Link Round Up 12/27/12 – Officer Punched, Thugs Gunned Down and Student Proves Turtles are Persecuted!

Looks like the world didn’t end after all. So back to the grindstone.

Kadarius Rogers was stopped for having the wrong tags on his vehicle and since he used his car to deal weed he did what any sane person looking to not get arrested would do. He punched the cop in the face. I assume he never heard of trying to bribe people.

Two thugs walked into Precision Automotive looking to rob the place. Only one walked out. Welcome to Thunderdome scumbags. The survivor, one Ernest Dean Dennis,Jr, was arrested and is sitting in jail. The thugs were shot by an employee packing heat proving once again that you should own a gun.

A Clemson student doing a project on box turtle fatalities while crossing streets (?) used a rubber mock up to see driver reactions to seeing an animal. At least seven people went out of their way to run the fake turtle over and several others seemed to try. These are your neighbors people, buy a gun.

Sonny Neal and Braylon Oneal were arrested for a October burglary.

The Mauldin Patch has a blotter report for last night. No names or anything since that would be considered reporting and they just don’t do that there.

Shirley Rogers is back in jail (why she was out I’ll never know) for renting a U-Haul and keeping it illegally for a week. No one knows exactly what she was doing with the truck but I have a suspicion it rhymes with committing crimes.

South Carolina is offering two free hunting days on January 4th and 5th of 2013. No permits will be required of hunters but bag limits remain.

Bad Parents, Bad Teachers and Facebook Pedophile Rampage

A parent volunteering at a elementary school where Governor Niki Haley was going to appear (to talk about the dangers of bullying, ironically  was arrested after she told people she planned on murdering the Governor. Via WSPA:

It should come as no surprise that comments by liberals on sites posting the news are claiming that threatening to kill someone is free speech. Here’s a gem from Mary Holder:

Is the no freedom of speech anymore? I would like to hurt several people but that does make me guilty until proven innocent. Good grief. I don’t think this lady was going to harm Governor Haley at an Elementary school. What has this work gotten to be? The informant is just a right wing liberal soccer mom. lmbo!

A 26-year-old college student studying to be a teacher has been arrested after trying to solicit sex from a 15-year-old girl.

Facebook took down a page dedicated to informing parents of the whereabouts of sex offenders at the request of a violent pedophile who claimed the page was going to “vilify” him.

Despite a spike in violent crime in Greenville County authorities have time to crack down on loud car stereos.

The dead couple found in Traveler’s Rest have had their deaths ruled “not suspicious” but police say the deaths were not natural. I assume that means it’s a suicide or some sort of accidental poisoning.

A stand-off with SWAT in Simpsonville ended peacefully. I’m told the man in question got swept up in a drug raid.

Democrats Gone Wild and the U.N. Invasion of Columbia

The “Democrat of the Year” from Jefferson County, Colorado was convicted of identity theft and felony theft from an at risk adult for stealing checks from a disabled woman she was caring for. The woman was honored by the Jefferson County Democratic party for her activism and efforts at voter registration AFTER they were made aware of the investigation.

A gay Republican in Wisconsin was hospitalized after a home invasion by a Union supporter who hurled anti-gay slurs at him while beating him. The attack was politically motivated.

Unhinged Democrats tweet their joy over Marco Rubio’s 12-year-old daughter being hurt in a car accident.

And death threats to Stacy Dash.

An extremely obese Democrat was caught spray painting Allen West signs in Florida.

Pat Moran, the son of a sitting Democrat congressman, was caught on tape encouraging voter fraud.

A Mexican diplomat has revealed that the Obama administration cut deals with the Sinaloa cartel offering them guns and unfettered access to drug routes into the U.S. in return for easing their violence during election years.

I could go on but the point I’m making is that these are the same people who called in U.N. monitors to stop “voter suppression  by evil Americans bent on ensuring only citizens of America vote in our elections. Two of these moniters will be in Columbia watching our polls.

