Traveler’s Rest Police Always Get Their Man, Naughty Maid Update and Other Stories

Traveler’s Rest police named a suspect in a month old near fatal hit-and-run in a warrant issued on the 22nd. 30-year-old Jashuan Deck had someone lie for him to cover up the crime because he has a long rap sheet of dangerous driving and his license was suspended.

Criminally naughty housekeeper Shirley Ann Rogers who was caught stealing from a couple who was murdered has been re-arrested and the arrest involves the U.S Postal service. She has not been arrested for murder … yet.

Tammy Lee Simpson was arrested for domestic homicide around the 19th. Apparently she and the now deceased victim were involved in a knock-down, drag out fight. He died from injuries thought to have occurred during the altercation.

A supposed journalist from the Washington Post claimed a case where a couple kept a 16-year-old mentally disabled girl as a sex slave was a “50 Shades of Grey” lifestyle and we shouldn’t punish them. Trench Reynolds reports that at one point the couple sewed the girls vagina shut as punishment. Wapo still has not apologized for this.

Three Greenville County carjacking suspects were found in Newberry. Isn’t that where the New Black Panther Party holds all it’s rallies?

Wild West White Horse Road Shooting

Post by Evan Will

First off this sucks. Second off, for around 200 hundred bucks, if you work in an environment conducive to bar violence, the above little goody could prove invaluable.

Suspect Named in Bar owner Shooting

My condolences to the family.

Man Stabbed at Cookout!

I wasn’t going to post this but I once almost killed a cousin of mine for hogging the potato salad, so this story is meaningful to me.

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Man Meets Online Friend – Sacrificed in Demon Summoning Ritual

Who would have thought meeting the weirdos you know online in real life would be a bad idea? I mean, except crime bloggers, people who read the news, people with common sense, etc.

From Caribbean 360:

The accused, Sherman Webb of Kingshill, Dominica, is charged with the murder of Poleon, a 23-year-old bank teller, between August 31, 2009 and March 18, 2010.

According to information revealed in court last week, (Rohan) Poleon visited Dominica in February of 2009 and again on August 3, 2009 to meet Webb. The two men had allegedly met via the Internet.

Poleon’s family members reported him missing after he failed to return home to Barbados.  His mortal remains were later found under the floorboards of a small wooden house in Elmshall, Dominica.

Webb allegedly confessed to the crime to three police officers: Corporal Jeffrey James, Sergeant Matthew Cuffy and Constable Scotland, detailing what had transpired and leading them to the scene of the incident.

Allegedly, Webb took Poleon to the heights of River Claire in Elmshall to a little “wooden shack” where he “chopped him on both sides of his neck” causing him to bleed to death.

Sergeant Cuffy testified that the alleged murder took place in a blue wooden house in Elmshall.  Upon entering, the defendant pointed to an area on the floor where he had allegedly buried Poleon.

Police removed the floorboards and dug a hole where skeletal remains of the deceased were recovered along with a greenish rubber wristband bearing his name.

Cuffy said the accused admitted to using a cutlass to injure Poleon on his neck and digging a hole beneath the floor where he removed all his clothes and buried him.

Webb allegedly went on to replace the boards, carry water from a nearby river and wash the blood from the floor, and return to his home in Kingshill where he disposed of the clothing and other items belonging to the deceased.

According to the accused’s statements to the officer, he and Poleon were arguing, “trying to conjure the demon and in the middle of it, he got scared”.

Investigators reportedly found several items of paraphernalia related to some form of satanic ritual at Webb’s home.

Thank goodness he lost his nerve! Making this murder even more despicable because it was completely meaningless.

Stop meeting people you know from the Internet, especially the ones who are interested in summoning demons.

Joseph Christopher Walker Charged in Greenville Murder

The father of five was apprehended by the U.S. Marshals and is accused of killing the man who was found shot to death between houses in Greenville early Saturday morning. From The Republic:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Authorities say a 27-year-old Greenville man is accused of killing a man whose body was found last week between two houses.

Greenville police said Thursday that the U.S. Marshals’ fugitive task force helped apprehend Joseph Christopher Walker. He is charged with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

According to an arrest warrant, Walker and Young argued last Saturday, and Walker returned with a gun.

He is accused of shooting Jonathan Young multiple times. A passerby discovered his body Saturday morning.

According to an arrest warrant, Walker and Young argued last Saturday, and Walker returned with a gun. The warrant says a witness identified the suspect.

Fox Carolina is reporting that the police are still looking for witnesses so the investigation is clearly not closed.

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