Post by Evan Will

“Officers arrested 32-year-old Rodricus Lamont Smith as he was fleeing the scene – Club Cream, Congaree Road, early Sunday morning. Two victims reported being stabbed during an altercation in the parking lot. They were taken to Greenville Memorial for treatment. Smith is charged with Attempted Murder, Possession of a Knife During a Violent Crime, Unlawful Weapon and Open Container.He is in the Greenville County Detention Center.”

Club Cream. Now that sounds like a nice place I’d like to take my girlfriend or wife to after an average supper at the Haywood Road Applebees. Not!. ICK!! YUCK!! Club Cream?? What happens at Club Cream Stays at Club Cream, I hope.

I did a little research on this place and it bills its self on Metromix as “Cream Upscale Night Club”. Sorry. When you have to point out to your customers and literally say you are upscale – you are henceforth not. Upscale is the bar, aka the “lounge” at the Ritz. Not a firetrap looking club off Haywood Road where knife fights break out.

Ok I suppose a knife fight can happen anywhere. And people deserve a place to go and have fun and listen to music that they are into. I’m totally ok with that. It’s just that, if you know the type of place you are going to – a possibly unsafe one, like a bar or nightclub, you are putting yourself at excess risk. People use bad judgment when they drink copious amounts of well liquor drinks.

Know before you go – the Haywood Triangle. Ye be warned.


(These Old-Timers express my thoughts exactly!)

Per GPD Crime Alert
“Saturday, a victim says he was shopping at the Haywood Mall (Haywood Road) and someone he used to hang out with approached him telling him to come to the parking garage. After arriving at the area, three other black males cornered him and then took cash from a wallet and a department store bag (containing a shirt). After a mall security officer arrived at the scene all suspects fled on foot through the parking garage and Law Enforcement was contacted.”

Ok now…someone I used to hang out with but don’t any more but I trust enough to follow him outside to the garage. I’m thinking the victim owed them money for drugs or betting. This smells fishy to me. But flat out the guy was robbed and apparently not hurt. He gave it up willfully without a fight. Which means he didn’t want to cross them. I wonder if he gave the officers their names? Who knows maybe they were buddies who turned out to be crack heads or something.

You know, this is just another a reason I dislike the notion of stepping on mall property. I hate it even more that people I know and love aren’t into Smith & Wesson insurance as they should be. Classic area to get jacked – a parking garage.

Call me a hermit but I can recommend some online retailers for menswear. Who wants to be around all that Bad Haywood Mall Mojo. It’s not like there are any nice stores there worth risking your purse for anyways.

Inside the Haywood Triangle: Kangaroo Convenient Store Gets Jacked

Post by Evan Will

I saw this also on the GPD Crime Alert Email as well. It happened at 1:51 AM near the Airport Road intersection. Not too much to say other than dang that guy is bold. You can see his face and everything. If we really wanted to reach out and help people, why doesn’t the government subsidize night windows for places like this to so that tellers can’t get jacked b/c they are behind glass after hours. It’s a grim site. Walking into a convenient mart after hours where it looks like a check cashing joint with a tiny hole for your stuff and bullet proof glass. They have them in St. Louis in the downtown area. Makes you feel like you’re living in an Escape from New York movie. But I’m thinking it makes the people that have to work the night shift to pay their bills, and their families, feel more safe about the job they have to have.

Or hire a security guard, Kangaroo! And places like you. Leaving a poor defenseless woman at the shop all alone. That doesn’t sound very OSHA safe to me. Heaven forbid you slip on a floor without a yellow wet sign. If I had to have a job like this…I’d want to work for the most independent, down home, Ed’s Food Mart. Because Ed has a bat and a shot gun under the counter and doesn’t answer to corporate policies. Truth is, I’m sure its cheaper to lose a register of money than hire a guard, add insurance to potential injuries per altercations or install safety glass. I don’t think there needs to be federal safety standards and regulations on convenient stores. But if I worked in one…I’d be sure I tried to get out of working in one. Or make the day shift. I’m glad the cashier was not hurt.

Inside the Haywood Triangle – Jeepers Creepers Peepers.

Inside the Haywood Triangle is a new series by Evan Will, a contributing freelance writer from the Greenville area.

A continuing series on identifying and editorializing crime and the goings-on in and around the Haywood Mall area. We all know there’s always some crazy stuff happening over there. Like…

Per the Greenville Police Department: “A second incident of “Peeping Tom” has been reported at Haywood Pointe Apartments January 17th at 10:45 p.m. The suspect is a white male. In the latest incident, he is described as 20-40 years old with brown hair, slender build, 5’08″-6’01″, 160-190 lbs. and was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt.”

What wasn’t stated is whether or not this male was actually trying to peak in a woman’s window or a man’s window to get his kicks. I suppose it doesn’t matter, but could help the public zero in on the suspect. We just assume it was woman reporting the incident.

Nevertheless, I never understood why someone would personally put themselves at risk of being labeled and jailed for antics that could just as well be solved with an issue of a Playboy. Or an imagination heaven forbid. But then again – that’s me as a semi-productive member of society. Some people don’t have the “common sense.”

It’s also possible this person was casing apartments for valuables. Though that is just conjecture on my part. But it almost seems more likely. Anyway you look at it…creeping around peeping in windows is crazy. And dangerous. Are there support groups for people like this? Now my brain hurts.

The following are some safety tips you can take at your home (per GPD). Thought I’d add a few tips in bold, that I think will put your mind at ease.

1. Keep curtains and blinds shut tightly, especially at night in private areas of your
home. (say to yourself in whispering voice “if I don’t see them, they’re not there”)
2. Set up potted plants or plant vegetation near side and rear windows and patio
doors, but keep shrubbery trimmed so that Peeping Toms can’t hide.
3. Install a motion detector system with a light in vulnerable areas outside the home.
4. Keep windows and doors locked at all times.
5. Talk to neighbors and share information about unusual visitors or loitering in the
6. If any witnesses are present, get their names and phone numbers.
7. Detail the suspect’s appearance for the responding officer.
8. Detail how the suspect flees the area – on foot or by vehicle. Describe the vehicle
for police.
9. Write down tag numbers of suspicious vehicles and provide these to police.
10. If you see someone looking in your window, try not to panic. Call 9-1-1
immediately and stay inside until an officer arrives
11. In case they come through your window, be prepared with a firearm.
12. Don’t hesitate if you feel your life is threatened
13. Take a breath…squeeze.

OK I’m not proposing you kill anyone. Unless you have to in order to save your life. But if you live inside the Haywood Triangle, don’t keep your head in the sand.