The Ghosts of Meth, Attempted Baby Eating and Internet Breast Milk?

Police in Spartanburg found three “ghost hunters” hanging around a Oakwood Cemetery on Saturday night. They came with some alcohol and meth which I presume was bait for hot, drug addicted stripper ghosts.

20-year-old William Matthew Guthrie from Traveler’s Rest was arrested when it was found with multiple bite marks on it. Originally he tried to claim he just didn’t know how a baby in his care ended up nibbled on but after failing a lie detector test he fessed up.

Want to know why civilization is doomed? Doctors in Germany have to warn people not to buy breast milk from strangers online. Because, you know, it sounds sanitary and healthy to order breast milk from people who may or may not be AIDS infested prostitutes.

Cops are saying a “bad relationship” led to the Greer stand off where one person was killed. I assume the police took a class in understatement.

A Simpsonville man named Brian Gilbert bit off the tips of a cop’s finger in Anderson. After being released from the hospital the officer began experiencing severe symptoms including abnormally low blood platelet count. He’s being treated with cancer drugs but so far no one knows what’s wrong with him. Gilbert is a registered sex offender.

A woman was robbed by two armed men near her home on North Main St. in Mauldin. When she went to retrieve something from her car the thugs attacked her and pushed her into her house. She says that about $100 fell out of her bra during the struggle but when she screamed the men fled. One of the gunmen may be her cousin. Hmmm. Who keeps money in their bras these days?

R.J. Parker’s excellent Unsolved Serial Killings is available for Kindle for less than a buck. How could you go wrong?

Word on the Street: “Sex Party Teacher” Audrey Grabarkiewicz Seen Babysitting!

Remember Audrey Grabarkiewicz? She’s the pre-school teacher who along her child molester friend Sarah Lindsay was caught hosting drug and sex parties where children went to get high and have sex with the two skank. Grabarkiewicz, or whatever her name is now since her husband divorced her, somehow beat the rap and got no jail time.

Of course she was only charged with contributing and not any sex crimes so I’ve always assumed she rolled on her pervert friend who had been charged with sex crimes where the victims were between 11-14.

Regardless of how that case went down I was surprised when a tipster told me that Audrey is now working as a babysitter for some other skank who allows the now down on her luck  party girl to stay with her. I’m also told that the mother of the year who allows a woman who plied pre-teens with drugs and alcohol so her friend could molest them spends time “partying” with Audrey. You’ll apparently see them in the nightclubs together.

I found a forum page where some of the “sexts” she sends to guys (notice I didn’t say men) are available. The ones that aren’t x-rated anyway. A middle age woman who sends nude pics of herself to random dudes seems like a good choice for a babysitter. I urge anyone who knows this person to call CPS.

At Least We’re Not Albuquerque

Where city officials are dealing with a sex offender convention. Sex. Offender. Convention.


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A national convention about sex offenders is coming to Albuquerque to push for lighter punishment for sex crimes. But opponents, including Governor Susana Martinez, said we need the opposite.

Lloyd Swartz, 43, is president of the Reform Sex Offender Laws New Mexico. The husband and father is also a convicted sex offender.

In 1987, the then-17-year-old Swartz was convicted of sexual assault for an incident in Texas. He spent ten years on probation. But in 2000, New Mexico laws changed to force all sex offenders to register with the Department of Public Safety, even those like Swartz who served out his probation long before. Swartz will need to stay registered for another 13 years, nearly forty years after his “youthful mistake.”

“It is immoral to create laws that punish people in perpetuity even though they’ve served out their sentence,” said Swartz.

Next month, like-minded advocates from all over the country will come to Albuquerque to try to do just that.

They want to change sex offender laws to have the online registry only available to law enforcement. They’re also pushing to remove names of offenders once they complete their probation and to prohibit the state from forcing convicted offenders from registering retroactively.

“It’s a violation of human rights to continue to humiliate, tear down and destroy families forever,” said Swartz.

Reform Sex Offender Laws is a pedophile run scam organization with ties to NAMBLA and militant pedophiles. Yeah that’s right, there is a militant pedophile movement. It also has ties to the radical left and all you liberals out there who think Howard Zinn is a genius should note he signed on to support this movement. One of the movement’s goals is to stop the “demonization” of rapists and child molesters. Here’s a quote from their website:

Stop public vilification and demonization of sex offenders. Oppose the use in the media or by public officials of obviously pejorative language with regard to offenders. Label only actually violent acts as violent crimes – define violence simply and logically as a physical attack or threat that causes real harm.Use of the term “pedophile” should be extremely limited and accurate.Children should be defined as persons under the age of puberty.

