“But Rob, There’s Not a Drug Problem in Greenville County”

The above is “sexy Lexy” a local “escort” who sells herself on several websites. She’s only 29 and as you can see she’s pretty much what you expect a drug abuser to look like.

Now I’m sure “sexy Lexy” is a nice enough lady but I can assure you that she doesn’t put the penises of strangers who can’t get laid without paying for it into her mouth, vagina and rectum out of the kindness of her heart. Women who hook either have a pimp forcing them to hook or they’re addicts or their both.

The word on the street is that there are a number of “independent” workers in the area now hitting online sites looking for johns. The common factor is that all have habits that can’t be fed with a minimum wage gig.

But this isn’t a problem someone said to me recently. There’s no evidence that Greenville has any sots of problems that come from drugs – right?

Anyway despite what idiots tell you about how there’s no drug problem in the area the online sites known for prostitution are being flooded with new young addicts from a decidedly middle and upper middle class background. I hear there’s a big uptick in herion, crack and meth use especially among the downtown party scene and as those girls run out of money they are turning tricks out of desperation. Worse, someone told me a few weeks ago there was a college co-ed banging people for weed – she claimed she “needed” it for medical reasons. What she needs is to not hang around people who would take advantage of an obviously crazy person.

Ain’t the drug culture grand!

Disturbing Details on the Greg Fincher Case

Fincher allegedly offered a 21-year-old girl a job in return for sex then when she refused held her in his taxpayer funded office against her will. Here’s video from WSPA:

And again, Fincher is on PAID leave after this nonsense.

The victim has a troubled history and since this “job interview’ seemed to happen late in the day I’m going to go ahead and say that the best case scenario for Fincher is that he was planning on taking advantage of some chick whose behavior is similar to that of a drug addict. Fincher himself was apparently drunk and angry when he was arrested so it looks like a party gone bad.

On your dime.

Surprise! La Quinta Motel on Woodruff is Full of Drugs and Hookers

Say it ain’t so! An anonymous tip about prostitution at La Quinta on Woodruff lead to the discovery of a couple of meth labs – mixed in with the hookers, natch. I actually received a tip about this myself but got distract by the whole Anna Featherston/Robert newton nonsense. Not of course that I’d publicly make a connection between Anna Feathertson, Robert Newton, Dick James and drug use, sex for money or other unsavory activity. But I forgot about this whole La Quinta thing dealing with them.

Also all motels are full of hookers and drug users. Not to minimize this bust though – meth cooking is toxic enough to sicken and kill people around the labs. But if you stay at a cheap motel what do you expect will happen? Hell, I stayed at the Drury Inn when me and the Mrs. came down to check the place out before moving here and I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of hookers there.

Anyway here’s a video report about the bust where reporters try to act as if this was a huge surprise. The only surprise here it that cops waited until someone finally got fed up with listening to pimps beat their hos before setting up a sting:

FOX Carolina 21

Stay Classy AM-HI-CO: Company Offers Discounts on Bath Salts Following Miami Cannibal Attack

AM-HI-CO is a distributor of legal substances that mimic the effects of illegal drugs. One is “Bath Salts” which gives people a high that is a combination of an LSD trip and smoking PCP. The Miami cannibal Rudy Eugene had spent the day wondering around getting high on this stuff which people believe was being sold at some local festival before he savagely attacked and mutilated a homeless man.

Marijuana legalization proponents should read the story at the link before they comment as it shows Rudy Eugene had in fact been arrested for marijuana possession before and had been violent with his own family while high on “mild” weed. In this case we see yet again that drug use in general adversely effected this person.

But the story here is that in the wake of that bath salt fueled rampage AM-HI-CO decided it’d be a good time to offer some deep discounts on bath salts. Observe the worst PR move in the history of man kind:

Last weekend, news broke that a Miami man likely high on a drug known as bath salts was involved in a violent, cannibalistic attack on a homeless person. So naturally, one of the Web’s leading sellers of the quasi-legal drug began offering a 15 percent discount on the drugs after the news broke.

AM-HI-CO, one of the largest distributors of “synthetic” chemical drugs, posted on its Twitter and Facebook pages Tuesday that it was offering a discount on all bath salts. On the company’s official forum, an administrator posted that there was a “special coupon code” on all “Stimulating Bath Salts Powder Blends.”

On Twitter and Facebook, just days after the gruesome Miami attack, the company posted: “All our Bath Salts Powder Blends fans check out our Promo page! We have prepared a little surprise for all of you! Have a great day!”

E-mails and social media messages to AM-HI-CO were not immediately returned—the company uses a form letter on its website for all official correspondence and has no publicly listed phone number.

Miami police shot the attacker dead, while the victim was hospitalized in critical condition.

The company, which started in the United Kingdom and until recently had a shipping and storing center in Greenville, S.C., offers hundreds of blends of synthetic drugs, including “super pills,” “poppers,” “extremely strong incense blends” intended to simulate marijuana highs, sexual enhancers, and bath salts.

In recent months, the company has been plagued with legal issues—it recently lost the ability to accept credit cards, offering cash-on-delivery and wire payments as its only payment methods. On May 14, it announced on its official blog that it had lost the ability to ship from the United States and all future orders would be shipped from its European dispatch center.


That hasn’t stopped the company from selling bath salts, a drug similar to cocaine that can cause users to have psychotic episodes. The United States Senate recently passed a bill that would aim to ban many synthetic drugs nationwide. Similar measures have passed in the United Kingdom.

The company advertises more than 10 types of bath salts as “novelty collector’s items,” many of which are legal in most U.S. states. Some of the company’s products are believed to contain chemicals not banned by the Senate bill.

If only drugs were legal! Oh, wait. This drug is basically legal and it causes all kinds of problems. It’s almost as if it is the use of drugs and not their legal status that causes criminality. But that’s a point for a different post.

How much of a douchebag do you have to be to start offering discounts on a drug that has just been lined to one of the most horrific crimes in American history?

Word on the Street: Jessie Dawn Royal in Trouble … Again?

A few days ago Jessi Dawn Royal was arrested in a meth lab in Simpsonville along with Julie Leigh Wilder and Christopher Charles Frey. All three were charged with manufacturing meth, and Royal was charged with unlawful possession of a prescription drug.

Rumor has it that Royal shouldn’t have been out on the streets in the first place since she killed someone while driving high. Sure enough a quick check of the Greenville County public records shows that in 2010 a Jessie Dawn Royal pled guilty to 0395-DUI / Felony driving under the influence, death results. If this is the same Jessie Dawn why is she not only still on the streets, but cooking meth and buying scripts? Because she got some serious hug-a-thug treatment with probation and a license suspension.

This time let’s keep her in the joint.

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