Occupy Oakland Came Out to SUPPORT Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking?

Looks that way. Despite media claims to the contrary the Occupy movement has never had a coherent message aside from the nebulous desire to “smash capitalism” while making demands that people continue to participate in capitalist enterprise in order to subsidize Occupiers lifestyles through the taxation of activities the Occupiers claim are immoral. Otherwise the movement simply tries to line up against whatever Americans in general believe. This time Occupy Oakland may have went too far for even the most rabid armchair revolutionary as they held a protest targeting a meeting of groups trying to stop human trafficking and child sexual exploitation:

On Wednesday, June 13, members of the Occupy movement protested against a conference dedicated to combatting child sex trafficking — thus, the Occupiers in essence were coming out in favor of one of society’s most loathsome moral crimes.

The protesters mostly were members of Occupy Oakland Patriarchy, a group within the overall Occupy movement tasked with overthrowing our civilization’s “patriarchy.”

The conference which so infuriated them was called HEAT Watch, short for the National Human Exploitation And Trafficking Watch Conference.

If there’s one issue that unites Americans of all political stripes, it’s the sexual enslavement of children. Whatever our opinions on other issues, we all agree that sex trafficking and the prostituting of children is an outrage and a tragedy. Thus, conference attendees included liberal, moderate and conservative politicians; progressive nonprofit organizations; law enforcement groups; religious leaders; and (according to the conference Web site) “social services, medical providers, mental health, education, probation, and community-based organizations.” In short: Everybody.

Everybody, that is, except Occupy Wall Street, who somehow found a way to oppose the abolition of child sexual slavery.

The picture above (courtesy PJ Media) illustrates two points about the protest. The first is that it is rich, White, sheltered suburbanites who make up such asinine protests – the very people who knowingly are accomplices to the sex slave trade through their patronage of sites like Backpage and CraigsList.

The second and more important point is that this woman, who knows that children don’t go willingly into prostitution and that the adults these conferences are talking about are being forced into it as well, is willing to tell a lie that keeps people in sexual servitude to make her political point. In other words these protesters are defending rape for profit operations targeting the most vulnerable because it fits in some nebulous political or cultural agenda they have. These protesters just don’t care about the victims or right and wrong.

Understand these protesters are claiming that we should do nothing when some pimp is selling a child to perverts. We should do nothing when illegals are kidnapped and forced into rape camps (they call them brothels) by gangs. But the rest of us are “exploiters” and greedy?

This isn’t just about politics. Our society is increasingly inundated with voices like this, people who claim child exploitation is no big deal, that children are sexual beings etc. Often these people are involved in groups that promote a pro-pedophile agenda but rarely do we see an example of pro-pedophilia activism as clear and open as this. These people were fighting to stop people from rescuing children from sexual servitude. Is that what our society has become?

Is this a left/right issue? Are we really now choosing sides on issues of rape and slavery? Where is the condemnation from the rest of Occupy? Where’s the press coverage? Where do we stand as a nation when our privileged, spoiled dregs are fighting for the “rights” of pimps and sex slavers to force women and children into prostitution?

Rotten Reporting: Fox Carolina Says Roman Harkens “Had Sex With Teen Girl”

By which they mean he molested a 13-year-old student of his. Again we see the local news media going out of their way to minimize an adult sexually abusing a child. The accused here is 25 and authorities are charging that while working as a piano teacher he began molesting a girl when she was 13. By writing up the bland title Deputies: Piano teacher had sex with teen girl they implication is two fold. One is that it’s not a big deal and is not related to child molestation at all. The second implication is that we as a society should lump in molesting a 13-year-old with having sex with a 17-year-old, or a 19-year-old. It’s an attempt to blur the lines between sexual exploitation of young yet legal adults with molesting children. The title also implies that there was some sort of consensual relationship but CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT TO SEX.

From Fox Carolina:

Greenville County deputies arrested and charged Roman Harkins, 25, of Easley with second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor between 11 and 14 years old on Wednesday.

Harkins was a member of New Life Baptist Church where he provided private piano lessons, deputies said.

According to investigators, the assault took place during a lesson at the church, which is located at 2690 W. Blue Ridge Dr. in Greenville.

Harkins was 23 years old and the girl was 13 years old when the incident occurred, deputies said.

Sounds like a better title would have been Man Accused of Molesting Piano Student. But that would do what the media hates doing – imply we are a country of laws and morals.