So if your daughter hit puberty at 10 or 11 she’s no longer a child and the 35-year-old you catch trying to have sex with her isn’t a child molester. Makes sense.

And did you catch that “real” harm stuff? I guess a threat to do something fantastical like send a kid to Hell for not cooperating with an assault would be redefined as non-violent even though a threat is being used to coerce the child into sex. I’ve blogged about threats of that type before (like the Voodoo Rapist of White Plains) and it is a kind of violence to threaten things against people even if you and I know there’s no chance of that threat happening.

But anyways you can read up on R.S.O.L. over at this awesome website which keeps track of perverts and degenerates. I say at least in Greenville we don’t have a convention of these scum but South Carolina does have a chapter of R.S.O.L. run out of Chester. Here’s their contact info if you’re interested in discussing their positions with them:

South Carolina RSOL
Primary Contact: Lila L. Folster
Phone: 803-899-0957
Postal Address: 862 Pine Ridge Rd., Chester, SC 29702

Does this make you think civilization is at a real crossroads?

Liberal Judge Threatening to Jail Rape Victim for Tweeting

I’m not going to bother to check her political donation records because you won’t find hug-a-thug justice like this outside the ACLU. But since she brags about being a social worker at one point in her miserable life it’s kind of a given that she’s knee deep in Marxist “it’s society that creates criminals” ideology. A 17-year-old Kentucky girl passed out at a party and was sexually assaulted by two young douchebags – whose names are Will Frey and Austin Zehnde. Judge “Dee” McDonald let these two degenerates plead out and get a lenient sentence which is bad enough, but she then issued a gag order on the victim to keep her from talking about the perps or her victimization.

Because we wouldn’t want these poor little lambs to suffer any social consequneces for raping a girl and filming it. Oh, I didn’t mention that part? From The Courier-Journal:

Dietrich said she was sexually assaulted by two teen boys she knew in August 2011. She had been drinking at a gathering, she said, and became unconscious. Months later she learned that pictures of the incident had been taken and shared with others.

“For months, I cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t go out in public places,” she told the newspaper, as her father, Michael, and attorneys sat nearby. “You just sit there and wonder, who saw (the pictures), who knows?”

Dietrich and her parents went to Louisville Metro Police, who eventually charged the two juvenile defendants with first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and misdemeanor voyeurism, according information contained in the court motion filed by the newspaper.

The teens pleaded guilty to those charges in late June, though Dietrich and her family say they were unaware of the plea bargain and recommended sentence until just before it was announced in court — and were upset with what they felt was a slap on the wrist for the attackers.

“I felt like they were given a very, very light deal,” Dietrich said. “I wasn’t happy with it, at all.”

Neither Dietrich nor her attorneys said they could talk about the details of the plea agreement under the court order. The teens are to be sentenced next month, and the judge has the power to accept, reject or modify the terms of the proposed agreement.

How much you want to bet that the gag order is to avoid the public knowing that these two rapists are probably going to do less than the 180 days that the victim can face for her tweet?

The Daily Mail has more.

Good News! Cops Allowed to Shoot People Trying to Murder You Thanks to David Scott Hampton

Apparently there was some concern that a police officer shooting a person threatening to cut your head off wasn’t kosher. But after careful consideration the powers that be have decided that if it looks like someone is about to kill you they can legally be shot. Hard decision I know as there are so many sides to that sort of thing. Watch as WSPA frets over police saving a woman’s life:

Maybe scumbags are just looking to get shot?

WSPA reports that the knife wielding maniac in question was 56-year old David Scott Hampton who had kidnapped a woman at knife point then threatened to stab her in front of cops when he was cornered. Hampton was a career criminal since 2003 with arrests for drug possession, malicious injury to property, weapons offenses and receiving stolen goods.

That’s not stopping some of his scumbag friends from claiming that he “had every right” to be where he was – which I assume they know was standing behind a woman with a knife to her throat. Here’s a comment a friend of his named Stacy Rebecca Bricco left on the news story:

this is bull! any one that knows him knows this isn’t how he was! he is not a monster like everyone want to believe. and the “updated version” of this is bull as well. saying they don’t know why he was there? yes the do he lived on their property! everyone needs to think twice before posting about someone they don’t know!

OK. He lived on their property so kidnapping a woman at knife point is non-monstrous behavior. Makes sense.

This cop is a hero, period.

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