Disturbing Details on the Greg Fincher Case

Fincher allegedly offered a 21-year-old girl a job in return for sex then when she refused held her in his taxpayer funded office against her will. Here’s video from WSPA:

And again, Fincher is on PAID leave after this nonsense.

The victim has a troubled history and since this “job interview’ seemed to happen late in the day I’m going to go ahead and say that the best case scenario for Fincher is that he was planning on taking advantage of some chick whose behavior is similar to that of a drug addict. Fincher himself was apparently drunk and angry when he was arrested so it looks like a party gone bad.

On your dime.

What’s the Deal With William Greg Fincher?

The Mauldin Director of Public Works was apparently picked up for kidnapping recently and I can only find bare bones info on his arrest. I do notice that his $30,000 bond seems awful light for a guy suspected of kidnapping.

The Easley Patch says that this isn’t his first rodeo:

It is not Fincher’s first brush with the law. According to court records, he was charged with leaving the scene of an auto accident in May 2011 in Horry County. Those charges were dropped in December 2011. In that case, Fincher was represented by Mauldin’s city attorney John Duggan.

Which means my tax dollars were spent defending him? Because we don’t pay him enough to hire an attorney to deal with his personal matters?

This whole thing stinks of corruption. If I’m not mistaken this is the third Public Works director who ended up a scumbag. Speaking of corruption Fincher oversees sanitation in Mauldin which according to pg 12 of the Mauldin 2012 projected budget costs you and me a cool $1.5 million. A half a million is in salaries, $100, 000 is in insurance, $65,000 of “inmate expenses” whatever that is. I’m just saying his sanitation department’s budget looks padded out. For example in 2011 and 2012 the sanitation budget has $20,000 for allocated containers yet in 2010 they only spent $7,061.16 on containers.

But more importantly I tried looking up his case on the Greenville court database and got nothing. It hasn’t been entered yet? And no reporters have bothered getting more details when the Director of Public Works for a local city is charged with kidnapping?

With people like this running Mauldin it’s no wonder that poor woman running the Mauldin Open Air Market is getting her land stolen.

Seems like a cover up is happening.

South Carolina State Official Caught Aiding Human Trafficking Avoids Jail Time!

Unreal! Apparently officials working for the Cosmetology licensing division were selling licenses to people they knew where human traffickers who use the documents in their slavery rackets. State and Federal authorities investigated and the official involved was able to escape jail time by doing something called a pre-trail intervention. By the way when people finish their interventions, which include taxpayer funded counseling and rehabs, their records are expunged.

The slaves are still being trafficked. Seems fair, right?

From WSPA:


The director of South Carolina’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation told a state Senate subcommittee Friday that an employee had been selling cosmetology licenses illegally out of the agency’s parking lot and that the agency had been under state and federal investigation.

“I was shocked,” says Sen. Kevin Bryant, R-Anderson, chairman of the subcommittee.


Catherine Templeton says, “The allegation or the charge was the employee was selling licenses, and presumably to support the human trafficking that goes on through the nation. The licenses were provided to individuals who were not, who had not met the statutory requirements for the licenses and enabled people who were not otherwise qualified to work in South Carolina.”

She says the illegal licenses were for nail technicians and that human traffickers often get illegally obtained licenses so they’ll have a way to put their victims to work.

The LLR employee was fired and investigated and charged by the State Law Enforcement Division. Templeton says the employee was allowed to enter a pre-trial intervention program to avoid possible prison time.

Templeton says she also forced the retirement of another employee who was over the cosmetology section because the FBI was also investigating licensing at the agency.

Rough justice! The corruption also extended to the purchasing of equipment – the agency spent nearly $2,000,000 on a computer system that never got delivered. That’s not chump change but it’s small potatoes compared to officials helping slavers run their business. Here’s video:

Heroic Tow Truck Driver Catches Tiny Pervert in Spartanburg

Good news in that case of the 13-year-old girl who ran off with the 5’2″ Facebook predator from West Virginia. A tow truck driver spotted the man driving around Spartanburg and followed him until the cops could stop him. Would it surprise you to know aside from this incident he also has several other outstanding warrants? You mean he’s a career criminal? Who’d a thunk?

Good work buddy!

Pricella Ristick – Endangered Missing from Norcross, Georgia

Have you seen her?

Authorities have no idea where this little girl is so I’m posting the photo in case her abductor ends up in the Carolinas.

On February 20th Pricella was selling flowers by the side of the road with her uncle. The uncle went into a business for a short time and when he came out the girl was gone. Witnesses say they saw her getting into a white which may have been driven by a woman named “Nancy” that Pricella met the week before. This was on the 800 block of Indian Trail Road.

Here’s her description:

AGE: 12
SEX: Female
RACE: White
HAIR: Dark brown (last seen dyed red)
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5’0”
WEIGHT: 95 lbs
WEARING: Gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, black shoes

Please be on the look out for this child. If you have any information contact the Gwinnett County Police Department, Special Victims Unit 770-513-5300.

h/t the Please Help Missing Children webring

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