South Carolina DNR Thnks You’re Stupid

Over in Piedmont people have been seeing a large black cat wondering the woods. Acting on eyewitness reports someone set up a deer cam and caught a picture of a very large black cat. The local news contacted the DNR which told the reporters the large feline in the photo was a coyote.

Your tax dollars at work!

The biologist who made that call should be fired.

Speaking of Skanky Stoners … Casey Anthony Vlogs

Via BreitbartTV we have a creepy, self-absorbed video from this evil cretin that talks about how awesome her life is going. Great. If you’re interested on my thoughts on Casey Anthony here’s a piece I wrote about the verdict for Red State that actually made it onto Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

Observe the product of Western Civilization rotting from within:

Father of the Year Tries to Frame His Children for Child Pornography

No, he really did try to frame his kids:

A man whose computer contained more than 500 child pornography files told investigators it was his teenage children who must have downloaded the porn, an arrest report states.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement searched 33-year-old Robert Walker’s computer at his Windrose Drive home Oct. 27, the report states, after an investigation that began in August.

On a Gateway laptop inside the home, agents said they found “numerous” images of pornography, depicting graphic sexual acts involving children — including infants.

The report states that Walker and his wife, who have four children, insisted to investigators that the files must have been downloaded by the couple’s 13- and 15-year-old kids.

However, authorities say a computer forensic review determined that it was Walker’s profile was in use “on several personal programs” while the files were being downloaded.

Nice. Walker’s being held on multiple child porn charges. I assume he is also not expecting any Father’s Day gifts from now on.

Now what’s going to happen to the mother?

h/t Dreamin’ Demon

Hot Young Attorney Arrested for Prostitution – Chicago Style Set Up?

I guess the economy is bad for everyone. Above is Reema Bajaj, a lawyer in Illinois. Lawyer by day - hooker by night?

A young attorney who received her law license last year has been charged with prostitution, officials say.

Reema Bajaj, 25, of Sycamore, pleaded not guilty Thursday in DeKalb County, according to her attorney David Camic of Aurora.

Police say they were investigating another case when they found evidence that linked Bajaj to prostitution that occurred in August 2010. The alleged incident occurred within 1,000 feet of a school, which elevates the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony, said DeKalb police Sgt. Bob Redel.

Bajaj, a 2010 graduate of the Northern Illinois University Law School, would not have been a practicing attorney at the time. According to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission website, she was admitted to the bar in November.

Bajaj also is charged with allegedly offering to perform a sex act last month with a man for $50, DeKalb County Assistant State’s Attorney Julie Trevarthen said.

Bajaj faces two misdemeanor and one felony counts, officials said. She was charged May 31 and is free on bail after posting a $500 cash bond.

Bajaj, who reportedly grew up in the western suburbs, could not be reached for comment.

This kind of stinks like a set up by a disgruntled ex. Not only is she wealthy enough finish law school but if she needed a sugar daddy she could get a real one and not hook outside a school. Also if she was in need of money she could charge more than $50 for a blowjob. Drug addled web hookers can charge anywhere from $150-$300 for their services. I find it unlikely this woman was handing out cut rate oral sex.

Look close at the picture. If she was an addict she’d be tore up before sinking to that level. But she looks pretty healthy. I sense an angry ex at work.

A blog called Above the Law reports that they have a “source” that claims Bajaj was a prostitute with him, but claims he found the girl through Adult Friendfinder. That person claims she was charging rates more in keeping with what you would think – however she has been charged with charging for $50 meetings. Again, this doesn’t add up.

Especially when you understand that Bajaj is a Pakistani name. Men who have traveled to Islamic counties tell me that many young women will use sex to entice western men to take them out of the hell holes they live in. Bajaj may have been meeting men on the web to find one that would marry her before some hardliner cousin decided she caught his eye. But now that these charges are public, if her family is “traditional” in any way she’s going to be murdered. Which was the point of all along most likely.

Update: A reader informs me he’s “pretty sure” Reema was a Hindu. Still, honor killings are not unknown among Hindus.

Jeffery Brockman Really Likes Attention

Something tells me this guy is lonely:

GREER, S.C. — Authorities said a 48-year-old Greer man was arrested after he called 911 at least 20 times, refusing help from paramedics on many occasions.

Spartanburg County sheriff’s deputies said Jeffery Brockman was arrested Tuesday night after his latest 911 call.

Investigators said medics found Brockman on the ground outside his home when they arrived. He told them he had fallen. When the medic ordered Brockman to stand, he did, saying he was sorry and wouldn’t call 911 again.

Deputies said 13 of the 20 times Brockman called 911, he refused to go to the hospital.

Maybe he needs a dog.


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