Pill Popping Degenerate Misty Dawn Dawson Gets Bail Revoked for DUI

Back in April Misty Dawn Dawson told her boss she wasn’t feeling well so she had to go home early. Before getting in her car she popped an unknown amount prescription pills. The intoxicated woman passed out on the way home and killed an SCDOT worker when her car careened out of control. After reading through her story I put forward that she sounded like an addict, to which a supposed friend of hers named “Elizabeth Upchurch” took great exception and left this comment on my original piece:

Misty is NOT a drug/alcohol abuser. I’ve known her for 17 years & were very close friends
ends growing up. Even during those difficult teen years, Misty didn’t indulge in the drug/drinking/smoking sometimes associated with growing up in small-town USA. She’s actually a very hard-working person, devoted mother of 2. She has NO criminal history or history of alcohol/substance abuse. I believe this was a terrible tragedy which most-likely stemmed from an unforeseen reaction or a direct result of the illness she experienced just prior to the accident. I know she’s had some serious health issues in recent years. Its also possible she sustained some head injuries in that accident, which could’ve resulted in the memory loss she reports at the time of impact. As an above-poster mentioned, its highly unfair to label someone as “…an addict needing her fix”. She grew up in some unimaginable circumstances & worked very hard to make a good life for herself. My heart goes out to the victim’s family but to misty too. She was always the “voice of reason”, exuding maturity far beyond our years. How many can HONESTLY say they HAVEN’T taken allergy/cold products & have operated some form of transportation? I am in NO WAY justifying the act of ignoring t
he warnings on medicines (OTC or prescription). Its just unfair to label her without a proper investigation. She has had some serious medical issues over the years of which could have also been a contributing factor. I believe she made a bad judgment call in taking the medication & drive. So before you go posting inaccurate & potentially slanderous info, you should attempt to get your facts straight.

Slander? Interesting. Perhaps Elizabeth would be willing to return and explain away the fact that as I write this Misty “voice of reason” Dawson is sitting in the Greenville County Detention Center with her bail revoked. Why on earth would her bond have been revoked?

Commenter Tim is probably right when he says it’s due to her being caught in another DUI.

I don’t have a problem with people being addicts. But I do have a problem with them letting their addictions hurt others. She already killed a man while driving around high, and since her bail was revoked she has probably been caught driving under the influence again. How can anyone defend this cretin?

Drunk Driver on the Loose in Greenville!

I usually don’t cover this sort of thing but there are a bunch of morons on my post about the Hailee Bar shooting claiming that, among other things, I’m a douchebag for being critical of people who drive to bars then drive home. Heaven fore-fend!

Anyway this is how drunks on our highways end up killing people – luckily this time no one was hurt:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Greenville County deputies said they are looking for a driver who got away after a chase Thursday morning.

Deputies said they began chasing the car after it did not stop when they tried to pull it over. They said they believe the driver was intoxicated.

Investigators said the driver led deputies through a neighborhood along Pine Creek Drive and Augusta Road before crashing into a mailbox on Bruce Road.

But hey, I’m being a douche for being against drunk driving. This is why this country is doomed.

Moron Crashes into Building During High Speed Chase

From Fox Carolina:

RAVELERS REST, S.C. — Greenville County deputies said that one person was arrested Wednesday after a chase ended in a crash in Travelers Rest.

Deputies said they tried to stop a yellow sedan whose driver appeared to be drunk around 5 a.m. They said the driver refused to stop and a chase ensued.

The driver headed to Travelers Rest, where local police joined in the pursuit.

The chase ended when the car crashed into an apartment building on Roe Road.

No one was hurt injured in the crash.

The driver’s name has not been released but there’s video at the link. It’s a yellow four door sedan with giant rims, or what I call a ghettomobile.

Former Top Cop’s Car Stolen From Funeral Home

Of all the places to steal a car from, of all the people to victimize, 47-year-old Lucien Howard Cato chose to take former Police Chief Harold Jennings’ Toyota Camry from a funeral home parking lot during the visitation for another former police chief, Mike Bridges, on Saturday evening.

The stupidity (and classlessness) of this crime is so mind boggling that it’s no surprise the thief was allegedly under the influence.

Lucien Howard CatoA police officer assigned to security detail at the visitation said he watched Cato drive the car out of the parking lot of the Thomas McAffee Funeral Home on North Main Street, according to a police incident report. The officer thought Cato was acting suspicious and driving erratic, so he followed the vehicle. A short time later, the car crashed into the light pole.

After the crash, police confirmed that a purse belonging to the wife of former Greenville Police Chief Harold Jennings was stolen from the funeral home. The keys to the Camry were inside the stolen purse, the report said.

Cato was injured in the wreck and taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital, where he was treated.

Cato has been charged with third-degree burglary, grand larceny, driving under the influence, driving under suspension, driving without a license, and driving too fast for conditions.  He is being held at the Greenville County Detention Center in the psychological services unit.

Cemetery Desecrating Drunk Driver Dablin Humerez in Court Today

Dabiln Humerez

Remember this toad? He was the drunk driver who ran his SUV through a historic cemetery, destroying tombstones and mausoleums that can’t be replaced. He then tried to escape on foot but was caught at which point he tried to bribe police to let him go.Reportedly he offered them $1000 making him either a spoiled rich kid or the kind of guy who thinks he can live through stiffing a dirty cop his bribe money.

He was in court today but as of yet there’s been no statement to the press as to his punishment. Hopefully he gets the book thrown at him.

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