Deported Sex Offender Caught Driving Drunk in Maryland

El Salvadorian pervert Dagoberto Tiznado likes to drinking and driving and molesting children. Luckily for most Americans he likes to confine those activities to Maryland where he’s been arrested three times and deported from twice. Wonder what draws him back to Maryland? It’s their hug-a-thug justice system:

Baltimore, MD – An illegal alien was sentenced to 4 years in prison last week after an arrest for DUI last September lead authorities to discover he was a convicted sex offender who had already been deported twice.

33-year-old Dagoberto Tiznado agreed to a plea deal with the US Attorney’s office that will shave 16 years off the maximum sentence he could have received.  It is a deal similar to the one he struck in 2002, the last time he was found in the country after being deported and also eligible to receive 20 years.

Tizando was first arrested in Maryland in 1997 for fondling a 12-year-old girl in the laundry room of his apartment complex and then taking her back to his room where he attempted to have sex with her.  He was sentenced to 1 year, served less than half his sentence and was promptly deported to his native country El Slavador.

Tizando was then found living in… Maryland in 2002 and subsequently sentenced to 4 years in prison for illegal reentry.  He served less than 3 years and was again deported to El Salvador.

Finally, last September, Tizando was pulled over in… Maryland and found drunk behind the wheel of his vehicle with no registration or insurance.  Now, like last time, a plea deal got him the exact same sentence, which means Tizando is on track for a 2015 deportation.

If history repeats itself, you can plan on seeing more of Tizando in the latter half of this decade. Just hope it is not on the road you are traveling or in your building’s laundry room.

You think if maybe he did more than a 12 months for trying to rape a pre-teen he’d stay out of Maryland?

h/t Dodia Fae from Pagans Against Child Abuse.

Surprise! Dead Neo-Nazi JT Ready was Part of Occupy Phoenix

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Makes sense. The Occupy movement is full of socialist anti-Semites who hate America and recently dead JT Ready was a national socialist which is a socialist anti-Semite who hates America so they’re simpatico. The media is trying to claim he was a Tea Partier but here’s video proof that Ready was an Occupy supporter. The fat guy first interviewed is JT Ready:

<iframe width=”450″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/xkM7cdMgcEc” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Iran and Venezuela Caught Plotting to Launch Infrastructure Cyber Attack … from Mexico

Univision, the largest Spanish language channel in the United States, aired a documentary detailing a plot by Venezuelan agents and members of Iranian proxy force Hezbollah to launch attacks aimed at damaging nuclear plants and other targets. Since there are four nuke plants in South Carolina that basically surround Greenville County this should be of interest to readers.

Fausta Wertz, one of the best bloggers out there covering Latin America and communism, has a summery:

The onslaught would be against the information technology systems of the White House, nuclear power plants and federal agencies, such as CIA, FBI, the Pentagon and the top-secret National Security Agency (NSA). Some of the meetings were held inside the Venezuelan mission in the Mexican capital city, according to the pseudo-pirate

A few weeks ago “foreign hackers” were able to disrupt operations at a rural Illinois water plant, imagine the mayhem that could be caused if the plotters were able to disrupt power to the rapidly growing upstate while causing damage to four reactors that surround us.

More from El Universal:

When the events occurred four years ago, Consul Livia Acosta Noguera acted as the Cultural Affairs Officer at the Venezuelan Embassy in Mexico. Ex professors and graduates from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) who pretended to be hackers or cyber-pirates managed to record several conversations where the diplomat requested information about an alleged sabotage on the United States to submit it to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

“I would like to make emphasis on what you gave me, the last thing (…) the president (Chávez) already had a look at it,” the diplomat said, based on the recordings obtained by Univisión Investiga.

In another talk, Acosta commented that General Alexis López, then the head of the presidential guard, presumably provided President Chávez with the information forwarded by her from Mexico. The diplomat also asked hackers for forged information against dissidents of Chávez’s government, the students elaborated.


The students related that the story started in 2006, when young people specialized in information technology were recruited by UNAM Professor Francisco Guerrero Lutteroth to organize a cyber-attack team against US servers from Mexican territory.

One of the recruits, then student Juan Carlos Muñoz Ledo, covertly recorded the meetings when learning that the purpose of the operation was attacking targets in US territory, he told Univisión. Muñoz Ledo was also worried, he added, that, in addition to the cyber-attack, the possibility of physical attacks had been pondered.

“The objectives of the plan discussed were attacking the United States firstly in a cybernetic manner and afterwards, doing it in a physical manner. This is what both the Embassies of Iran and Venezuela particularly wanted, under the aegis of Cuba, obviously,” Muñoz Ledo averred.

Muñoz Ledo incorporated other students to help document the presumed conspiracy planned from 2006 to 2010.

“The point is that I made the decision to implement an action, as it were, to substantiate all of it,” commented Muñoz Ledo, 33, in an interview with Univisión from Mexico. “It was the right thing,” he added.

The operations received the “blessing” of Roy Chaderton, the Venezuelan Ambassador to Mexico in 2007 and 2008, as testified by the very hackers.

The team used tiny audio microphones and hidden video-cameras in order to record dozens of hours of talks, running the risk of being captured.

The embassies of Venezuela, Iran and Cuba took the lead in the scheming, Muñoz Ledo elaborated.

Iranian and Venezuelan diplomats, the expert warranted, took a “very, very active” part in planning the attacks.

With Iran threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz now might be the time for their plot to be fast tracked as they could easily cripple the U.S. by interrupting our oil supplies while potentially blacking out large portions of the country.

Via Townhall here’s the trailer for the documentary that aired recently:

Crazed Illegal Degenerate on the Loose in South Carolina

Domingo Decir Salgado is a fugitive from the Midlands but he may be in the upstate – or he might be fleeing to some other area. No one knows. What we do know is that he likes raping dudes:

Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) – Orangeburg County deputies are searching for a man they say sexually assaulted another man last Friday.

Officers say they’re looking for 22-year-old Domingo Decir Salgado.

Investigators say Salgado forcibly assaulted the man at a home in Orangeburg last Friday. Officers believe it’s possible Salgado has left the area and may be using a different name.

Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC, or e-mail a tip in to Crimestoppers of the Midlands. You can also text information in by texting “TIPSC” plus your message to CRIMES (274637).

The fact that he “might” have a changed his name and fled screams out undocumented but hey – if not for the undocumented who’d rape dudes in America?

Saldago is 28, lived at 707 Mels Court in Orangeburg and is supposedly 5’7″ and 145 pounds though his picture indicates hes a bit portlier than that. It’s likely those stats come from a fake ID. If you see him, watch your backs.

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