Traveler’s Rest Police Always Get Their Man, Naughty Maid Update and Other Stories

Traveler’s Rest police named a suspect in a month old near fatal hit-and-run in a warrant issued on the 22nd. 30-year-old Jashuan Deck had someone lie for him to cover up the crime because he has a long rap sheet of dangerous driving and his license was suspended.

Criminally naughty housekeeper Shirley Ann Rogers who was caught stealing from a couple who was murdered has been re-arrested and the arrest involves the U.S Postal service. She has not been arrested for murder … yet.

Tammy Lee Simpson was arrested for domestic homicide around the 19th. Apparently she and the now deceased victim were involved in a knock-down, drag out fight. He died from injuries thought to have occurred during the altercation.

A supposed journalist from the Washington Post claimed a case where a couple kept a 16-year-old mentally disabled girl as a sex slave was a “50 Shades of Grey” lifestyle and we shouldn’t punish them. Trench Reynolds reports that at one point the couple sewed the girls vagina shut as punishment. Wapo still has not apologized for this.

Three Greenville County carjacking suspects were found in Newberry. Isn’t that where the New Black Panther Party holds all it’s rallies?

“Bottle Girl” Belinda Dobrowolski Needs You to Help Her Design Her T-Shirt Slogan!

A 24-year-old Indiana woman named Belinda Dobrowolski has become an Internet sensation when video of her entertaining a crowd of guys by stripping naked and shoving bottles in her vagina went viral. Police were not as entusiastic about her exploits as the crowd so they tracked her down, charging her with Public Nudity.

On her Facebook page she is asking for suggestions for a slogan to put on a t-shirt that would commemorate her impromptu live donkey-less show. I would suggest some permutation of “My father didn’t love me and I’m kind of ugly so I do degrading things to get the attention from men I think will help fill the void where my soul should be!”

Here’s video of Belinda keeping her weak chin up:

Full Interview Belinda Dobrowolski

So this is pretty much it huh? Western Civilization is going out not with a whimper but a gang bang.

Surprise! Club Called “Dollar Bill’s” Scene of Shooting

It’s located on White Horse Rd and called Dollar Bill’s so I assume that people enter there at their own risk. I guess it’s not as bad as some other clubs, like Club Rape-a-Lot or Cartel Haven but I’m just going to go ahead and tell readers you can probably find a safer establishment to drink away all the sadness in your life – which is likely caused by heavy drinking. That being the case you don’t need to run the risk of getting capped too.

From Fox Carolina:

Deputies said they arrested a Greenville man accused of firing several shots and injuring one person Saturday morning.

About 4:15 a.m., someone fired shots in the parking lot of Dollar Bill’s on White Horse Road, striking one victim and hitting another victim’s car, Greenville County deputies said.

According to deputies, they were able to locate the suspect at 100 Shemwood Lane a short time later.

Joshua Jackson, 25, of Greenville was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of discharging a firearm into a vehicle, unlawful carry of a handgun and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

Deputies said the first victim received minor injuries from being shot while the second victim, who was sitting inside a vehicle, was not injured.

Off topic but how tough is that guy who received a minor injury from a gunshot. If he wasn’t hanging around ghetto clubs getting himself blasted I’d tell you ladies out there he’s a keeper. Hey, anyone have pictures of Dollar Bill’s? I’m sure they keep it classy in there.

Kids Vandalize YWCA by Defecating on Table

I worked in several YMCA youth programs and while they do a lot of good they are also used by bad parents as drop offs for the rotten kids they raise. This leads to some tension and hurt feelings as program workers end up disciplining and sometimes throwing out children who, as my grandmother used to put it, have no home training. Point is, I’m betting the YWCA staff have a good idea of who these kids are:

Rabid Cow Attacks Georgia Farmer!

A farmer got off lucky with some busted ribs and a barb wire rash on his head when one of his cows contracted rabies and tore into him like a … well, a rabid cow. I’m posting this story here for three reasons. 1) Georgia is close enough to us that large scale rabies outbreaks are noteworthy. 2) This cow took three 12ga blasts without going down – so remember that if you’re ever attacked by one. 3) Because it was MLK weekend the authorities wouldn’t send a vet out to check the cow even though it could have possibly infected someone. Allowing a man who might be infected with a 100% fatal infection to stew in his own infected juices because you’re on vacation does not sound like The Dream to me.

Via Fox Carolina:

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