American Tourists Witness South African “Farm Murder” First Hand

But this story still hasn’t made the national news here. Americans on safari in South Africa were present when their hosts, two elderly Afrikaners, were brutally attacked in their sleep by four armed men. From

Johannesburg – A 65-year-old woman who was shot three times in a farm attack in which her husband was killed, is fighting for her life in a Polokwane hospital.

Beeld reported that doctors said Gloudien van Rensburg would probably be paralysed if she survived.

She was shot as she lay sleeping next to her husband, Johan van Rensburg, 77, on their game farm Cosmopolite near the Botswana border.

Her husband was shot dead by the four men who cut the electric fence and bent back burglar bars in the bathroom to get into the house.

The couple were attacked early on Wednesday morning.  American tourists, who had come to hunt on the farm, were woken up by the shots and raised the alarm.

The Americans were apparently too shocked to talk to reporters.

More likely they were told to keep their mouths shut by the corrupt government that has, since the end of Apartheid, encouraged and participated a genocide of Africans of European, Asian and Indian extraction. White Africans (called Boers) are targeted for especially brutal treatment as many own farms and the government encourages criminals to seize the farms from them as reparations. Rape and murder are common in such seizures.

These crimes have, as I said, been going on for two decades or more. Have you seen any coverage of them? Interesting since Americans were so invested in ending the brutal apartheid system but when a just as brutal system is put in it’s place Americans can hardly be bothered to care. The truth is that Americans are afraid of admitting that for all the brutality of the old South Africa (and Rhodesia etc) the White minority there was right to be afraid of letting go of power. Simply forcing the countries to change did nothing but cost thousands of people their lives and will end in the complete extinction of several cultures. My personal opinion is that we should have simply given out visas to Afrikaners, Indians and Asians from that area and let them settle somewhere where communist insurgencies hadn’t injected genocidal hatred into otherwise just movements. I’m sure Afrikaner farmers would have been an asset to America’s struggling small farm population.

The communist president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, was caught on film singing a song abut exterminating Whites. America said nothing. And we will continue to say nothing until the last minority in South Africa is dead. But at least there’s no more racism!

Securing Homes Against Home Invasion

Some of this advice is dated because it’s from the 1990s Montel Williams show – before marijuana use fried his brains completely. Guns and weapons aren’t discussed but there’s plenty of good advice. Home invasions are becoming more common and violent so give this a look:

I Support the Home Invasion Protection Act

I moved to South Carolina because unlike New Jersey, NYC and Connecticut (all the places I lived before) South Carolina respects my right to guard my life and my property with guns, knives, bear spray, walking sticks or any other weapon that I have handy at the time. It’s also a Castle Doctrine state meaning I can repel any intruders from castle Rob with guns akimbo, filing the air with hot lead and resorting to cold steel when I run dry. South Carolina is so awesome that I can hire a “model” three days a week to stand in front of the door to my home office with her legally obtained pistol caliber semi-auto carbine waiting for some idiot to kick down my door.

The other two days during the work week have a volunteer who’s a fan guard the door with a .45:

South Carolina then took steps to be even more awesome by extending Castle Doctrine protection to your car, place of business and even where you’re camping. Could we get more awesome down here?

The answer is yes. A bill was just introduced that makes it so that after I shoot, stab, or bludgeon some home invader (or just watch as one of my home office girls does it) they’re going to do a mandatory 20 years. If they survive that is. Better yet if they get the drop on the Greenville Dragnet staff and kill one of us they can face the death penalty:

COLUMBIA — A new bill up for debate by a South Carolina Senate panel would add a new crime to the list of offenses eligible for the death penalty.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday is set to debate the bill that would create a new crime of home invasion in South Carolina, punishable by a prison sentence of 20 years to life.

The bill would also make someone convicted of committing a murder during a home invasion eligible for a death sentence.

The bill is called the Home Invasion Protection Act.

Clearly, I fully support this legislation.

Now I’m going to admit here that I don’t habitually carry my Roscoe around with me outside the house. Being a rugged self-reliance type I tend to carry a blade or two around, like the Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter and when hiking I might also pack a Roach Belly for emergencies. I do like having the option of packing heat when I need to – like when I’m gardening and the goddamn foxes who the goddamn neighbors keep feeding start eying my goddamn fig tree. I also like living in a state where they understand the 2nd Amendment isn’t about protecting our sporting heritage but about my right to protect my life, my loved ones and my property by any means necessary.

This legislation goes beyond protecting my rights and attacks the people dead set on infringing on those rights with harsh enough penalties that I won’t have to worry about a revenge attack in five years when the guy I send to prison with a galena pill in his leg and a fracture in his skull limps past the parole board and looks me up with his one functioning eye. Another win for the good guys courtesy South Carolina.

Union Home Invaders Threaten to Murder Infant!

A little outside of Greenville County but two of these animals are still on the run so just a heads up. This is why I answer the door with my snub-nose, “oddball” .327 Federal Magnum Patriot.

That poor family. I’d be glad to take them on my next gun store visit. Arm yourselves!

Police Spin Greenville Neighborhood Warning About Crime

Can you spot the spin here? I’ll highlight what I think is important:

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – “Be on watch for thefts and break-ins,” is what some Greenville County neighborhoods are telling their residents.

Greenville Police and the Sheriff’s Office said there aren’t more break-ins than usual, but they may be in unexpected areas and officials want everyone to be aware.

A Greenville County subdivision has begun warning each other to keep watch after a man was seen entering or attempting to enter homes and cars.

“I was sitting in my chair and I saw a guy walk into my garage, and I thought it was my son, expecting to come over here for my birthday dinner, and it was somebody else,” said Mike Albrecht. “He waved to me, so I came out and looked, and he walked between my two cars looking at my generator, and I asked what he was doing.”

The man left, but Greenville County deputies have since arrested a suspect, Calvin Wilson. He’s accused of breaking in and stealing from cars and houses in Albrecht’s neighborhood, and other areas.

Yeah. You know where I expect break ins to occur? Houses. But the police here are trying to say there’s nothing to worry about – there’s just a change in the types of houses that are being targeted?

It so happens that I was talking to a guy the other day who said there were a lot of newcomers in his area and many are a little unsavory. I also have noticed, on my more and more infrequent trips to downtown Greenville, that drug users are multiplying at an alarming rate. Call me a cynic but I’m betting that the drug using dependents of the people moving to Greenville County are not going to be sticking to the traditional bad neighborhoods when they need to score.

So really there are more break ins than usual, at least for people used to living in nicer areas. The cops are splitting hairs on this one by claiming that since we’re not experiencing more theft reports than average nothing has changed. Why the spin? Who knows. But it’s still a load of malarkey and tax payers deserve the truth.

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