Reader Question: What the Hell is Going on in Simpsonville?

Now that Simpsonville has fired the police chief they just hired, a decision that happened after the cops made several overt shows of support for the new chief, people are asking what’s going on over there.

I personally don’t know and I don’t spend much time in Simposnville. Over the years I’ve heard there were some minor problems with the cops though many complaints I’ve heard were fairly petty. It is odd that the department can’t even keep their website up though. What I know about the crime scene in Simpsonville is that there is a lot of meth cooking (same here in Mauldin) and there’s plenty of petty theft which is probably related to the meth cooking. Otherwise though it’s a really nice, laid back town.

The local pols are not exactly trustworthy I hear. The city councilman who started the wheels working to fire the new chief was Matthew Gooch, the jackbooted fascist who helped orchestrate the smoking ban in bars (because cigarettes are worse for you than Jack Daniels I suppose) and was quoted in reports saying “”This is not a smoking ban in Simpsonville,” said Councilman Matthew Gooch. “You still have a right to smoke, but we’re just regulating where you can smoke.”

As they say I’m sure that sounded better in the original German. It should be noted that even though he made that asinine statement he voted against the ban – knowing that the measure would pass so he got to have his cake and eat it too on this one.

Since the city counsel isn’t even bothering to make up a reason for the firing we can all assume it’s personal animosity and connection. The ex- new chief, Keith Grounsell, made a big splash talking about improving police performance and rooting out corruption. Maybe some of the council, who have business interests in fields notorious for corruption, graft and mob connections, are scared of what Grounsell would have found out.

Maybe a certain councilman who, I don’t know, builds houses is using his position and connections with certain people in various local positions to enrich himself in a way that is borderline in terms of legality. Maybe this same person uses law enforcement to run some businesses out of town so that his developer partners can cheaply move in by helping pass laws that cut those businesses revenues. But what do I know it’s not like crime bloggers have contacts, right?

Maybe it’s something small, like Grounsell not wanting to waste resources sending cops out to night clubs to make sure there’s no smoking when people are COOKING METH in the town. Or maybe some career do-nothing was upset that she was passed over for the job so she used his personal connections with the council to get this guy fired out of spite. And maybe those connections are very, very personal.  Like I said, I don’t know.

The firing happened in a closed door meeting so don’t expect to see those minutes appear anytime soon. I also assume Grounsell has a non-disclosure agreement so he’s probably going to be muzzled. I’ll do a little more digging and see if I can find more. But the letter a bunch of the police sent recently describing their unhappiness with the assistant Chief, Collen O’Neil, can be read here. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s going on here.

Just Raping the Kids Americans Won’t – Juan Henoch Mejia

As Dr. Deborah Shurman-Kauflin, author of the excellent book Vulture: Profiling Sadistic Serial Killers, points out in her essay Importing Violence: The Danger of Immigration from Violent Cultures it behooves Americans to demand that immigrants from cultures where women are viewed as sexual object assimilate into our cultural norms. The “machismo” culture of Central and South America is one that specifically concerns her:

Over the past several years, the U.S. has seen a large influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, from countries whose values are opposed to the rights guaranteed by the U.S. constitution. Specifically, there are large numbers of immigrants coming from countries that are misogynistic. These societies accord women little to no rights, and the idea of violence committed by men against women and children is not unusual.

First, take the concept of ‘rapto.’ This comes from Mexico where in some areas, it is socially acceptable for a man of any age to abduct a female of any age as long as long as he intends to marry her. That is right. Men can kidnap and rape females. This is acceptable in Oaxaca where the government continues to view rapto as a minor crime. One legislator even referred to this horrid violation as “romantic.” Lest anyone believe such garbage, note that 24 year old Mexican immigrant Eliseo Nunez snatched a 12 year old girl and took her to Mexico to fulfill his erotic desires. Isn’t that romantic?

The fact is that South American male attitudes toward females are often archaic and misogynistic. Thus it is not surprising that the U.S. is seeing more attacks against women and little girls committed by these immigrants. In August 2005, illegal immigrant Jose Ramirez from El Salvador was charged with the violent attack of a 15 year old girl who refused to respond when he whistled at her (Roh, 2005). Perhaps such primitive behavior stems from the homeland culture. El Salvador and Guatemala have had a string of unsolved brutal murders where young females have been abducted and cut apart. Authorities have found body parts, including heads scattered around. In one instance, two female heads were deposited right in front of a local police station, blood still oozing from the severed heads (Miles, 2003). Gangs are suspected in these crimes as it is often part of their initiation to kill.

