Exchange Students Being Abused in America

Next time you run into an immigrant in a strip club, or worse, in the back page of your favorite free paper remember that this is how many end up there.

If you see something, say something.

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Another Escort Robbed by Suspected Gang Member

The Bad John

As I’ve reported before there have been a series of robberies that target local esocrts. Some rumors were that a fellow escort was setting up the competition but I heard that there’s it’s a gang that wants easy money and to prove a point to the local sex workers. That point being they will need pimps to be safe and the gang was ready to play daddy.

GoUpstate is reporting on another robbery and this time there is a picture of the assailant. I noticed his Pittsburgh Pirates hat which is worn by some blood sets because the “P” is used to represent the word Piru which is a term Bloods use to describe themselves. Former Greenville Dragnet blogger Joe Friday had pointed out that there were Gangster Disciples in the area so if Bloods are moving in there may be trouble coming for people beside escorts as the rivals fight over turf.

From GoUpstate:

Greenville County authorities are asking for help in identifying a man accused of taking money from a female escort and tying her up against her will.

The woman told deputies that a man knocked on her motel door at 33 Beacon Drive at about 9:45 p.m. on Oct. 22. She said when she opened the door the suspect forced his way into the room and demanded money. The man then pointed a black handgun at her and restrained her. After he stole an undisclosed amount of cash, he left the room. He is wanted on kidnapping and armed robbery charges, according to a written report from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies are looking for a black man about 20 to 30 years old. He is about 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 3 inches and weighs about 250 pounds. Witnesses said he left the motel in a sport utility vehicle, possibly a Ford Explorer, according to the report.

This case is similar to two other cases that authorities are currently investigating. Anyone who has information leading to the identity and arrest of this man are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 23-CRIME.

Be careful out there ladies. It might be time to think about taking a pay cut and doing some bartending at a stripclub.

The robbery happened at The Wingate by Windham motel which is a fairly inexpensive hotel (under $100 a nght) but is hardly a fleabag motel. I’ve never been but I’m surprised that someone would pick a place like that to pull a stick-up.

The new word on the street is that local escorts are not taking Black clients because of the number of robberies involving young Black men.

45 Members of La Familia Michoacana Busted in Atlanta

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45 members of one of Mexico’s most violent cartels means that any hope of keeping these gangs out of America and limiting their influence is gone. Within the decade LFM will either have pushed out rival gangs or will be involved in a brutal turf war with Black gangs and any other gang that refuses to knuckle under to LFM control.

From CNN:

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) — Federal agents arrested 45 people in Georgia believed to be members of a top Mexican drug cartel and confiscated nearly $2.4 million in cash, authorities said Thursday.

The arrests were made by members of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement agencies, the DEA said. The investigation, called Operation Choke Hold, started in May 2009.

The suspects are believed to be connected with La Familia Michoacana, which “was responsible for the importation of bulk quantities of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana into the metro Atlanta area,” the DEA said.

In addition to distributing narcotics in metro Atlanta, the drug-trafficking organization also shipped large quantities to Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois and North Carolina, the DEA said.

During the arrests, the DEA said in a release, authorities seized 46 pounds of methamphetamine, a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory, nearly 95 pounds (43 kilograms) of cocaine, 4,120 pounds of marijuana, 20 firearms and $2.349 million.

It used to be that 1%er gangs ran the meth in the south but no more. The Hell’s Angels have a alliance with Eme, or the Mexican Mafia so depending on Eme’s standing with LFM the Angels may be getting pushed out of some of their areas, along with any other biker gangs rolling in six states LFM has set up in.

This might explain the influx of Hell’s Angels into South Carolina along with an influx of Blood, Folk Nation and other gangs that had strongholds in Georgia and North Carolina.

Fountain Inn Police Find Largest Pot Grow House Ever Recorded in Laurens County!

Shelly Martinez Livid Over Pot Bust

Pot activist/fetish model/example of how pot kills careers Shelly Martinez couldn’t be reached for comment on what’s being called the largest “grow house” ever found in Laurens County. We can assume her comment would be something like “pot cures cancer and makes you a better driver!” while rambling about how aspirin is unnatural.

From WSPA:

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. — The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office found what they say is one of the largest marijuana “grow houses” every found by their agency.

Deputies and Drug Enforcement Agency agents searched a home on Andrews Road in Fountain Inn on October 20.

LCSO investigators say they found approximately 125 pounds of high grade marijuana according to a posting on the office’s Facebook page.

The estimated sale value of the drug was $480,000.

There are pictures at the link so that stoners can cry over all the “primo bud” that is on it’s way to an incinerator. No arrests have been made or charges filed which makes me think that someone set up shop in an empty house, which is something we’re going to be seeing more and more of as the housing market continues to slide. With foreclosure sales being held up and banks dropping like flies the market is going to be flooded with houses with no one in them, the perfect situation for growers.

Church for Bikers Opens in Pickens

Good news?

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