The group sending these people employ a woman named Kirsten Mogensen a professor from Denmark who very famoulsy took the American media to task after 9/11 … for not being fair to the terrorists:

Mogensen, the author of several studies about American media reactions to the September 2001 terrorist attacks, criticized American journalists for expressing emotions about 9/11, noting that “anchors did not see themselves as detached journalists reporting the facts [neutrally]. They interpreted the events as a fight between the terrorists and the United States, and in that fight, they felt loyal to the nation.”

“They would not let the terrorists win, and they felt no obligation to talk to American supporters of terrorism,” Mogensen wrote.

So yeah. This all seems like it’ll work out well. I don’t think we’re heading for a civil unrest at all. But in case there is may I suggest some bear spray, first aid kits and heavy leathers to weather this coming storm?


The Ghosts of Meth, Attempted Baby Eating and Internet Breast Milk?

Police in Spartanburg found three “ghost hunters” hanging around a Oakwood Cemetery on Saturday night. They came with some alcohol and meth which I presume was bait for hot, drug addicted stripper ghosts.

20-year-old William Matthew Guthrie from Traveler’s Rest was arrested when it was found with multiple bite marks on it. Originally he tried to claim he just didn’t know how a baby in his care ended up nibbled on but after failing a lie detector test he fessed up.

Want to know why civilization is doomed? Doctors in Germany have to warn people not to buy breast milk from strangers online. Because, you know, it sounds sanitary and healthy to order breast milk from people who may or may not be AIDS infested prostitutes.

Cops are saying a “bad relationship” led to the Greer stand off where one person was killed. I assume the police took a class in understatement.

A Simpsonville man named Brian Gilbert bit off the tips of a cop’s finger in Anderson. After being released from the hospital the officer began experiencing severe symptoms including abnormally low blood platelet count. He’s being treated with cancer drugs but so far no one knows what’s wrong with him. Gilbert is a registered sex offender.

A woman was robbed by two armed men near her home on North Main St. in Mauldin. When she went to retrieve something from her car the thugs attacked her and pushed her into her house. She says that about $100 fell out of her bra during the struggle but when she screamed the men fled. One of the gunmen may be her cousin. Hmmm. Who keeps money in their bras these days?

R.J. Parker’s excellent Unsolved Serial Killings is available for Kindle for less than a buck. How could you go wrong?

The Bad Maid, Jamal Davenport and Castro’s Nazi Connections

51-year-old Shirley Ann Rogers worked as a house keeper for an elderly couple who were murdered recently. Prior to the murders Rogers had stolen a debit card from the couple and run up over $5,000 worth of charges. Police have yet to call her a suspect.

A gang member from Providence, Rhode Island named Jamal Davenport was picked up at Fall for Greenville for communicating threats over the Internet to a college student. Word on the street s that the victim was a girl who he was stalking. No word yet on what gang he’s in but Providence is mostly Crip territory and as an interesting aside most of big Crip sets are Asian gangs like the Asian Outlaw Boys, Oriental Rascals and The Dark Side though Blacks and Latinos are supposedly allowed to join. It could be that Davenport and his set were run out of R.I. by the Asian gangs.

Mauldin Patch writer Carolyn Farr-Smith is just shocked to see that Craigslist has a lot of different advertisements on it.

But not for long – the NYPD just cracked down on Craigslist drug dealers and a lot of states and localities with large college populations are being pressured to do the same due to the “study aid” market where idiot college kids pop prescription drugs the buy from some person to “help them study” but no at all because they’re drug addicts.

Due to a mistrial a local judge let the very dangerous Patrick D. Lowrance out with time served for his lesser crimes while he awaits a re-trail of his attempted murder case. I’m betting this will bite that judge on the ass at some point since someone who knows Lowrance claims that he can’t keep his nose clean.

Here’s a little something you didn’t learn in history class. During the Cuban missile crisis Castro hired former S.S. storm-troopers to help fight the Americans. Die Walt has the article up but it’s in German, there’s a translated summery here. There’s a more in depth Spanish language article here.

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