One of the things she doesn’t touch on in her essay though is how children are sexualized in these cultures. In Mexico there are states where the statutory age is 12 for girls and in practice girls that are much younger are “married’ to adult men. Child molestation is not viewed the same way we view it in many parts of the world which is why we too often see stories like this:

Police in the Rio Grande Valley town of Rio Hondo arrested Juan Henoch Mejia on Wednesday and he has been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Police there say he not only molested two preschool-age girls — one three and the other four years old — but also allegedly forced them to drink his semen.

Cameron County court records state that the four-year-old complained to her mother of pain on Tuesday.

After a trip to the doctor, it was discovered that the girl had been molested. A doctor called the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office, and they soon identified Mejia as the suspect.

In his subsequent confession, Mejia allegedly said that the girls walked in on him while he was masturbating in his room, and that he decided to molest them at that point. He also allegedly confessed to forcing the girls to drink his ejaculate from a cup.

Mejia also has an immigration hold and reports are that he;s here illegally. However since the Obama administration is badly mismanaging their probably illegal “dreamer” program I’ll bet you Mejia quietly jumps bail and disappears once ICE is involved.

American Tourists Witness South African “Farm Murder” First Hand

But this story still hasn’t made the national news here. Americans on safari in South Africa were present when their hosts, two elderly Afrikaners, were brutally attacked in their sleep by four armed men. From

Johannesburg – A 65-year-old woman who was shot three times in a farm attack in which her husband was killed, is fighting for her life in a Polokwane hospital.

Beeld reported that doctors said Gloudien van Rensburg would probably be paralysed if she survived.

She was shot as she lay sleeping next to her husband, Johan van Rensburg, 77, on their game farm Cosmopolite near the Botswana border.

Her husband was shot dead by the four men who cut the electric fence and bent back burglar bars in the bathroom to get into the house.

The couple were attacked early on Wednesday morning.  American tourists, who had come to hunt on the farm, were woken up by the shots and raised the alarm.

The Americans were apparently too shocked to talk to reporters.

More likely they were told to keep their mouths shut by the corrupt government that has, since the end of Apartheid, encouraged and participated a genocide of Africans of European, Asian and Indian extraction. White Africans (called Boers) are targeted for especially brutal treatment as many own farms and the government encourages criminals to seize the farms from them as reparations. Rape and murder are common in such seizures.

These crimes have, as I said, been going on for two decades or more. Have you seen any coverage of them? Interesting since Americans were so invested in ending the brutal apartheid system but when a just as brutal system is put in it’s place Americans can hardly be bothered to care. The truth is that Americans are afraid of admitting that for all the brutality of the old South Africa (and Rhodesia etc) the White minority there was right to be afraid of letting go of power. Simply forcing the countries to change did nothing but cost thousands of people their lives and will end in the complete extinction of several cultures. My personal opinion is that we should have simply given out visas to Afrikaners, Indians and Asians from that area and let them settle somewhere where communist insurgencies hadn’t injected genocidal hatred into otherwise just movements. I’m sure Afrikaner farmers would have been an asset to America’s struggling small farm population.

The communist president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, was caught on film singing a song abut exterminating Whites. America said nothing. And we will continue to say nothing until the last minority in South Africa is dead. But at least there’s no more racism!

Mayor Bloomberg “Forcing” You to Understand He Should Run Your Life

Another reason I left NYC – Bloomberg and his belief that people in local government have absolute authority over you and every life choice you make. Here he is on MSNBC (the only communists he could get to back him up on this nonsense) explaining that what he’s doing isn’t taking a choice away from you but “forcing” you to understand he’s right and you shouldn’t drink so much soda. You know, because the job of local government is to force you to agree with their opinions on diet:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I’m sure this sounds better coming from a Commissariat press release, comrades.

Ironically this doesn’t apply to juices and fruit drinks – which have more calories and sugar than soda. It’s ironic because if Bloomberg really cared about health he wouldn’t recommend things that are actually worse for you than soda. But I suppose stupidity isn’t really ironic.

Why We’re Not Accepting Comments About the Dick James Law Firm

I have to apologies to a reader who sent in quite the salacious comment regarding She Who Must Not be Named, or Illa Qui Non Nomine as we call her here, and the Dick James law firm. Though it was boiler plate blog commenting of the type you’d see on every blog I unapproved it in the dash board so it is no longer visible. I did this for the commenters protection since it is quite easy to track down a person through their IP which is recorded when you leave a comment and the Dick James law firm is dedicated enough to this issue to force me to turn it over.

I have gotten several emails expounding on this issue at length so I assume my explanation of how this resolved was not clear. You, me, the people who have grievances against Illa Qui Non Nomine or were “screwed over” cannot win against the Dick James law firm so it’s time to forget it. As one person put it it isn’t fair and therein lies the issue that I wasn’t clear about.