Stay Classy AM-HI-CO: Company Offers Discounts on Bath Salts Following Miami Cannibal Attack

AM-HI-CO is a distributor of legal substances that mimic the effects of illegal drugs. One is “Bath Salts” which gives people a high that is a combination of an LSD trip and smoking PCP. The Miami cannibal Rudy Eugene had spent the day wondering around getting high on this stuff which people believe was being sold at some local festival before he savagely attacked and mutilated a homeless man.

Marijuana legalization proponents should read the story at the link before they comment as it shows Rudy Eugene had in fact been arrested for marijuana possession before and had been violent with his own family while high on “mild” weed. In this case we see yet again that drug use in general adversely effected this person.

But the story here is that in the wake of that bath salt fueled rampage AM-HI-CO decided it’d be a good time to offer some deep discounts on bath salts. Observe the worst PR move in the history of man kind:

Last weekend, news broke that a Miami man likely high on a drug known as bath salts was involved in a violent, cannibalistic attack on a homeless person. So naturally, one of the Web’s leading sellers of the quasi-legal drug began offering a 15 percent discount on the drugs after the news broke.

AM-HI-CO, one of the largest distributors of “synthetic” chemical drugs, posted on its Twitter and Facebook pages Tuesday that it was offering a discount on all bath salts. On the company’s official forum, an administrator posted that there was a “special coupon code” on all “Stimulating Bath Salts Powder Blends.”

On Twitter and Facebook, just days after the gruesome Miami attack, the company posted: “All our Bath Salts Powder Blends fans check out our Promo page! We have prepared a little surprise for all of you! Have a great day!”

E-mails and social media messages to AM-HI-CO were not immediately returned—the company uses a form letter on its website for all official correspondence and has no publicly listed phone number.

Miami police shot the attacker dead, while the victim was hospitalized in critical condition.

The company, which started in the United Kingdom and until recently had a shipping and storing center in Greenville, S.C., offers hundreds of blends of synthetic drugs, including “super pills,” “poppers,” “extremely strong incense blends” intended to simulate marijuana highs, sexual enhancers, and bath salts.

In recent months, the company has been plagued with legal issues—it recently lost the ability to accept credit cards, offering cash-on-delivery and wire payments as its only payment methods. On May 14, it announced on its official blog that it had lost the ability to ship from the United States and all future orders would be shipped from its European dispatch center.


That hasn’t stopped the company from selling bath salts, a drug similar to cocaine that can cause users to have psychotic episodes. The United States Senate recently passed a bill that would aim to ban many synthetic drugs nationwide. Similar measures have passed in the United Kingdom.

The company advertises more than 10 types of bath salts as “novelty collector’s items,” many of which are legal in most U.S. states. Some of the company’s products are believed to contain chemicals not banned by the Senate bill.

If only drugs were legal! Oh, wait. This drug is basically legal and it causes all kinds of problems. It’s almost as if it is the use of drugs and not their legal status that causes criminality. But that’s a point for a different post.

How much of a douchebag do you have to be to start offering discounts on a drug that has just been lined to one of the most horrific crimes in American history?

Holder DOJ Grantee Promotes Incest and Child Molestation as Normal and Healthy

Stop It Now! purports to be a organization dedicated to stopping child sexual abuse, though many have pointed out that much of their website is devoted to minimizing child sexual exploitation and giving advice to people that amounts to letting child molesters off the hook. They claim to have received a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice (grant number 2010-DD-BX-0694) which is used to fund an online advice column called AskNow!

In a recent column someone supposedly wrote in to ask what to do about their 13-year-old son, who was caught “practicing” kissing with his 4 1/2 year old sister. Their advice is a shockingly blase shrugging off of troubling child sexual abuse. I will reprint their response in it’s entirety:

If this was a one–time practice for a first time kiss with his same-age girlfriend, it does not seem to be something that is very concerning, although certainly still offers an opportunity for some healthy sexual development and healthy boundary education with your son. Knowing him as well as you obviously do, does his explanation make sense to you and seem plausible?

Have you noticed any other concerning behaviors in your son? Have there been any other sexual behaviors between your children? I would encourage you to take a look at the Signs That a Child or Teen May Be At-Risk to Harm Another Child. Look especially for patterns in the behaviors, behaviors that you’ve tried to redirect before that keep coming up.  A single sign is not necessarily meaningful, but seeing a group of them could be concerning and call for follow-up.

