Traveler’s Rest Police Always Get Their Man, Naughty Maid Update and Other Stories

Traveler’s Rest police named a suspect in a month old near fatal hit-and-run in a warrant issued on the 22nd. 30-year-old Jashuan Deck had someone lie for him to cover up the crime because he has a long rap sheet of dangerous driving and his license was suspended.

Criminally naughty housekeeper Shirley Ann Rogers who was caught stealing from a couple who was murdered has been re-arrested and the arrest involves the U.S Postal service. She has not been arrested for murder … yet.

Tammy Lee Simpson was arrested for domestic homicide around the 19th. Apparently she and the now deceased victim were involved in a knock-down, drag out fight. He died from injuries thought to have occurred during the altercation.

A supposed journalist from the Washington Post claimed a case where a couple kept a 16-year-old mentally disabled girl as a sex slave was a “50 Shades of Grey” lifestyle and we shouldn’t punish them. Trench Reynolds reports that at one point the couple sewed the girls vagina shut as punishment. Wapo still has not apologized for this.

Three Greenville County carjacking suspects were found in Newberry. Isn’t that where the New Black Panther Party holds all it’s rallies?

The Bad Maid, Jamal Davenport and Castro’s Nazi Connections

51-year-old Shirley Ann Rogers worked as a house keeper for an elderly couple who were murdered recently. Prior to the murders Rogers had stolen a debit card from the couple and run up over $5,000 worth of charges. Police have yet to call her a suspect.

A gang member from Providence, Rhode Island named Jamal Davenport was picked up at Fall for Greenville for communicating threats over the Internet to a college student. Word on the street s that the victim was a girl who he was stalking. No word yet on what gang he’s in but Providence is mostly Crip territory and as an interesting aside most of big Crip sets are Asian gangs like the Asian Outlaw Boys, Oriental Rascals and The Dark Side though Blacks and Latinos are supposedly allowed to join. It could be that Davenport and his set were run out of R.I. by the Asian gangs.

Mauldin Patch writer Carolyn Farr-Smith is just shocked to see that Craigslist has a lot of different advertisements on it.

But not for long – the NYPD just cracked down on Craigslist drug dealers and a lot of states and localities with large college populations are being pressured to do the same due to the “study aid” market where idiot college kids pop prescription drugs the buy from some person to “help them study” but no at all because they’re drug addicts.

Due to a mistrial a local judge let the very dangerous Patrick D. Lowrance out with time served for his lesser crimes while he awaits a re-trail of his attempted murder case. I’m betting this will bite that judge on the ass at some point since someone who knows Lowrance claims that he can’t keep his nose clean.

Here’s a little something you didn’t learn in history class. During the Cuban missile crisis Castro hired former S.S. storm-troopers to help fight the Americans. Die Walt has the article up but it’s in German, there’s a translated summery here. There’s a more in depth Spanish language article here.

Malcolm Robert Lee Melvin About to Do 121 Year Bid

For armed robbery. Before you get upset about his “harsh” sentence he actually only got about 12 years for each crime he did. He just did a lot of crimes. With an illegally sawed off shotgun:

A federal judge sentenced a Florence man to 2,298 months or 191 and a half years in prison for robbing convenience stores.

Malcolm Robert Lee Melvin, 21, of Florence was found guilty in a Florence federal court in December of one count of conspiracy, eight counts of armed robbery, and eight counts of using a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence.

United States District Judge R. Bryan Harwell sentenced Melvin on Monday.

Evidence shows between June 22nd and June 28th, 2010, Melvin and his co-defendants robbed eight convenience stores in Florence, Darlington, Calhoun, and Orangeburg Counties.

The businesses affected included a BP gas station, two Cruizers gas stations, and an Exxon station in Florence County; a Sav-way and Markette stores in Darlington County; a Lil Cricket store in Calhoun County; and a Lil Cricket in Orangeburg County.

Firearms used during the robberies included a 9mm pistol and a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun.

In other words he was on a crime spree.

As an aside, you can legally own a sawed off shotgun if you apply to the ATF for a “tax stamp” and pay $200. The fact that he didn’t do this simple process cost him about 40 years of his life. Of course he still would have done the eight armed robberies so…

Melvin has several co-horts who all got significantly less time than him which probably means they rolled on him. No honor among thieves I guess, or in this case among the Rolling 20′s Red Scorpion Neighborhood Bloods which was the gang they were in. The Rollin 20 Red Scorpions were being watched because they were actively recruiting other Blood sets  and were apparently a hate group who only targeted Arabs, Asians, Latinos and Whites. It was even in their “Book of Knowledge” (the gang constitution) that they were to only commit crimes against non-Blacks.

Sounds like he was a murder spree waiting to happen.

Armantia Wright Arrested for Dixie Tavern Shooting

The perpetrator of the late night shooting at Dixie Tavern is named Armantia. I’ll assume that his parents didn’t know that Armantia is a French name for females. Though he may have found out later in life which is why the bad attitude:

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Greenville police said Tuesday they arrested a man in connection with a shooting at a downtown bar early Sunday morning.

They said there was some sort of argument at Dixie’s Tavern on East North Street, and one person pulled out a gun and fired.

Officials said one person was hit by a bullet in the arm. The victim was treated and released.

Police said they don’t believe the victim was involved in the fight.

Lots of women are bad shots. Here’s Armantia’s Facebook page. Surprise! He’s friends with a bunch of bar whores and underage girls.

Word on the street is that Armantia either was or pretended to be a Crip.

He’s getting hit with an attempted murder charge and weapons charges.


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