America is not a meritocracy or even a Republic anymore. For decades Americans, who are a center right people, have allowed an urban, elitist class of neo-aristocracy to develop in our centers of cultural power. I don’t just mean the government, I mean in art, the legal system, financial institutions, academia and all those other institutions that make up the character of the nation and more importantly hold sway over the everyday lives of the citizenry. The result is a feudal system where the average American is a serf to a powerful elite that certain people can curry favor with and who can destroy you, your wealth and your life at their whim. In fact the situation we have now is worse than the feudal system because, if you’ve ever actually read a feudal contract as I have while attending grad school, the nobility of olden days were legally bound to enure the welfare of the peasants. Today’s American aristocracy is essentially parasitic and exists through destroying the prosperity of the rest of us. Look at how large banks and corporations have, through political connections, received billions of our tax dollars – you’re being robbed to keep failing businesses with political connections afloat. Did you have a say in that?

The children of those elite have now taken to the streets with open calls for you and I to be enslaved. They demand that we work for no profit and provide them with all their needs while they do nothing. we have allowed a culture to spring up around us where status is no longer measured by character, success of even wealth but by the ability to destroy wealth and be non-productive. 2% of Americans grow the food for the other 98% but do those farmers make up our elite?

The point is that when you complain about what is “fair” or that everyone should be equal you’re making an argument that should have been made decades ago. The truth is that there are people in our system who are completely untouchable and while it may seem heroic to make a stand against them it really isn’t something you can win at.

There were two factors into making the decision to give into Robert Lee Newton, Jr’s demands. The first is that food inflation has been in the double digits for the last couple of years and I fully expect it to be in the triple digits soon. Europe is about to wipe out our banks due to the over the counter derivative trade (last I heard J.P. Morgan had lost upwards of seven billion dollars on a European related derivative) so no one can justify wasting money proving themselves right when a financial calamity that will make 2008 look tame is about to be unleashed on us. If you want to help the victims of Illa Qui Non Nomine you could give them the money they’re owed yourself for roughly half of what you’ll spend to get a court to uphold your right to complain about someone in public. I am using my money to stock up on things that are going to be scarce in the next coming years and so should you. Getting bankrupted by Dick James – whose political and social connections will protect him in the coming chaos – will help no one.

The second factor is Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway bomber and current serial harasser of conservatives. My wife works at Twitchy and since they covered this truly outrageous and terrifying story I need to focus my attention on that. My wife and I have to prepare ourselves to be targeted by this political terrorist. Bringing us back to what I said before about a new aristocracy that can do what they want with no consequences. Brett Kimberlin was just able to get a judge in Maryland to arrrest a blogger for writing about the harassment Kimberlin has been inflicting on his family.

Think about that for a second.

That Kimberlin is funded by the Tides Foundation among other progressive groups is well known. That those groups also fund the People for the American Way, ACLU and some other groups that are active locally is also well known and readers can do a little research to see the connections. But for me the fact remains that I can’t be distracted when it is possible that I will be stalked, harassed and ultimately SWATed by a career criminal. Being SWATed is where political enemies through various means trick law enforcement into raiding your house in the hopes of provoking an armed confrontation. The enemies of Brett Kimberlin tend to have this happen to them a lot and it has just happened to CNN contributor and Red State honcho Erick Erickson last week. This incident happened right after he wrote about another case where Kimberlin and his cohorts called in a false report on a political enemy.

Though everyone knows Kimberlin has done this and is a stalker who threatens and harasses people he has not been arrested. The people who told their stories have been arrested.

Any of you think Kimberlin is some sort of criminal genius? Or is he just well connected?

The difference between Kimberlin and the Dick James law firm is that sooner or latter Kimberlin will out live his usefulness to the left. Kimberlin is a dupe, a small time criminal with big time connections who are using him to silence critics. The Dick James law firm is part of the elite here, they are literally untouchable so stay away from them. Don’t write about them in comments, don’t tell people what think they do, don’t complain about them in public, stay away from them. Period. We will not publish comments about them or anyone even tangentially involved with them. This is not about what you think is fair, it’s not about what you think is right. This is about reality and who has power in our community. It isn’t you and it isn’t me.

For people who are owed money by Illa Qui Non Nomine – let it go, it’s over. I am on a low salt diet and was about to donate a chunk of my larder to local food banks but if you’re one of those people who lost out on money and the food (mostly canned goods) will help you make up for it contact me and it’s yours. I suggest that people concerned about justice and other illusions do the same and try to set up some sort of fundraiser for food drive. But don’t get yourself in the crosshairs of thee people when there is so much else you need to be concerned with.

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