Traveler’s Rest Police Always Get Their Man, Naughty Maid Update and Other Stories

Traveler’s Rest police named a suspect in a month old near fatal hit-and-run in a warrant issued on the 22nd. 30-year-old Jashuan Deck had someone lie for him to cover up the crime because he has a long rap sheet of dangerous driving and his license was suspended.

Criminally naughty housekeeper Shirley Ann Rogers who was caught stealing from a couple who was murdered has been re-arrested and the arrest involves the U.S Postal service. She has not been arrested for murder … yet.

Tammy Lee Simpson was arrested for domestic homicide around the 19th. Apparently she and the now deceased victim were involved in a knock-down, drag out fight. He died from injuries thought to have occurred during the altercation.

A supposed journalist from the Washington Post claimed a case where a couple kept a 16-year-old mentally disabled girl as a sex slave was a “50 Shades of Grey” lifestyle and we shouldn’t punish them. Trench Reynolds reports that at one point the couple sewed the girls vagina shut as punishment. Wapo still has not apologized for this.

Three Greenville County carjacking suspects were found in Newberry. Isn’t that where the New Black Panther Party holds all it’s rallies?

Russel C. Geisller is the White Machette

Credit: WSPA

He’s not so much a pro-race war, communist, open borders propaganda tool as just a jerk who likes to threaten people with machetes in bathrooms. But when am I going to get to use that title anyway?

From WSPA:

Landrum, SC — Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating an overnight robbery.

They said a man with a machete held up the Celtic Tavern at 22349 Asheville Highway in Landrum around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning and took off with cash.

Deputies say the suspect was arrested in a gas station parking lot at the intersection of Highway 176 and Highway 14.

They say a Landrum police officer saw the suspect in a vehicle at the Hot Spot.

The officer approached the car and told the man inside to get out of the vehicle. The suspect ran.

Officers caught him, arrested him and took him back to the victim who told police he was the man who robbed them earlier.

Another criminal mastermind foiled by the being easy to identify and too dumb to lay low after committing a crime. He’s in Landrum getting charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, but they’re going to ship him to Greenville at some point so he can get charged with robbery and kidnapping. Maybe some of you jailhouse lawyer friends of Geisller want to clue him into the fact that if you pull a weapon on someone then make them move from one place to another cops will hit you with kidnapping charges.

Between claiming he’s innocent and a good guy of course.

Evil Canadian Woman Runs Down Old Man and Flees


No word yet if she was laughing while making her get away, throwing Moulson’s out the window while screaming about how much more civilized Canada is than the good old U.S of A. Now she’s going to jail where she (and most Canadians) belong:

Greenville County, SC — The South Carolina Highway Patrol arrested a woman they say hit a pedestrian and did not stop.

Troopers said the driver struck a 55-year-old man who was walking on U.S. 29 between Watson and Rutherford Roads around 10:00 on Sunday night.  At 1:10 a.m. Wednesday, investigators arrested 22-year-old Masako Uemura.

Troopers said she was from Canada but was living in Greenville. She is charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in great bodily injury.  Investigators have not released information on the victim’s condition.

Uemura’s bond was set at $75,000 at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Unsurprising coming from a Canadian, since that accursed country is second only to the Carpathian mountains in it’s ability to produce twisted and depraved monsters. When will we close our borders that den of inequity we call Canada?

On a serious note, you know that Canadian student you met in college who went on incessantly about how violent and barbaric Americans are? I have it on good authority that Masako Uemura is that person.

Apparently there’s a lot of hit and runs these days which leads me to believe that there’s probably a lot of people with drugs in their car, since no one is going to get in trouble for an accident where a pedestrian is walking on a highway and gets clipped.

Take your hit and running ways back to Canada you Canuck bastards!

Moron Crashes into Building During High Speed Chase

From Fox Carolina:

RAVELERS REST, S.C. — Greenville County deputies said that one person was arrested Wednesday after a chase ended in a crash in Travelers Rest.

Deputies said they tried to stop a yellow sedan whose driver appeared to be drunk around 5 a.m. They said the driver refused to stop and a chase ensued.

The driver headed to Travelers Rest, where local police joined in the pursuit.

The chase ended when the car crashed into an apartment building on Roe Road.

No one was hurt injured in the crash.

The driver’s name has not been released but there’s video at the link. It’s a yellow four door sedan with giant rims, or what I call a ghettomobile.

Two Shot Outside Cora’s Social Club In Greenville

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that took place just outside Cora’s Social Club in the early hours of Saturday morning. Deputies say three shots were fired outside the South Washington Avenue nightclub and two individuals sustained gunshot wounds.

The shooter remains at large. News Channel 7 reports that “more detailed information about a suspect or suspects” will not be released until further investigation has been conducted by deputies.

The two people with injuries are expected to recover.

On New Year’s Day, we reported a shooting at Cora’s Social Club in which three individuals sustained gunshot wounds.  Much like Club Roka on South Pleasantburg Drive, Cora’s seems to attract thugs with itchy trigger fingers.

I’m not a fan of early morning trips to the ER (or possibly the Coroner’s Office), so I’ll be sticking to Wal-Mart and the Mickey Dee’s drive-thru for my late night entertainment needs.

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