Even if you do believe that this is an isolated incident, please still consider addressing any concerns that may come up about how your son may have gotten his little sister to participate in this behavior. These questions may help you to further assess your son’s behavior and this incident:

Did he threaten or bribe his sister to get her to kiss him?
Did she try to refuse to participate?
What’s your daughter’s presentation? Did she seem scared? Or did she seem more pleased that she was “helping” her big brother practice for something important?
Did he try and keep this behavior a secret?

If any of these questions raise worrisome thoughts, or if you are seeing other behaviors in your son that concern you, then yes, increasing supervision is very important and it’s possible that you may want to seek out other professional supports.

Regardless, talk with both of your children about this experience. Avoid blame and shame – rather use this opportunity to make clear and re-establish your family’s rules about appropriate and inappropriate touching, and about personal and privacy boundariesi.

This is a good time to learn about child sexual development, and particularly about the differences between typical and common behaviors for different age groups, and behaviors that could be concerning. Our online listing for Resources on Age-Appropriate Sexual Behavior can help you locate accurate and age-appropriate information. Additionally, our tip sheet, Talking to children and teens can support you in ongoing conversations with your children.

As a final note, I don’t know whether one of your children told you about this behavior, but if they did, they should be commended for sharing this with you and you should be commended for raising children who know that they can tell their parents when something unusual or inappropriate occurs.

Emphasis added by me of course. Notice that right off the bat this group is advising that finding out your teen son has “practiced kissing” his 4-year-old sister is not necessarily cause for concern. Think about that for a second. A teenager, kissing a toddler to “practice” for his girlfriend is no big deal according to a group dedicated to stopping sexual abuse? And forget the fact they’re brother and sister for a second – that in and of itself is clearly problematic and something parents should probably be looking into counseling for.

This is a TODDLER that a teen is using as a sexual surrogate. This is bizarre and potentially dangerous behavior that a parent should take as a sign that it’s time to get their son some psychological help. Even at 13 it is not normal for a child to be attracted to 4-year-old or interested in sexual experimentation with them for any reason.

But the Stop It Now! crew goes further in the second paragraph by imply the 4-year-old might be partially to blame for the molestation her older brother inflicted on her. They advise the parent to find out “how he got her to participate” as if she’s a co-conspirator – she’s a TODDLER. How morally backward and degenerate do you have to be to even suggest that a teen and the toddler he was caught molesting could in some way share the blame for the molestation?

Not that Stop It Now! believes in blame. After all they call for the parent to talk to the teen who molested a toddler to not “shame or blame” him. Only some fascist, I suppose, would point out that a teenager who is using a toddler as a sex doll to practice his moves on is completely at fault for the situation and the subsequent problems his behavior causes. Only a heartless fiend would suggest that a person who has kissed a TODDLER in a sexual manner should feel shame!

And almost as bad as all that the anonymous advice columnist prevaricates on the issue of whether the parents of this deeply troubled teen should supervise him more. The answer is of course he needs more adult supervision, but Ask Now! gives a virtual shrug of their shoulders and says “maybe” on the issue. What kind of organization that wants to prevent child abuse takes that sort of insouciant stance toward parenting a teen who has shown signs of being sexually predatory?

One that gets a grant from the Department of Justice.

These people are taking your tax money and using it to promote a dangerous agenda. Stop it Now! sees child molesters as victims and they promote a quasi-Marxist “restorative justice” program designed to de-stigmatize sexual predation and exploitation and desensitize Americans to the horrors of child sexual abuse. I am calling my congressman now to demand that this group be defunded and the Department of Justice explain why a group like this is getting taxpayer money and I urge everyone reading this to do the same.

Update on Clayton Jones: North Carolina and GPD Dropped the Ball

Registered sex offender Clayton Jones – who was caught with two little girls in his house he had kidnapped and dressed in blond wigs and make-up – had molested a little girl in 2009 in North Carolina and was given 20 months. According to the North Carolina database he was 17 and the victim was an 8-year-old. Even though he was listed as extremely dangerous our more liberal Carolina brethren cut him loose basically unsupervised. He also had been caught in February making “inappropriate comments” to kids and our local cops let him off with a warning:

Can we stop playing nice with these perverts? A kid was molested because our local cops gave a pervert who was a tier 3 sex offender a warning when he was harassing kids. I hope the mother sues.

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